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Sometimes turning the car you drive, back into the car you love is as simple as a little touch up. So, whether it's your door, hood or bumper that needs a touch up, Auto Paint Werx can offer you easy and affordable options. #CarPaint

Road safety is often about trade offs. A concrete barrier offers significant protection for pedestrians and cyclists, but adds a new collision hazard for motorists. How do we decide if it’s beneficial overall? #RoadSafety #VisionZero

And which was your favorite of the 3? :) I think black ext/white int would look amazing. I realize black paint looks the worst when it's not cared for but... eh

An advantage of black is that touch up paint is easy to match. The white M3 interior is the 1st of my cars that says "wow!". Very nice. I would get the blue again... this car I was aiming to get something more unusual than white or black.

@DJIGlobal #OsmoMobile3 in South Africa! What’s the common theme in this timelapse: white cars. #om3 #djisouthafrica #djiza #djiom3 #djiosmo #djiosmomobile

White cars easy to touch up paint wise and help reflect heat?!

Seems easy. If motorists lose control, do something stupid, or drive distracted it’s clearly better they kill someone than damage their car!!! Hello. Those things cost real money, and sometimes the repair shop does an inferior touch up job on the paint!!

Well day off spent cleaning my car. It has not been cleaned for about 9 months. Jesus it was grim.Tomorrow is paint touch up time. One of my elderly neighbours it seems hit it over winter. Matched his ding with my own. Easy fix but that's not the point. Why not tell me?

Interesting to hear this. My 2019 Mazda 6 GT Sport Nav+ has wafer thin paint that looks like it’s done 150,000 miles after only 10,000 miles.

Same here. Bonnet and wings chip so easy and now 3 small chips on roof lip above windscreen starting to show signs of corrosion. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with the touch up. Great car, rubbish paint IMO.

easy car paint touch up Q&A Review

As a mechanic, what are the most common issues that can easily be done DIY?

Oh yay I had a customer come in to change her tire; she drove with the flat all the way to me. Needless to say her husband was with her…and didn't know how to do it either, so a tire that needed a plug now needed to be replaced. Learn how to change tires before you get a puncture. WIPER BLADES - so simple yet so hard for some. On some vehicles the wiper just needs to be pulled out, turned and pushed out of the bracket. On newer vehicles you just press a button to swap. Hardly anyone comes back to change their wiper blades after I have shown them. I had a customer come in for a service on his new car complaining that his seat sat too low, until I showed him it could be raised… And then another customer who recently bought a used 4x4 and didn't know how to engage the front wheels. Yes I knew how to switch it on but still showed him that the owner's manual shows how to do that and more. Always check your owner's manual before phoning and bothering us if it's something you don't know how to operate! Windshield washer fluid - open the bonnet, look for something that has a diagram like water coming out (check in your owner's manual) and fill with WATER (my one buddy’s wife thought it takes car shampoo and filled it up with THAT ONLY), then put a few drops of dishwashing soap to take out that dried bird poop blocking your field of vision. Looks like this and your car can also show you when it's low by a warning on the dashboard with a similar symbol. Thank you to everyone who said you shouldn't be adding water to your windshield washer if the temperature is cold or near freezing; this most probably would crack your bottle. Personally because I live in South Africa, I have never really experienced cold weather hence why I didn't mention it. Small paint chips - buy a can of touch up paint and just touch your car up like you painting your toes. Not advisable on anything bigger than 2mm. Some cars come with them and most paint places can make up a batch of the exact colour for you. Topping up your fluids. No I'm not going to explain how to as each car is different. All you have to do is look in your owner’s manual and it will show you exactly how to check and top up your car's fluids. This includes oil, automatic transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and much more. No you’re not supposed to be driving in sport (where it says S below your D in an auto). Had a customer come in complaining that their car's fuel consumption is extremely high (this was a VW Polo Vivo 1.4 Comfortline automatic), was extremely puzzled as with spirited driving I still couldn't match up the fuel consumption to my customers until I had a chat with him as he was about to drive off and saw he was driving in S… Check your service intervals - for those cars that don’t show you, check when the next service is due. Some people, like me, write them down on the pillar or something similar, but if you forget it can be a disaster, so make sure you do check them every week or so and make a booking in advance. Roughly 1500kms before the service date is acceptable. Had a customer come in with their car running rough, was serviced 60 000 kms ago - oil was the consistency of thick syrup…luckily damage wasn't too bad and he never missed a service again. Fuses - if something electrical is wrong, that's the first thing you can check before visiting me! Will save you and me a lot of time and money. Fuse locations are shown in the owners manual as well as what fuse is which, either on the manual or on the fuse cover. Remove the fuse and check the centre if it’s burnt, if it is, go to the auto shop and buy a fuse for about 2$ and plug it in, should work just fine, but if it doesn't, then visit your mechanic. There's nothing else I can recommend besides doing what the owners manual says you can do, don't think you can do something without checking it up and how complex it is. I've had customers come in with their cars on a tow because they attempted DIY without checking how easy it is just to save 50$, now ending up costing triple that to correct the mistake.

