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I recovered the arm rest last year. That was more trouble than it was worth, but it was something that bothered Peter because it made the car look so old.

I took the door apart once and it wasn't hard. I never took the exterior door handle off. I'll look that up. Id rather overdue some minor paint touch up to learn how, in case i ever need to for a car I actually care about in the future.

Had to order a paint touch-up pen for some small paint chips on my front bumper and its really cool that I figured out how to find my car's paint code all by myself its on the driver side door jamb where the VIN # is, in case anyone else out there needs to find theirs

euro wax center called the house phone to remind me of my appt so now my stepdad is explaining how if i wax my car it could strip the touch up paint

Yeah, my shower chair is ugly too, but it's harder to do something with that given that it needs to be waterproof! I wish they made funky ones.

Use car touch up paint!! Love your approach! I need a cane freuqently and am stewing over how to make one MINE!!

Coworker showed up to the office with a new Porsche and was like, "TIME TO FLEX."I'm just looking back at how horrid the roads are around the office and cringing. Oh well. It's their car and their touch up paint purchases. Not mine lol.

So my company car's due for renewal, told the missus I'd bought touch up paint to sort scratches on current car before it goes back... She asked how many bottles did I buy....

It’s my 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow & this conversation with my hubby made me 100% certain I chose the right partner:Me: I want to manage expectations for our anniversary. What are your plans?H: Dinner at that Indian restaurant you like?Ok. Any other plans?1/

Me: Please tell me you didn’t get me a present.Hubby: No present. But I’ll wash your car & touch up the scratches on the paint.Me: THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC PRESENT EVER! I feel loved & cared for. What do you want from me? Like, how much time do you want to spend together? 2/

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How do you touch-up paint scratches on a car?

you can buy Touch up paint at your cars dealership it will match the color code it comes in a little bottle with a tiny Brush .. you gently brush the scratches to cover and let it dray 48 hours and a little Rubbing compound then wax you wont even se them if they are surface scratches meaning you can not see the metal under the paint or in the scratch it self you can just buff them out

How can someone find the right color paint for touching up their car?

As in Blair’s answer, your paint code will help lead you to what paint to use on your car. Some vehicles have both a paint code and a trim code. It depends on the manufacturer of the car. Just to make things more interesting, the car maker’s name for the paint color may not be the same as the paint maker’s name for the color. In situations like this, go by the paint code, then compare the paint can cap or paint pen patch to your car. There is very little likelihood of the new paint being an exact match to your car, but it should be close enough that a little feathering should make it blend in nicely. Different car makers will hide the paint and trim codes in odd, inexplicable places. Most cars have a tag inside the driver’s door either on the frame or on the door itself. With door tags, the paint code is usually near a bottom corner of the tag. My old 98 Jetta has the tag in the trunk, under the carpet, in the spare tire well, under the spare tire. Apparently Volkswagen was embarrassed that the best they could do with that car was LA9B, “Cool White,” which is actually a warm white, and they thought that if they hid the tag well enough I would never know, because you certainly can’t tell by looking at it. Many GM cars have it in the glove compartment on the inside of the door. Sometimes, if your car’s color is sufficiently distinctive, you can go to an auto parts store and check the book. The touch up paint book usually has colored references under a specific brand name and model year and you can sometimes find your color just by comparison. My 2003 Jetta is clearly “Indigo Blue Pearl,” which is the uncontested ugliest shade of blue that Volkswagen has managed to come up with: extra-dark Navy, with just enough of a hint of purple to make it look like something went wrong when they mixed the paint. Frustratingly, the paint reference books don’t go back many model years. Apparently, they think that the older a car is, the less likely it is to need a paint job. Most Asian cars will have the paint code in the door jamb, though Mazda, Subaru, and Hyundai like to occasionally hide it under the hood, just to keep you on your toes. Recent Chrysler products (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram) will have the code on the door jamb. Some older ones (add Plymouth to the list) may have it under the hood, all the way up on the firewall; that’s the back of the engine compartment, near the windshield. Every Ford I have encountered so far (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) has had the tag on the door jamb. Some Fords also have an interior and exterior code. My 1996 Saab has it on the door jamb: ,248 ,—, ,Clear, concise, and to the point, “Black.” With Volvo, start in the door jamb; but it may be randomly placed somewhere under the hood, usually near the radiator, but that’s not a promise. The same can be said for most German cars as well, except for Volkswagen. I hope this proves helpful to you.

What's the safest way to clean up a touch-up paint blob on your car?

Let the Paint dry for at least a week.** Take an old t-shirt and cut a piece big enough to be doubled up to wrap around a bottle cap. Apply rubbing compound to the t-shirt and go over the paint in the direction of the repaired scratch. Never go in circles, just back and forth wiping the old compound off to see your progress. Clean area with Mineral Spirits, let air dry and apply clear coat. Note; you may find that the scratch may not be filled completely. Reapply color matching paint. **The drying time can be speeded up by parking vehicle in the hot sun. This is after the paint is applied to a cool surface and let dry to touch.

How much is a "new" car worth with a scratch that is semi-deep and couldn't be fixed with touch up paint?

A scratch is superficial. It has absolutely no bearing on the performance, reliability and value of the vehicle and it is easy and inexpensive to repair. HOWEVER, there is a common thought process amongst car enthusiasts that if the owner of the car cant be bothered to fix something as visible as a scratch (which surely everyone will notice) what else are they ignoring?

How do I get paint for a car paint touch up if they repainted it and I don't have a color code?

The original paint code should be on a metal plaque on the drivers door or under the hood. If the previous owner changed it to an non-original paint color you might be able to scan it, but that would be iffy. If you can get a chip of the paint you can have that scanned at a PPG or DuPont dealer.

What are your tips to touch up car paint?

If it scratches, use a toothpick to just barely put enough paint. Don't glop on paint. This is what most people do. It looks worse than it did with the scratches. If you need to do a whole panel, you'll probably need to lightly blend in to the next panel. I always use touch up cans if I can get them. Fast Eddie fixing and breaking cars for over 50 years.

If you parked your car outside and you applied touch up paint, but it's windy outside, will the wind blow the touch up paint off, or will the paint stick on? What if it begins to lightly snow? Snow/wind/lite rain affect touch up paint, by how much?

Touch-up car paint dries pretty fast, I don't think that the wind or whatever else can do anything to the paint after 15 or 30 seconds.

I accidentally lightly tapped another person’s car and made a tiny piece of paint come off. The owner said I just need to pay for the touch up. How much does it cost for a tiny paint touch up?

I accidentally lightly tapped another person’s car and made a tiny piece of paint come off. The owner said I just need to pay for the touch up. How much does it cost for a tiny paint touch up? It depends on who performs the service and how fussy the car’s owner is. Touching up small imperfections or blemishes can range from a DIY with a small bottle of matching paint for a few dollars, or a repair by a detailer, up to a dealer repair costing hundreds.

How do I touch up car paint on a rusted spot?

You don’t just touch up a rust spot with paint as it won’t accomplish anything - the rust will reappear quickly. You have to clean away the rust with a wire brush, sandpaper, or if it’s really bad, a grinding wheel. Then the area has to be properly repaired with weld or filler and primed and sanded before painting. Any other way is taking a shortcut that will bring back the initial problem worse than it was before.