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and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

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Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

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WapCar Weekly News Round-up

or the Aero Edition accessories package for all variants.The X-Tremer package comprises a two-tone paint

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What real proof is there that the SAS is the best special operations force in the world? Is it a myth, and are they just among the best?

So they are alot of answers (32), alot of them touch on certain cherry picked facts, analogies and information that paint an impressive picture, other untrue myths concernine American Special operations. The impression that the SAS is the BEST, is a convincing myth, because they are one of the best, highly trained and respectable. They have an impressive track record, but they are not THE BEST definitely. That title belongs to one of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) Special Mission Units, very likely SFOD_D. This is due to higher operational tempo, greater budget and and training and selections equal, if not greater then the SAS. Do break down the various myths,what I am about to type isn t an opinion, but fact. It is not an attack on the SAS, who respected by any objective standard. Read on, rest assured my sources would be cited. If you truly have something of substance that could counter feel free to add on, or even directly contact me. SAS SUPERIORITY OVER AMERICAN SOF IS A MYTH!!!!!! THEY DID NOT TRAIN DELTA NOR THE SEALS, They didn t train Delta, nor the SEALS Whether you have heard it on the numerous youtube comments or the comments below or some other half assed info video claiming comparisons on these international tier 1 units, the common reddit pose is that SAS is the best because they trained American SOF. That myth needs to die now. Where has it ever been stated, apart from the comment sections of blogs, Instagram or youtube, that the SAS has ever train American tier 1 units? Granted William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes were critical in training OSS and American Rangers in certain pistol and marshal art programs ( with the rangers being trained alongside british commandos, although 2nd and 3rd battalion were trained apart), but come the 60s , why would there have been the need for British trainers to come to Bragg(if bragg did exist back then) to train Delta? ( or the Seals more curiously) Col Beckwith cross trained with the SAS as a Green Beret, leading 3rd troop A Sqd of SAS . He realized the need for the US to have a similar unit, for green berets were "teachers, and we need doers". He would serve with them in Malaya and even get wounded there, serve on MACV-SOG in Vietnam, got wounded there (refer to Delta Force, Beckwith) and finally he got approval to set up Delta , after years of fighting politically, Delta came to be in 77.( There was a long hard process for the worlds most lethal and capable ct unit to come into existence. The British involvement was critical, with Beckwith and other key members redoing SAS selections to update their experiences. refer to his memoir for further). Were the British involved, as mentioned, the most critical contribution was the concept of selections (A board is held at the end of Delta selection to make a final decision as to whether the candidate should be accepted into the unit-surpassing the good-old-boy network used initially as a selection process ) and general direction of required skills***. Beckwith would eventually call this the Black Book, though he was referencing the Unit's personal own book that required skill set, training pipeline and est needed to make an operator, which was built out of it. In addition, the use of squadrons as a unit organization. I believe they do differ in commands ( Major of a troop, vs britsh captain of a troop) *****. Operationally, these guys were almost interchangeable. They performed all almost the same duties, and worked well with one another. Were there any british trainers on scene. Yes, but one guy. They were present and taught them the double tap and instinctive shooting ( Team room interview with CSGM Mike Vining), but I would argue at convenience, for there were already sight shooting practitioners and developers in the US( Jeff Cooper, Rex Applegate for example). And that’s the only one aspect of training.There were members of the CIA, Secret Service and even the FBI, as well as civilian contractors. Delta even consulted criminals, ("Inside Delta Force, L Haney) Extract from BLUE LIGHT. AMERICA’s FIRST CT UNIT-Jack Murphy ‘’’ "In the beginning we had a guy from 22 SAS, Ginger Flynn, that helped us with our shooting program," Vining recalled. Flynn taught the operators shooting techniques like the double-tap. However, in