What petty problems are better to live with than try to solve?

Thanks for A2A. Also, I am having a fangirl moment because Gopalkrishna sir has tagged me to answer this. I better make this the best answer on Quora ever. 😅 Alright, let's see. Here's my list. These may seem like issues but they're really not. And I've been guilty for doing all of these things, but try to no longer do so : Fixing/mothering people,. You'd be surprised how big of a job so many of us have taken this up as - we're going around correcting full-grown adults….just because! Unless you're a guru that's taken on the Herculean task of enlightening your disciples, you really must learn to accept people for who they are, and not who you want them to be. Diversity is precious, please let people be! Repairing scratches and minor dents on your car, if you drive in India,. I had my first scratch the first day I took out my new car for a drive (just because the auto driver didn't want to break at the red light). I got it touched up, and since then have had 10+ other scratches in the past 3 years. It's pointless to worry. Get a paint job once every few years, at best. Reproaching househelp. ,Whether it's vim on your plates, or a corner of dust still left, please stop wasting your and her time complaining about it every single day. This is why they quit work, nobody likes getting nagged. Bargaining with street vendors even though you know they're ripping you off., Look, if they had more money, they wouldn't be here doing this. At restaurants you're paying INR 1000 (or whatever is your currency) for one meal, off of which you could actually buy ration for several days! Mess, in general,. I am a clean freak (don't know if clinically it's OCD), but my husband is the exact opposite. But he's a lot happier and stress free than I am. And you know what? Sometimes it's okay to not be organized. It's okay to take it easy and not be a perfectionist about your surroundings or your life. Universe is constantly self correcting and there's really no such thing as good or bad, it's all relative. These are my current life lessons! I'll think of more and add to the list in the future. Love, light and awareness, V ❤️ (,My Spiritual Shenanigans,)

For those of you who keep a clean home, how do you do it? What tricks or techniques do you use?

