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Which are the best places for trekking in Switzerland?

The ultimate Alpaca and Llama Trekking Guide Switzerland 2020 Who is an alpaca or llama trekking tour for? The pretty and curious animals are suitable for almost every event, be it a child’s birthday party, wedding or school trip. A walk with the animals through the mountains or along meadows and rivers is a special experience for young and old. Whether a walk or a demanding trekking, possibly combined with a boat tour, geocaching or even a cable car ride, some tour providers make almost every customer wish come true. But you cannot ride on llamas or alpacas. Occasionally, trekking for wheelchair users is also offered. In any case, you should remember to bring weatherproof clothing and comfortable hiking boots. In most cases you will also bring your own food. Heavy rucksacks are usually carried by llamas/alpacas (up to 20 kg per animal) or, for tours lasting several days, by accompanying cars. What costs do you have to expect for an Alpaca/Llama Trekking Tour? The llama and alpaca trekkings are billed very differently. There are already very small trekking tours of one hour duration for which you pay per person from 15 Swiss francs. The condition for these prices is a participation of at least four persons. Other organizers charge per animal and require between 25 and 50 CHF for four persons per hour. If there are six or more people, you can expect to pay between CHF 100 and CHF 360 per day. Special tours such as combined boat or cable car rides cost a little more, depending on the number of participants and special features. Some llama or alpaca farms allow children under four years of age to participate free of charge, others even under nine. Are alpacas and llamas dangerous? The animals, which are kept by experienced keepers and breeders, are generally very peaceful and can also be easily led by children. The animals are tied to you with a rope, but if you let go of the rope, for example because you stumble or feel unwell, the llama or alpaca will always stay with the herd. Llamas and alpacas do not spit on people on principle. This happens only very rarely when they feel acutely threatened. In general they spit at each other when it comes to ranking or food. If they do not succeed, they can kick or even bite their rivals. Spitting in advance is to be understood as a warning. If an alpaca or a llama spits, this is definitely targeted. They hit very accurately up to a distance of five metres. If you do get some spit, you can wash it off well with soap and water. It is neither poisonous nor caustic. You should be careful if a male kitten approaches you too closely and does not keep the approximately ten centimetre “decency distance”. It is not trustful if such an animal leans on you, rubs against you or picks its nose into your crotch. Animals also usually avoid you when you run towards them. Too much proximity to people in the early youth of male llamas and alpacas can lead to the so-called Berserk-Male Syndrome. An animal that has this syndrome recognizes humans as rivals and can become very aggressive. But don’t worry, experienced breeders recognize this very quickly and take these animals out of the herd. What clothes and equipment do you need? For llama or alpaca trekking you usually need for day trips: Firm and comfortable hiking boots with a good profile Catering Sun protection Rain protection For tours lasting several days you will also need Light sleeping bag Cap and gloves Pet bottle for refilling or thermos bottle Cosmetic products change of clothes In any case, please also note the details of the respective trekking provider. How are the animals kept? Llamas and alpacas are herd animals. As they can tolerate cold, it is common to keep them in open stables with direct access to grassland. They usually graze on different meadows in their environment for eight to ten hours a day. In summer they need a shady shelter and always sufficient water. They are shorn once a year. As they are distinct herd animals, individual keeping is not permitted. Alpacas and llamas live to be fifteen to twenty-five years old. What are the laws in Switzerland? In Switzerland several laws are valid, which influence the animal-friendly keeping of alpacas and llamas. The Animal Protection Act (TSCHG) serves to protect the dignity and welfare of the animals. According to Art 31 of the TSCHG, a permit is required for commercial use and proof of expertise for keeping the animals must be available. The implementing Animal Protection Ordinance (TSchV) regulates the keeping, use and handling of animals. The Ordinance of the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV) on the keeping of farm animals and pets (Pet Ordinance) is based on this. The BLV has published a ,technical information, based on all legal requirements, which lists in detail all minimum requirements for keeping llamas and alpacas. Alpaca on the mountain Prices:, Daily flat rate 100 CHF per person, day and multi-day trekking from 6 persons. Alpaca am Berg, offers trekking with and without overnight stays on the Jura heights and along the Aare. The mountains attract with their 1,000 to 1,500 metres of altitude and some of them offer particularly beautiful views. Highlights: Group events by the hour or day (e.g. children’s birthday party, school trip) Wedding escort Home visits Easy walks