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DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

SST discount extension, the 2021 Toyota GR Yaris is now RM 13k cheaper, from RM 286k

, those wanting to get Toyota’s newest pocket rocket can save RM 13k off the original RM 299k sticker

2021 Proton Iriz & Saga R3 Limited Edition, Persona & Exora Black Edition launched in Malaysia

A closer look at the sticker and badging package, also present on the Iriz R3 LEThe yellow detail flows

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

Driving your car less this MCO? Here's how to keep it running smoothly.

Bird poop, if you didnt know, is bad news for your cars paint.

Nissan Kicks e-Power launched in Indonesia; Malaysia in 2021?

PS and 260 Nm of torque.Exterior features on the new Nissan Kicks include LED headlamps, dual-tone paint

Car sales in Malaysia rebounded by 94.7% in June, SST-free period to drive sales up

compared to May.Although sales figures over the past two months were encouraging, year-to-date figures paint

Spot the fake! Here's how to recognize fake from genuine car parts

All you have to do is click/tap order, confirm your address, and pay up.

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

Government to introduce OKU number plates to replace OKU stickers

National Council of Persons with Disabilities (MKBOKU) has approved the plan to change disabled person sticker

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In Brief: New Toyota Rush 2019, practicality with a touch of ruggedness

in the third-row seats with relative comfort as the second-row seats can slide and recline to free up

WapCar Weekly News Round-up

19 - 25 October 2019 Fuel price update: RON 97 up by 1 cent Monday PLUS highway celebrates successful

My New Car: Interior feels more expensive than Audi and Mercedes - My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Variant

Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

How many PSI / kPa do I have to pump into my tyres?

Have you never wonder why there is a permanent sticker placed on the inside of the car door?

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

Although the suede/leather combo feels pleasant to the touch. 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Noise

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

updated for 2020.Both the Alphard’s and Vellfire’s list of safety features have been bumped up

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

Honda Malaysia’s new HondaTouch app makes it easier to get in touch for your next service

app so they can go about their business comfortably before returning to the service centre to pick up

5 things the Perodua Ativa needs to improve on – Long term review #10

Almost everyone in the WapCar team has driven Cik Tiva, and she has served us well up to this point.As

Legendary trashed up Perodua Kancil makes a return to the streets!

Theres another trashed up Kancil back on the streets and it is owned by the same man.

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

Review: Citroen C3 Aircross - Do you dare to go French?

The rails and mirror colours are subject to the car paint option.

2021 VW Tiguan facelift, Tiguan R joins the line-up.

For the first time, there will be a proper 320 PS Tiguan R in the line-up too.The front end is completely

Closer Look: 2021 Toyota Fortuner 2.8 VRZ - worth the RM 31k bump from 2.7 SRZ?

Before we begin - the table above is how the Fortuner line-up is marketed now, after the variant shake-up.The

Ratings Comparison: 2019 Toyota Yaris vs 2018 Honda Jazz vs 2020 Mazda 2 Hatchback

Door 113 103 C-Pillar 117 123 Tailgate 105 Roof 127 Average paint

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

New Front Fog Light Garnish**for V variant only The multiple configurations enabled by the 60:40 One Touch

WapCar Morning Insiders (Oct. 9, 2019)

e-hailing services also require public service vehicle (PSV) licence, passenger insurance, e-hailing sticker

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

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paint touch up sticker Q&A Review

How would you fix a bullet hole on the roof of a car?

Solder works well. See this video: (skip to 6:22). The soldering will not even damage the surrounding paint. You can just clean the edges of the hole, and the repair will be not much larger than the hole itself. Then you can just paint it with touch-up paint. Or put a sticker or emblem on it.

I backed my car (Honda Civic 2010) into a tree, what do I do next ?

Most, if not all, the scuff marks can be removed with a good quality car wax or a light grade rubbing compound. However, you obviously have a coupe of areas where the paint was taken down to the base black plastic of the bumper itself. Those areas will have to be touched up with touch up paint. You can find the paint color code for your needed touch up paint listed on the information sticker posted on the door frame of your Honda.

Honda dealer sold 2016 Honda odyssey with 680 mile and very long scratch on front bumper as brand new vehicle , what should I do now ?