Question: For those of you who keep a clean home, how do you do it? What tricks or techniques do you use? For me, I was motivated to change from keeping a dirty (not cluttered home) to keeping a pretty clean house because of stress. I found that my home often reflected my emotions and a cluttered messy house made for a cluttered messy mind. So, cleaning up my space reduced some stress from my life (which I badly needed). I still remember the day I “won” the battle with my house and keeping up with the chores. I used to get really busy and get stressed out and let my housekeeping fall into shambles. Then, I would end up giving up a whole half Saturday (that stretched into the full day due to procrastination) to cleaning. But one day that didn’t happen. I remember coming home on a Friday from a stressful week. Looking around my house and realizing that as long as I swept the floors in the room I had missed and did some ironing, I was “done”. I could go play and have fun this weekend without even feeling guilty. It was the most amazing feeling! And while yes, having a clean house made me less stressed, having the clean house and the ability to really destress by having fun or hanging out with people on my downtime instead of catching up was amazing. After a few weeks of this, I was able to go from passive downtime like playing on my computer to active downtime, which does more for stress, for things like hiking or going out with friends, or working on a fun project! Seriously, figuring out how to automate my housekeeping was life-changing stress-wise... The transition was a little rough to get to that point from a cluttered home as I worked it room by room doing a deep clean that hadn’t been done in 3 years due to stress. I created a nice area in my bedroom and bathroom and kitchen and worked out to the rest of the house over a month when I could pull back on work a bit to get ahead. Then, I figured out what “clean” meant to me. No clutter, washed counters, no pet hair on the floor, clean bathroom, laundry done, and dishes are done. Once I defined my endpoint, keeping a clean house resulted in two things. A routine list and a get it done once list. Routines were put into a tracker (I used todoist, but you can literally use Gmail or any reminder system). Just put a reminder on for each one and repeat. As a suggestion, don’t put the reminder on daily ones because you will eventually just not feel like it, and snoozing a daily once is a poor choice for me. Daily (ish, I skip one day sometimes) Dishes Mail (as needed) Pick up stuff (as needed) Trash (as needed) Weekly Sweep the floors and vacuum any carpets Laundry Wash Kitchen counters Sheets Completely clean off counters in office and bedroom to stop any accumulation of stuff Bi-weekly Bathroom - light Mirrors Mowing (when its mowing time) Monthly Mop floors Bathroom - deeper clean on the shower Kitchen towels (I’m weird and won’t wash them with other clothes because my mom’s smelled funny and I can’t get over it, so I have like 15 of them and do it all at once) Air filter 2–3 times a year Dust (I don’t generate a lot of dust or have a lot of decorations to dust) Twice a year - I wash the hallway moldings because they get pet hair all over worse than the rooms which I do once a year. Porches and yard - clean the dirt out of the corners, throw-away balls that make it into my yard or crap my dog finds / trash Wash the window sills Wash mirrors Wash the intake on the air filter Deep scrub the kitchen Trim bushes, little flower bed cleanup Clean the car Clean the vacuum filters Once a year Wash all moldings (move furniture, etc.) Wash windows Wash wall tiles in the kitchen Wash doors, door handles, light switches Wash the bathroom light bulbs (makes it so much brighter) Paint touch-ups Super deep clean on the shower caulk that doesn’t really want to be cleaned Scrubby mop all tile and wood floors pretty heavily Ceiling fans Dust Curtains and blinds Fridge - also gross Dust pictures/frames/decor (I don’t keep a lot and I certainly don’t keep anything that I don’t like enough to clean once in a while.) Go through all my drawers and bins and touch everything - my thoughts are that if it isn’t worth going through anymore, then I probably don’t need it. Great for old hobby things. Big Flower bed cleanup Check Sprinklers Add dirt to low spots in my yard - where does it all go? Garage - it’s really random the things that show up in your garage Clean out all the food in my pantry, fridge, freezer to see what’s there… Attic (this one is probably every 2–3 years if I’m honest) Clean out regular cabinets (this one is probably every 2–3 years, though I do at least one a year) I don’t take everything out all the time I realize that this list looks long. But, if you do these things once a year, it doesn’t take long because dirt doesn’t really build up. Washing all the moldings in my house takes like 4 hours. Cleaning the garage (after the first time) 1-2 hours. Fridge - 1 hour. Ceiling fans - 30 min. I just have to dedicate about 2 Saturdays a year to housecleaning and 1 Saturday to outside to get to most of it. Once I had the routines down, I got even lazier and decided that I wanted to do less work than I already was. So I started doing some things so that future me could be lazier and have an easier time of things. Minimizing - ,I started going through all my stuff and doing the minimizing effort. I did a pretty basic one by room first: Kitchen crap I didn’t use - give it away. Why do I need 16 big, 16 small, and 8 tiny plates plus 16 bowls for just me? Into the attic / donate down to 4 big and 4 small. Living room - why do I have a table I never use that collects clutter and is in the way - donate. Bedroom: Extra clothes, bath stuff, clutter drawer, old candles, and electronics - trash or donate. Office, bathrooms, closets, extra linens - I went through it all quickly and tossed the crap I didn’t need. Minimizing - level 2 - ,Once I had gone through everything and found a general space. I did a second deep clean by items instead of rooms. Do I need so many shoes, purses, makeup, cake decorating supplies, old sewing projects, books, etc. One by one I went through all the groups of things so that I would have less to clean. This one is still in work. I suspect there is a level 3 of this and that my house gets even easier to clean if I have even less stuff that is just hanging out. Organize ,- anything worth keeping was worth storing in something nicer than a cardboard box or bag or loose. So, I got some big tupperwares and organized all my crap. Decorate ,- I then made my house nicer, but not cluttered. I hung all the pictures I had been meaning to, I redid some curtains, I trashed some bad carpets. No knick-knacks because I didn’t want to clean them. But proper coverings and decorations and flooring was nice. Organize finances, paperwork, bills -, reduced the crap coming into my house by going through and getting e-mails instead of bills and statements and actually sorting the bin of paperwork reduced my paper clutter and made life easier. I also knocked off some mental clutter by closing old todos like renewing my passport or getting precheck. Organizing digital crap., Overload is real. I also cleaned out old newsletters, etc so I got less e-mail and could trust whatever came in to be important. Organizing hobby crap -, Sometimes, you don’t knit for 10 years. Maybe throw out that old yard that was only worth $10 and get the space back. Plus, you’ll stop saying that you *should* get back to it. Evaluating my week ahead of time ,- On Sunday, I check my week and plan all of the tasks (including cleaning) on days when I have time. Don’t be dumb and schedule laundry when you have to work late! Makes it even easier to get through things. Learning to cook with fewer dishes, - less to clean up! Learning to “wear” less clothing, (aka - put pajamas in the drawer so you wear one set a week instead of 4 and not changing socks when I get home and having extra socks to clean. Don’t change when you get home, then change again into PJs. Learning good habits to create less clutter - ,this lets me be even lazier and spend less time cleaning while still getting all the benefits. Shoes get taken off and put in the closet, not left in the hall. Mail gets sorted when coming in Stuff in my hands goes to a table Put my keys in one place Wipe counters and floors when you see spills. Keep things like sunscreen and cleaners that you don’t use all the time in one place so you can find them. Unpack bags immediately when getting home. Don’t leave random crap in my garage Medicine goes back in the bathroom, no matter how tired you are or bad you feel Don’t buy things you don’t really want (cleaning and sorting everything yearly helps with this) Periodically, evaluating if you need things (books, exercise band, magazines, extra bags, etc.) Don’t take other people’s junk that they don’t want Don’t let your mother buy stuff for you anymore because you didn’t want it anyways. Evaluate cleaning tools (like an extended wand for the fans) that makes like much faster. But not tools that just add clutter. All and all, it’s been two years, and I’m a heck of a lot happier for figuring all this out. Slowly trending toward “minimalism” (I have a ton of crap still, just much less useless stuff), but definitely enjoying the minimal work clean house that I have. Clearly… I thought too much about this. But I was pretty desperate to be less stressed and this seemed too easy to ignore. Good luck with your own home.