and trekkings through the mountains or along the river Combined boat tours with walk back Combined cable car ride with alpaca trekking on the Weissenstein mountain Description: Barbara and Martin Herrmann run the farm in Flumenthal in the canton of Solothurn. The meeting point is Flumenthal or the immediate vicinity (three km), depending on where the twelve alpacas and three llamas are grazing. Group events are offered as walks and trekking tours or in combination with barbecue or fondue parties. Depending on the customer’s wishes, bookings can be made for a minimum of one hour. Wedding accompaniment by llamas, donkeys and alpacas is a photogenic walk on the way to the wedding ceremony. For home visits the animals are brought directly to the home; they can be touched, walked and photographed there. Combined boat tours start in Solothurn with a trip across the Aare to Zuchwil or Altreu. The animals are there and will accompany you on the way back on foot. A cable car ride with the alpaca leads up to the Weissenstein mountain and is combined with trekking. Easy walks do not require any special fitness, for longer trekkings a normal fitness is sufficient. Tours can be booked here all year round and for any special day, even at short notice. Solid shoes and weatherproof mountain clothing are always to be brought along. Extras: Especially for barbecue and fondue exchange you can book the catering. Overnight stays (in straw, in a teepee, in a tent or in a dormitory) are also offered for a fee. Included: The luggage transport is included. Photos are provided free of charge via internet link. For combined tours complete prices are charged. Wyland Usziit Prices: ,The day tour llama trekking costs CHF 360 for adults and CHF 240 for children (4 to 16 years). Wyland Usziit, conducts llama trekking in different levels of difficulty in the district of Andelfingen/Canton Zurich. Especially interesting are tours in combination with geocaching or rafting. Highlights: llama trekking Llamas walk and taster meeting Combined trekking with geocaching Combination with animal observation with experts (beavers, birds, etc.) In combination with a rafting tour on the Rhine or the Thur Description: Petra and Martin Heussi offer llama trekking and walks on their farm in Marthalen. Walks serve to switch off from everyday life and do not require any special fitness. They last a maximum of 90 minutes. A taster walk lasts 60 minutes and brings a first contact with the animals. It is especially ideal for smaller children, especially since the two white ones of the five llamas come from Circus Nock. They are used to the audience and noise. The trekking is carried out in different levels of difficulty and varies in length and terrain depending on the fitness and wishes of the participants. Starting point is Marthalen. The farm is located outside the village in the direction of Rheinau. You can reach it by car from the centre of the village via the Lochstrasse and the cycle path. For individual trekking you can book combinations with geocaching, rafting tours on the Rhine or Thur, or even with a break for swimming or a meal. You should bring sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. Extras: Lunch or dinner as a menu can be booked in addition to a half-day trek (four hours) for groups of three or more. It will be served after the end of the trek. Included: Pick up from Marthalen station Wädisfarm Prices: ,For the big tour including alpaca driving licence (four hours) you pay 60 CHF for two participants as an adult and 50 CHF for three. The prices for children from the age of nine are 30 CHF with two additional adult participants. For safety reasons, children under nine years of age are not allowed to drive an animal on their own. You therefore pay nothing when accompanied by an adult. Without an alpaca driving licence the prices are reduced by 10 CHF. The, Wädisfarm runs, walks with alpacas in the surroundings of Hunzenschwil in the canton of Aargau. Before that you can take a half-hour alpaca driving licence. Highlights: Alpaca driving licence Small, medium and long walks Children’s birthdays School trips Course Description: Adele and Wädi Baumann keep seven alpacas in their farm on the farm in Hunzenschwil/ district of Lenzburg. For a first contact they recommend the alpaca driving licence, which is acquired after thirty minutes of introduction. The small, medium and long walks last between 75 minutes and 3.25 hours and lead into the surroundings of Hunzenschwil, mostly in and around the small local mountain Lotten. Parcourses are offered for small groups and families up to five persons. The duration here is about one hour. The Wädisfarm is located on the south-eastern outskirts of Hunzenschwil in the Brandfisel-Strasse and is easily accessible from Aarau via the A1/exit Aarau-Ost or Route 5. The long walk is interrupted by a snack break. No special fitness is required, but good shoes are very important. Extras: ,none Included: ,the big tour includes a snack and drinks Alpakable Prices: ,One hour’s parcour or walk with the alpacas costs 50 CHF for a maximum of four people. Alpakable, is a small farm with four alpacas in Mönchaltdorf (canton Zurich). Here you can make friends with alpacas, teach them small exercises and take walks around the farm. Highlights: Walks with small parcours Visiting afternoons for groups Workshops spinning course Description: Monika Büchel