A certain amount of miles are allowed and it may vary by state, I bought a 13 accord (sold as new) with 300 miles on her in July of 13, the 14’s were already out and I bought it for 19,999 with zero down 1.9% finance, had some small chips and light scratches but for a nearly 10k discount I’m not complaining, I touched up the paint chips and polished out the very light scatches and its been a perfect vehicle 55,000 miles later so it all depends, had I paid sticker for a ’14 it would have been unacceptable

How do I get paint for a car paint touch up if they repainted it and I don't have a color code?

Go look at the ,information sticker, posted on the door frame of your car. It provides all kinds of useful information about your car including its needed tire size, tire pressure, and yes, ,paint color code,.

How often do NFL helmets get replaced and repainted?

NFL helmets are replaced “as needed”. Every week, every helmet is sent out for X-Ray’s. They are checked for cracks and imperfections that could lead to failure. Each helmet is polished and paint touched up if needed as well. There are also stickers (logos) on the helmets that are replaced each as needed. The pads and inserts inside the helmet are cleaned as well. Teams used to wear multiple helmets each year to match throwbacks and alternate uniforms. However, that is no longer done because current NFL rules, players should only have one helmet over the course of a season.

How can I fix my car's paint chips for cheap?

You can't fix what you want "for cheap". If you buy touch up paint and try to fix faded paint it'll look worse than if you let it be. If you are in the U.S. and are certain that you'll be selling soon then try MAACO. Get the minimum done to remove the chips, make sure that any stickers or decals or pinstriping are removed, and take advantage of one of their paint sales when they come around. ,Fair warning... once this is done you should market your car almost immediately.

How should I paint a word cloud on my wall?

sharpie wont leave a trace when painted over. paint pen maybe? find a sticker alphabet on amazon? I think a professional result would be difficult to achieve unless your walls are very flat and you have a flair for doing that sort of thing…sharp lines, even spacing, balanced composition. i usually have to touch up and the touch up has to be touched up etc.

Why do people draw graffiti?

Different reasons for different people. I don’t expect stuff to last very long nor do I have a desire for permanence. Mostly I like to think of it as sharing messages with friends or leaving a note for someone else to stumble across. Sometimes I do it with the hope that someone will be happy to see it or maybe it might help some one feel less alone. When I was little we lived right next to train tracks with a railyard just down the road. I spent a lot of time over the years idly watching those trains, wondering about where they went and if I could go too. I vividly remember a particular freight that had a wall-to-wall cover that just said “smile” and it was so intricate and yet so silly that it always stuck out to me how someone could put so much effort into something with probably no intention other than to express happiness. Or maybe there is a gang called “smile” and my whole life is a lie. IDK. But either way, it really resonated with me. I like that idea of making things that probably most might never notice or care, but maybe one person will and maybe it just might cheer them up. It’s like a larger version of hiding letters in library books. Sometimes it’s painting things like worn-out trash cans or coloring on utility boxes and yeah, I realize most people will never notice a chiquita sticker painted on a yellow traffic post or care about the gradient on a trashcan, but who knows? Other times, perhaps primarily, I think I did it (early on especially) because it was a way of feeling part of something bigger. Living in semi-rural areas and remote reservations sometimes can sometimes feel stark in their loneliness, so when you stumble across someone else’s art in an otherwise abandoned building or similar area - it is like receiving a faint signal on the radio. By adding on a small piece, or touching up their fill, it was a way to feel part of it, like “hey! I’m here too!”

How can I have a post-modern decoration at my house without spending lots of money?

Sure you can. Its actually its one of the easiest and cheaper theme. All we need is printer and paint. You can search HD drawings like in the picture and frame it. And then find any kind of bar stool (wood or metal) and paint it red and blue. Find a rattan piece and paint orange. Ask your mom of her old hippie dress and make it as a pillowcase. Or this you can have fun with pattern, paint and stickers. Fun boxes (with paint and sticker). Little touch up with glossy transparent coat. Or you can play with wall paint. Hope it helps.

Are NFL helmets painted or stickers?

Each helmet is polished and paint touched up if needed as well. There are also ,stickers, (logos) on the ,helmets, that are replaced each as needed. ... However, that is no longer done because current ,NFL, rules, players should only have one helmet over the course of a season.