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Work in KL but live in Selangor? Do you need to fill in the travel permit to get to work?

2020 in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, many were left confused whether they will need to fill up

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

Although the suede/leather combo feels pleasant to the touch. 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Noise

Sun damage ruins the resale value of your car, here's how to prevent it

Things dry up and age faster when exposed to UV rays.

WapCar Weekly News Round-up

19 - 25 October 2019 Fuel price update: RON 97 up by 1 cent Monday PLUS highway celebrates successful

Which car brands' CKD plants are affected by the MCO stop work order?

states not affected by the lockdown, Pahang and Kedah for example, can continue operating but their work

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

1.2 million Malaysians allowed to work during total lockdown; Expect numbers to go up

This means that roughly 1.2 million workers are allowed to work at their respective premises.

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

MCO 2.0: What documents do I need if I have to travel for work?

radius travel restriction in place throughout MCO, there are still those who will need to travel for work

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The car was co-invented by a woman, Bertha Benz but patent laws wouldn’t recognize her work

with an internal combustion and electric ignition.In truth, the invention of the automobile was the work

2021 VW Tiguan facelift, Tiguan R joins the line-up.

For the first time, there will be a proper 320 PS Tiguan R in the line-up too.The front end is completely

Buying used cars: 5 signs a car has been in an accident

Whether or not to go on with the purchase is entirely up to you.

Parts shortage, export losses, impact of MCO 2.0’s stop-work order to be felt until 2022

Industry) confirmed that automotive manufacturing and car workshops (including collision repair body and paint

Malaysian car manufacturers to stop work again? Eurocham denies Feb-4 lockdown

manufacturing sector involve rubber glove and electronics manufacturers.For details on the impact of a stop-work

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

updated for 2020.Both the Alphard’s and Vellfire’s list of safety features have been bumped up

Why WFH when you can work from van in this Nissan Caravan Office Pod?

With MCO 2.0 out in force, some of us are forced to work from home yet again.

DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

Awesome Lego set demonstrates how CVTs work

model allows us to see how the pulley systems on both ends expand and contract as the engine speeds up

My New Car: Interior feels more expensive than Audi and Mercedes - My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Variant

Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

Review: Citroen C3 Aircross - Do you dare to go French?

The rails and mirror colours are subject to the car paint option.

In Brief: New Toyota Rush 2019, practicality with a touch of ruggedness

in the third-row seats with relative comfort as the second-row seats can slide and recline to free up

Cycle & Carriage takes pride in Daimler AG-certified Centres of Competence

Spanning over 45,000 sq ft with 22 body and paint work bays, the facility has the capacity to service

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

Legendary trashed up Perodua Kancil makes a return to the streets!

Theres another trashed up Kancil back on the streets and it is owned by the same man.

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

Nissan Kicks e-Power launched in Indonesia; Malaysia in 2021?

PS and 260 Nm of torque.Exterior features on the new Nissan Kicks include LED headlamps, dual-tone paint

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

To cost RM 300k++ in Malaysia new, Rocket Bunny cut up this 2021 Toyota GR Yaris!

All this is before paint and fabrication work.

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paint touch up work Post Review

Honest opinions folks. Do The grey handles work or should I dip them in black this summer when I touch up the paint. Probably adding a vinyl strip to cover up most of the scratches if my touch up comes out bad.

This was a quick one for a Reginlaze group build for Build Fight System. I built it with only spare parts and a little scratchbuilding. Initial paint still needs some touch up and detail paint. More work on it soon! #Gundamber #MorGunpla

Flooring done! Now just need to do a bit of work to the baseboards and some touch up paint here and there. Building the big shelving unit tomorrow! I’m getting soooo excited!! #KpopRoom

Work in progressIt has been a while since I started a new projectI have a lot more work to do and touch up plus I have the background to do as wellThe models name is Chiru #paint #painting #art #artist #music #Chiru #model #portrait #hoodie #flower #rose

My Cousin & Dad have their own mobile business and repair scratched up rims. They do not fix bent or cracked rims only Rims who need a touch up or paint work. Check them out hit, them up for any of your scratched up rims. They go to you. DFW area #RETWEET #DFWAREA

Sign says "Paint Prep", but this one might need to go back to "body work" area for a quick touch up... #MondayThoughtsHow was your #Monday?

Me, drunkenly trying to do drywall work and touch up paint.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about Robert on here. Robert Scott Marx mowed my grandmas grass from the time I was in elementary school up until I was 15. He had his own lawn care business and would clean out houses for Remax. 1/?

When I was about 13 I started working with/for him. I would help him clean out the houses, touch up paint, and sometimes I did work for him at his house. I stained the bridge over his backyard pond, I stained his shed, I sanded and repainted his kitchen cabinets.

Got a coat of paint on the monitor stand. Gonna need some touch up for sure, but it’s good enough for development work.