and her family run the farm Alpakable as a non-profit association. It is located in Mönchaltdorf in the district of Uster and can be reached from Zurich via Forchstrasse and the A52 in just under half an hour. Walks with an easy course start with a round of questions about the farm and the alpacas. Afterwards you can feed the alpacas and make friends with them under supervision. Small exercises prepare you for the course, which you will run through before the walk around the farm. Visiting afternoons for groups start very similarly. Instead of parcours and walk you will feel and process the wool of the alpacas. Besides, a picnic is planned, for which you will bring your own food. In the workshops you will also get to know the alpacas before you get to know their wool and how they are processed. The spinning course is similar, where you learn how to spin with hands, spindle and spinning wheel and how to make a fleece from alpaca wool. Extras: For visiting afternoons for groups an additional 5 CHF for material costs will be charged. Annual club memberships include, in addition to agreed alpaca visits, the use of the workshop to manufacture a desired product with alpaca wool. Included: Included are the use of the equipment and the wool you need for visiting afternoons, workshops or spinning courses. Farm Neuhof Prices: ,Prices are calculated by the hour per animal (not by person). One hour with an animal costs 25 CHF, each additional hour 10 CHF. These prices are valid from a minimum age of five years. If at least three animals take part in the trek, the costs of the first hour are reduced to CHF 20 each. The, farm Neuhof ,offers alpaca trekking through the beautiful Fricktal, where peace and unspoiled nature in a nature reserve invite you to relax. Highlights: Alpaca trekking Wedding Shooting Description: ,Claudia and Stephan Herzog have fourteen alpacas on their farm in Möhlin, which is located about three kilometers northeast of the town center near the Breitsee nature reserve. The Rhine is about two kilometres away. From Basel you can reach the farm in thirty minutes to the east via the A3 motorway to exit 15-Rheinfelden-Ost. From the farm, the path leads through the forest, along the Rhine and past fields. Alpaca trekking is carried out daily from two animals upwards, except on Sundays. In the months of July and August no trekking is offered because of the higher temperatures. The wedding shooting is meant for great photos with the alpacas. Duration and price need a previous agreement. Extras: ,Alpaca wool and alpaca blankets can be bought at the farm. Includes: ,accompanying persons who do not lead an animal Meier Farm Prices: ,Two llama costs for a whole day of llama trekking 300 CHF, each additional llama 20 CHF. For one hour the prices are reduced to 70 CHF and 5 CHF for each additional llama. The children’s birthday party costs 175 CHF. The ,Meier-Hof, near Bülach carries out llama trekking on the Höriberg. In the Zurich Unterland, a leisurely walk serves to relax. Highlights: llama trekking Children’s birthday party School classes Description: ,Albert and Greth Meier own a total of twenty-two llamas and two alpacas on their farm at Meier-Hof. The grazing areas are located directly in the area of the landing approach to Zurich Airport. Lama trekking can be booked all year round and is offered as a relaxing walk up the 474-meter Höriberg. The Meier-Hof is located in Höri on the Glatt River in Hochfelderstrasse near the Niederhöri school. You can reach it from Zurich in a northerly direction in about twenty minutes via the A1L and A51 motorways. Within the village, the signpost ,meier-lamas, leads to the farm. To get to know the animals, you may stroke and brush them beforehand. At a children’s birthday party, the birthday child, who must be at least seven years old, may choose a llama and invite a maximum of nine friends. He can pet and brush the lama and lead him to Höriberg itself. This takes about 2-2.5 hours in total. The offer for school classes corresponds largely to llama trekking. Extras: ,Drinks and snacks can be bought in the Lamastübli of the Meier-Hof. Includes: ,own photos; the children’s birthday party includes a snack Lama Farm Yacana Prices: ,50 CHF for up to 6 persons (adults and/or children), 60 CHF for 7- 10 persons and 70 CHF for 11-20 persons. The prices are per animal and hour. The ,Lama Farm Yacana, offers Lama walks and meditative tours around the farm on the edge of the forest. There is a small shop with products made of llama wool. Highlights: Lama walks, also with alpaca Meditative tours Photo shoot Drawing and painting Description: ,Karin Juling Hauser currently has three llamas and an alpaca male on Lama Farm Yacana. The farm is located in the town of Gossau in the canton of St. Gallen. You can reach it from Zurich via Forchstrasse, the A 52 motorway, Leerütistrasse to Grütstrasse in Gossau. The Lama walks can be booked all year round, even independently of the official opening hours. They walk through the forest and sometimes even scramble up the hillside. Meditative walks take place on the farm with selected animals. The spacious enclosure is at your disposal for the photo shoot. Meetings with the lamas for painting and drawing are also possible on Lama Farm Yacana. For the walks you should bring appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes. Extras: ,Brötli following a llama trek can be booked