How do I eliminate car paint scratches?

Yes. Take the car to an auto body shop and have them look at it. In most cases, it will be a very easy fix. If it’s very shallow, it can simply be buffed smooth. If it’s a bit deeper, it may need some touch-up paint. If it’s very deep, it can be smoothed over with auto body filler. Worst case scenario would be that the entire body panel is damaged or dented beyond repair, in which case the panel can be replaced (to save some money, go to a scrapyard, look for a wrecked car of the same model and year with that panel intact, and buy the panel).

Is it possible to fix a deep car scratch?

You will be amazed at what a bit of touch up paint will do. Because it's black it will be easy, find some flat paint and brush it on. Nobody will ever see it. Want to be even lazier? Sharpie might work. Spray paint also works, but be very careful, the spray travels, it is extra work to cover everything.

What is Perfect Car Care?

Many people does not understand clearly what constitutes a comprehensive maintenance when they went to maintain their car. They all performed maintenance according to the clerk’s recommendations. They only find problems when it comes out, which not only delayed themselves, also affected the mood even more. So how to do the overall maintenance of the car? The care of a car does not need to be done comprehensively for every maintenance. Because the actual situation of each car is different, the vehicle also has a periodic maintenance plan and aging time node (Including the service life of some vulnerable parts), so in the daily maintenance, we only need to check the corresponding parts (usually self-inspection), and in the major maintenance, we should be aware of these details and be targeted for these details. 1. Car Body Paint The maintenance of the paintwork of the car body, a beautiful car body, and a clean appearance can always bring people good mood and good luck. But in real life, there will inevitably be some small scratches that will damage the paint surface of the car body. Secondly, in daily use, wind and sun will inevitably affect the paint surface, such as the yellowing and bright color of white car paint. Darkening of car paint. Scratch: Use the touch-up pen to solveShallow scratches: Use touch-up pen first, then use polishing or waxing for further treatment. 2. Maintenance of Brake/Brake System The brake/brake system can be the most direct part of our safety. The brake system mainly checks the brake oil circuit, brake discs and brake pads. Generally, the wear limit of the brake disc is about 2mm. It is ready to be replaced. Usually, the brake discs generally need to be replaced when driving about 30,000 kilometers. 3. Maintenance of The Auto Chassis Usually, the chassis is the most easily overlooked part. When it is discovered, there will always be problems such as deviations in direction, strong vibration, oil leakage, rust and other problems. When problems such as steering wheel jitter and deviation are found, they can be solved by four-wheel alignment. 4. Tire Pressure/Tire Maintenance Insufficient tire pressure or high tire pressure can easily cause vehicle accidents during driving. In addition, the degree of wear of automobile tires is different, it is easy to cause the friction between the wheels and the ground to decrease, resulting in a longer braking distance, and the corresponding safety factor will also be reduced. Under normal circumstances, the tire replacement cycle is 4-5 years or 40,000-60,000 kilometers. 5. Other (Fuel System, Air System, Ligthing and More)

Is Tesla really a low-quality car?

