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Buying used cars: 5 signs a car has been in an accident

, it is normal to see dings, scratches, or the occasional putty.

Owner Review: My Honda CR-V - Is replacing an MPV with an SUV a good idea?

In 2017, I ended up getting a facelifted Honda CR-V 2.0 2WD in Taffeta White.

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

Selling your car soon? Here's how to ensure you get the highest price

first, when it comes to selling your old car, it’s crucial to fix it up.

A car with a fake manual transmission? It’s real! But… why?

China car brand Chery actually invented an electric vehicle (EV) that behaves like a manual car with

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

Owner Review: Fulfilled My First Dream! Owning My Proton Saga 2019

was very good but the "Easy Connection" is not very easy to connect and use at all and the touch

Sun damage ruins the resale value of your car, here's how to prevent it

Photo: detailxpertsJust like our skin, the car’s paint, rubber parts, and upholstery can only withstand

Classic Rolls Royce vs brick wall, RR wins this round

recovered for repairs.Footage shows that the driver had originally wanted to stop and allow another car

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

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Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

and ending up scratching the paint on your car.But before you send your car to be fixed by a professional

Car sales in Malaysia rebounded by 94.7% in June, SST-free period to drive sales up

compared to May.Although sales figures over the past two months were encouraging, year-to-date figures paint

My New Car: Interior feels more expensive than Audi and Mercedes - My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Variant

Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

Ratings: 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander - A better family car than the Honda BR-V?

The suspension is soft, and cabin noise levels are very satisfactory for a car of this segment.Second

We’ve bought a Perodua Ativa for a long-term review and tear down!

We’ve opted for the AV variant with a two-tone paint job, featuring the “Pearl Delima Red

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

Owner Review: Reasonable maintenance cost and low fuel consumption - My 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5 E

Sports Mode -I used it sometime for wild night driving and highway cruising, can feel much better pick up

Legendary trashed up Perodua Kancil makes a return to the streets!

Theres another trashed up Kancil back on the streets and it is owned by the same man.

In Brief: New Toyota Rush 2019, practicality with a touch of ruggedness

in the third-row seats with relative comfort as the second-row seats can slide and recline to free up

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera launched in Malaysia – 007’s new race car from RM 1.2 million

Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur appears to be on a roll of car launches these past few weeks.

Buying guide: 5 things to lookout for when buying a used car

Want that dream car of yours but can’t afford to buy new?

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint scratches.

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

The GVC+ can be felt in corners when it reduces the engine output and tucks the car into its intended

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

Owner Review: The Kompressor Engine - How I met my Mercedes-Benz C200K

I am a self-proclaimed car buff (totally my own opinion).

Driving your car less this MCO? Here's how to keep it running smoothly.

Bird poop, if you didnt know, is bad news for your cars paint.

Stupid mistakes with the car jack can ruin your car or risk your life, here's how to avoid them

Some of us dont even know how to jack up a car properly, but it remains an important skill to have in

Owner Review: An Overlooked French Gem – The Renault Fluence

The car also soaks up bumps nicely, which is something that seniors often like; I’ve been told

Top 8 car stuff you can buy from Lazada, discount code inside!

This premium formulation helps clean and condition your cars paint in one step.

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How to use Spray Cans to touch up car paint scratches like ... #supercar #car #sportcar

How to Touch Up Car Paint – Touching Up Car Paint: Does your car have some minor scratches and requires a touch ... http://bit.ly/eGl5wI

Touch up Paint: :nix:My car has some little dings and scratches.. what can I use to touch up the paint without... http://bit.ly/9Gk12Z

Car Touch up Paint Pens vs Aerosols: Although minor scratches to your car bodywork may be unsigh... #Seattle #Plumbing

#NewYearResolution join the gym repair the scratches on my #car MPEX® Car Touch Up Paint

#WimbledonFinals Repair your #car scratches with MPEX car touch up paint http://mpexdirect.com/touch-up-paint/

Putting touch up paint on my car. Hate scratches. #somepeoplecan'tpark


It’s my 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow & this conversation with my hubby made me 100% certain I chose the right partner:Me: I want to manage expectations for our anniversary. What are your plans?H: Dinner at that Indian restaurant you like?Ok. Any other plans?1/

Me: Please tell me you didn’t get me a present.Hubby: No present. But I’ll wash your car & touch up the scratches on the paint.Me: THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC PRESENT EVER! I feel loved & cared for. What do you want from me? Like, how much time do you want to spend together? 2/