OTC class #1, the operators essentially trained themselves. They would sit down together and figure out what they wanted to train on, then weapons men would train them on weapons, EOD guys would train them on improvised explosive devices. They would practice vehicle ambushes and aircraft take downs, figuring out what worked and what didn't. ‘’’ Below an extract from Jack Murph's BLUE LIGHT series, SOFREP. "Delta Force continued to evolve, developing not as an offshoot of British special operations, but as a distinctly American unit that had more in common with the OSS than the SAS. The British influence has always been there, though, largely due to Beckwith. Beckwith believed in big-boy rules and individual self-discipline, something he picked up from his time with the SAS. “He learned a lot over there,” Jim said. “In the stockade, we trained a lot with live fire. Operators would go about their business in and out of the main building, walking around with loaded guns in their holsters all the time, in condition one. If you had an accidental discharge, you were out of the unit before the sun went down. You were gone.”“We went by internal nicknames and call signs, not rank. However, even with the apparent lack of formal rank titles and common first names used between seniors and juniors in the operational elements, I never saw a breakdown in the internal discipline, because in Delta, it was there. Everyone had the freedom to offer opinions and bring up solutions to problems." ………………………………………………. This idea that the is SAS number 1, while American SOF second class is painfully untrue. If anything, any JSOC SMU is at least, the very least on par with SAS, more and more accurately the SAS were allowed to work with them. Second class right? In fact, you could objectively say that JSOC SMU s have surpassed them. At least in the opinions of Peter Shoomaker, Michael Schmitt, John Mcphee, Sean Naylor, even Mark Urban ( when the SAS was at its most lethal, Urban described it as “operating in the style of Delta.”). This is an extract from Christ Marti’s Shaping the World from the Shadows "A common thread runs throughout Task Force Black that makes it difficult not to come away with the impression that the units’ relationship has since evolved. Today they seem to exist almost like siblings, with Delta — backed by the enormous might and budget of the United States military machine (and JSOC in particular) — playing big brother to the SAS’s little brother. Besides merely wanting in on some of Delta’s action, the SAS’s commanding officer at the time, Lt. Col. Richard Williams, openly admired General McChrystal and was described as an unabashed Americanophile who “would probably have preferred to have commanded Delta.” He constantly challenged Task Force Black (mockingly referred to as “Task Force Slack” prior to their JSOC integrationxxix) to match the pace and intensity of the Americans. And when the SAS was at its most lethal, Urban described it as “operating in the style of Delta.” The units’ assaulters even began to look more and more alike. The SAS is described as transitioning to the practice of wearing their sidearms on the front of their body armor in a similar fashion to the Americans rather than in leg holsters as they typically had previously,xxxi while also adopting the same Crye Precision MultiCam camouflage gear that was popular with Delta operatorsxxxii — some even complete with Stars and Stripes-adorned ‘Fuck al-Qaeda’ The SAS are without doubt highly trained professionals, there are just not the only big dogs out there, or the biggest. For further accurate information, feel free to look up the following Inside Delta Force, Eric L Haney Relentless Strike; Sean Naylor The Command Killer Elite' Michael Schmitt Inside the SAS Task Force Black: Mark Urban Drone Warrior: Brett Vesokovich Killing Pablo: Mark Bowden Delta Force: Beckwith No Easy Day Rogue Warrior Marchinko Shapping the World From the Shadows ***** I dont have my copy of Beckwith;s memoir, so I did not use the exact words use to describe this critical British contribution To the guy with SAS logo and the fantastic story of such an operation, trust me, Delta has its fair share. From lone rescues(one riot, one ranger kind of thing) stories of missionaries in Sudan and El Salvador to posing as French soldiers in Bosnia, to posing as business men in China ( or some country) (refer to Killer Elite, The Command) , to numerous hunter killer operations in the middle east, some even rescuing an iraqi politician's kidnapped wife, an op that had no contribution to the war effort, but did it anyways because it was the right thing to do( Drone Warrior) ,bits and pieces of information of the 90% deniable world of Delta operations will paint an impressive picture, that no COD kid so up the alley of the SAS could deny. Oppressor's beware!!


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