No. I’ve owned a few low quality cars in my life. The Tesla Model 3 is not one of them. Bob Lutz, former Detroit auto executive, wrote this about Tesla quality: Bob Lutz Talks Panel Gaps, Tesla, and Why Every Detail Matters It’s strange, but I don’t remember looking for fit and finish problems in cars I’ve purchased in the past. A quick walk around was all I did. If you wait till delivery to evaluate the quality of a car, it’s too late. The first car I ever bought new was a BMW. Great driving car. I loved it until things started going wrong. Have you ever been on a road trip and have the exhaust manifold break off the engine block? Since those days, I’ve learned to look a lot deeper to judge the quality of an automobile. When I was considering buying a Tesla Model 3 I did tons of research. I especially wanted to hear the testimony of Tesla owners. That’s easy to do these days using the internet. The problem is that forums devoted to a particular car attract more posts from people with problems than from those who are completely satisfied with their cars. There were numerous posts about early Model 3 fit and finish issues. People shared long check lists to walk through when taking delivery. It made me a little nervous, so I decided to do a walk through for the first time ever when I picked my Model 3 up in Tempe, AZ. Sure enough! I found two places where the paint was damaged. Both appeared to be damage caused when the headlights were being inserted into the body of the car. The woman at Tesla filed a ticket to have the blemishes repaired. Truth be told, I never followed through with the appointment. Months later I purchased a Tesla paint touch up kit to repair a couple of rock chips that happened on a road trip. I fixed the above imperfections as well. You’d never know unless I pointed to them, and even then it’s hard to see where they were. In the year I’ve owned my Model 3, the only thing I’ve needed fixed was the horn. It was harder to sound the horn pushing on the left side of the wheel than on the right. I had it fixed the same day I had the “Dual Motor” insignia placed on the trunk lid. My Model 3 was number 93 thousand and something. Tesla was still working out the bugs in their manufacturing lines as I recall. I’ve looked at other Model 3s since and see no fit and finish quality problems. Unfortunately, there are people with an agenda who are intent on making past build quality problems a reason not to buy this car. Baloney! I say, if you are at all concerned about cosmetic quality, drive to a Tesla store and judge for yourself. Take a test drive at the same time. I’m betting you will be immensely impressed.

How much will it cost me to repaint my Hyundai Verna in India?

0 items US 100,000 Happy Customers HYUNDAI VERNA TOUCH UP PAINT Home, » ,Touch Up Paint, » ,Hyundai, » Hyundai Verna 100% Colour Match Guaranteed Touch Up Kit for your Hyundai Verna. A paint colour match guarantee for all makes and models Seamless, professional results thanks to the high-grade blending and polishing solutions Clear, simple and user-friendly instructions A complete set of accessories Three sizes to choose from These features make Chipex the best option on the market for tackling road rash. Try it now! Did you know stone chips and minor bodywork scratches can knock hundreds of dollars of the value of your much loved, Hyundai,, but they are also easily repairable! Protecting the value of your ,Hyundai Verna, with Chipex touch up paint repair system is a job that can be done by most DIY’ers. The Chipex touch up paint system has been specially developed to work predominately on stone chips however it also works well on paint scratches. To ensure you get the perfect finish and paint match we have an easy to use, web based colour code lookup tool. Chipex comes in three sizes to ensure you get enough exact colour match paint to carry out your ,paint damage repairs,. We also offer a unique guarantee that if your paint isn’t an exact match, then we will replace it free. We also include all accessories and application instructions that you’ll need, so the price you pay will be the total cost of the paint repair. This saves the expense of a visit to a professional paint repair specialist. Read our ,testimonials, from our satisfied, impressed and happy customers. Chipex is a cost effective solution to restoring the paint damage caused to your ,Hyundai Verna, by everyday motoring. So to get a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints, use ,Chipex Hyundai Verna Touch up Paint. The problem of stone chips and road rash The roads habitually spit grit and loose stone chips at the bodywork of cars, causing a spray of paint scratches to form. This is called road rash. What is Chipex Verna Touch up Paint? Chipex Verna Touch up Paint, is the road rash repair solution you’ve been waiting for. Why is Chipex better than traditional methods? Chipex offers a unique ,colour match guarantee, – it promises paint that’s exactly matched with the colour code of your Verna. Standard inclusions are easy-to-follow instructions, all the accessories you need and ready-to-apply paint. The flawless finish makes a full respray an expensive and unnecessary task. Unlike repairs by professional paint scratch repair companies, you don’t need deep pockets to get a Chipex repair.


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