additionally in the yurt café on the farm. However, it is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Includes: ,– llama trekking in Bucheggberg / Dürihof Prices: ,A seven-hour day tour for four people costs CHF 120 per person for adults and CHF 85 for children between the ages of 8 and 16. A child’s birthday party with llamas costs CHF 25 per child. The ,Dürihof, inAetigkofen has eighteen llamas with which you can go llama trekking in nearby Bucheggberg. The hilly country lies in the canton of Solothun. Highlights: Therapies llama trekking Fabulous trekking Children’s birthday party with llamas Leadership Training Description: ,Tanja Burkolter and Ernesto Romano and their lamas also treat people and even visit them in homes. On the way to their patients, the llamas even use a lift. The llama trekking goes through the hills of Bucheggberg or to a forest hut where Ernesto Romano tells fairy tales to the participants. He calls this trekking ,fairytale trekking,. With three fairy tales, it takes about two hours. The children’s birthday party lasts about three hours and includes a small trekking round followed by a grilled cervelat and a birthday cake for dessert. The Lama guide training also includes a Parcours and a small trekking round. For companies, team-building with llamas is offered, which includes a change of animals in leadership training. Additionally, the farm has several combinations offers. Clothing adapted to the weather and sturdy shoes are required for trekking. Extras: ,Picnic on the day tour costs an additional 15 CHF per person. Includes: – Lama trekking Giswil Prices: ,350 CHF all-inclusive price day tour for 1 to 6 persons, the price includes 5 llamas. 40 CHF additional for each additional person, 20 CHF additional for each additional llama. Lama trekking Giswil ,carries out llama trekking along a torrent in central Switzerland. Two-day hikes lead over the one thousand meter high Hasliberg to Giswil in a leisurely manner. Highlights: llama trekking half-day, day, and 2-day tours School trips Fondue Tour Children’s birthday party Handicap Class camp Description: Marlene and Ernst Ambauen keep fourteen llamas on their farm in Giswil in the canton of Obwalden. You can find them only a hundred meters from the station. The meeting point for llama trekking is therefore usually the Giswil railway station. The half-day trek leads from there through the settlement, the six-hour day trek to the Lauri, a ten-kilometer-long wild river in Giswel. There you can eat the food you brought yourself before you return with the llamas. Two-day tours lead from the starting point at Meiringen Hasliberg/Wasserwendi to Brünig and the next day along Lake Lungern to Giswil. Walking time is about four hours a day at the lama tempo. For the first day, you bring your own food. Good shoes and sun/rain protection are also important. School trips are day trekking tours for up to 30 participants. The fondue tour lasts two to three hours and includes a fondue in the forest with wine, cake, and Cheli from the fire. The children’s birthday party includes a two-hour trek with a picnic you bring along. Tours for people with disabilities are discussed and planned individually. A class camp can last between two days and a week. The details are also planned individually. Extras: Drinks during the two-day trekking are to be paid for by the participants Included: For the two-day trek: Dinner and overnight stay in the dormitory and breakfast and lunch on the second day; night luggage will be transported by car. The llamas carry the picnic they have taken part in on every trek. During the fondue tour: food and drinks Lamaventura Prices: ,CHF 80 per family for the two to four-hour tours during the summer holidays. Individual day tours for up to 12 people cost CHF 420, multi-day tours for up to 18 people. Lamaventura, lets you experience mountain tours with llamas in Graubünden. The Surselva region is characterized by beautiful mountain lakes and beautiful mountain meadows between mountains and passes. Highlights: Llama trekking for families in Brigels or Disentis Individual half-day or day tour llama trekking according to customer wishes Multi-day trekking with pack llamas Description: ,During the summer holidays Nadia and David Deplazes offer about four-hour llama trekkings (Mondays) around Brigels or two-hour tours (Tuesdays) around Disentis. The meeting point for Disentis is in summer Salaplauna, Klosterstall and in autumn the MGB stops Acla da Fontauna. For Brigels, the starting point is at the Sogn Giacun Chapel in Brigels, before you hike through the fairytale Plaun da Plaids. The minimum age is four years. You must bring your own food. Closed shoes with a good tread are important. The meeting point for individual half-day or day tours is usually the Lamaventura farm in Surrein or the Sumvitg Lamaweide or the Rhaetian Railway stop. You can plan the destinations of individual trekkings directly with the organizer. Tours lasting between three and fourteen days are available. You will be accompanied by a hiking guide with a federal certificate of competence. You will be traveling through the mountains with pack animals. Conceivable are areas in Surselva, in the Green plateau, in the Gotthard area or even a crossing of the Alps. Extras: ,Overnight stay and food are to be paid by yourself Included: ,For the holiday family tours,: ,one guide and one llama per family