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Both variants ride on the 18-inch “Los Angeles” alloy wheels while roof rails, front parking

Electric parking brake vs manual hand brake vs foot brake, which is better?

Parking brake is a safety mechanism that prevents a stationary car from rolling away.

FAQ: All you need to know about the all-new 2020 Honda City (GN-series)!

brake force distribution (EBD) Brake assist (BA) Hill start assist (HSA) Emergency stop signal (ESS) 2 reverse

2021 Kia Sorento to launch in Indonesia, Malaysian future still in limbo

seat adjustmentFancier kit for higher-end variants include a 12-speaker Bose sound system, electric parking

Delhi gov instructs 5% parking allocation for EVs, buildings to comply by end of year

, Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain has directed buildings in the Indian Capital to reserve 5% of parking

Caught on camera: Car wash worker crashes brand-new Mazda CX-5

According to Sin Chew Daily, the car wash worker had mistakenly put the CX-5 in reverse and the car had

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The bold look utilized unconventional lines all over the car, with a touch of angularity and sharp edges

Reverse parking vs forward parking: Which is better?

are two ways to park in a perpendicular box – forward parking and reverse parking.

Sunway’s parking lot makes a great leap towards sustainability!

Sunway is further paving the path in innovative parking lots with the preview of their new Smart Parking

2021 Toyota Corolla Altis adds TSS to more Thai variants, can it boost past the Civic?

display 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display Apple CarPlay support Qi-wireless charger Electric parking

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All-new GN-series 2020 Honda City – 8 features we get that Thailand doesn’t

sensorsSurprising as it may sound, but the Thailand-market Honda City does not feature rear parking

Toyota C-HR Malaysian Configurations, a Sporty and Efficient and SUV from Japan

Tiptronic Steering Audio Control Steering Tilt Steering Telescopic Remote Control Activation Boot 4 Parking

Getting a 2020 Proton X50? Skip the Standard and Executive variants

the X50 Premium is the better equipped one with more added gizmos.For one, youre getting a 360-degree camera

5 features that makes the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander awesome! 1 the ladies will love

the Toyota Rush, the Xpander is the only other 7-seater B-segment car that comes with a 360-degree parking

Peugeot 3008 SUV Plus Launched in Malaysia, More Features, Higher Price

Other not so obvious exterior differences are the additional roof rails, front parking sensors and powered

Deal Breakers: Nissan Serena, love its practicality, not its infotainment

Good luck going up multi-storey parking in one of those. Which leaves us with the Nissan Serena.

General buying guide: 5 must-have features in a new car

.#1 Feature for buying a new car: reverse cameraNowadays, most cars have reverse sensors fitted as standard

Parallel parking sensation claims he doesn’t even own the Toyota Innova!

We’re sure by now you have already watched the video of a Toyota Innova exiting a very tight parking

Owner Review: The Go-to Choice of the Family - My Story with the Toyota Camry

camera along with FM, AM, CD, auxiliary, USB, and Bluetooth inputs.

Pros and Cons: Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Love the comfort, but is it worth RM 150k?

Powerful 2.0-litre BiTurbo engine Pros – Comprehensive ADAS suiteCons: Cons – No 360-degree camera

Owner Review: A Car Built to Last a Lifetime - My 1990 Mercedes-Benz 260E

as I find it not so convenient to be driven daily, considering the lack of modern features such as reverse

My reverse light, note singular, is working fine!

Let’s paint a scenario, you reverse your spanking new car into a parking lot, hopped out of your

2021 Haval H6 debuts in China, possible competitor of the Proton X70?

steel, and the car comes with 6 airbags as standard.Safety equipment include a 360-degree panoramic camera

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

The PayDirect Parking feature will work similarly to the PayDirect for toll payments by deducting money

DBKL parking payment goes cashless, but no JomParking and TnG e-Wallet... yet

Image credit: KL Sentral InfoStarting 1st October 2020, you can no longer use the parking machines to

Watch: Police cuts short Mat Rempit’s Superman career caught on 360-camera

recent video uploaded onto social media, the Mat Motor in the video was actually using a 360-degree camera

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale costs RM1.9 million but it has no reverse gear!

of the transmission, the 8-speed DCT is 10 kg lighter and more compact thanks to the omission of a reverse

In Brief: Mazda 2 Hatchback, the entry level 'sports car'

radio in the Mid-spec variant.Other than that, the top spec Mazda 2 is equipped with head-up display, reverse

50% discount off your parking compound! Thanks MBSA!

MBSA estimates that’s up to RM 30 off the price of the parking compound.MBSA has made things easier

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New Arrival!66 Plate Mercedes A200D AMG Line Premium£0 deposit,£249 per month• 28,961 miles• Full Mercedes-Benz Service History• Ambient Lighting• Sat Nav• Heated Front Seats• F/R Parking Sensors• Reverse Camera• £20 Road Tax• 6 Months Warranty#TeamElite

New in stock!66 Plate Mercedes A180D AMG Line Executive Auto£0 deposit,£238 per month!56k milesSat NavReverse CameraCruise ControlHeated Front SeatsFront/Rear Parking SensorsAMG BodystylingDual Climate ControlAutomatic Lights/Wipers6 Months Warranty#TeamElite

Just In!2017 Mercedes A220D AMG Line Executive Auto£0 depositOnly £286 per month!34k milesF/R Parking SensorsCruise ControlReverse CameraSatNavKeyless StartHeated Seats6 Months Warrantynothing to pay for the first month#TeamElite @tandselitecars @ScottTagTaylor

Your New Deal!Rear View Backup Car Camera - Screen Monitor System w/ Parking and Reverse Assist Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof & Night Vision, 7" LCD video Color Display for Vehicles - Pyle PLCM7500 is waiting for you at DEALORS - https://bit.ly/2IatdYP

What SHIBAMA wants to say is all included in 2ch Video Input Parking Lines Image Flip Front Rear Side View Night Vision Digital Wired Reverse Camera Monitor System PZ607. #truckreversecamera

Stunning 2015 MERCEDES-BENZ GLA 200 AMG LINE CDI 2.2L with 37k miles Featuring electronic parking brake, reverse camera & heater rear window, Plus twin chrome exhaust.That's alot of spec for £278 per month and £2000 deposit #mercedes

i recomend reverse parking the camera makes it easier to line up with the lines, ur side mirrors r also ur best friends at seeing the line and how centered u r

reverse camera parking lines Q&A Review

Do you love your backup / reversing camera?

Do you love you backup / reversing camera? Yes, I do! To my knowledge there are two situations where the offending driver is 100% at fault in most states: Rear enders where you are the driver rear-ending, And backing accidents, where you are the backer. I've never rear ended anyone but I have had my share of unfortunate backing accidents no matter how careful I have always been, using all of my mirrors including accessory ultra-wide-angle mirrors on both sides, turning and looking carefully over both shoulders, yet still rarely but occasionally managing to hit something I couldn't see, often directly astern and low so it wasn't in any mirror or visible by turning my head. Thank the powers that be that whatever it was wasn't a child. (Usually it was a rock in a campground…) I think it's wise to never ,rely, on the camera any more than you rely on your mirrors. It's a supplement, but a powerful one. Still, you must turn your head plus check all mirrors, and my number one caution is to ,never back fast!, Easy does it! Aside from the obvious reasons I love the thing because it is an enormous help in ,parallel parking,. I can get closer to the car behind without tapping him. I can see ,exactly, where the curb is in relation to my wheels. I have a little flip-out camping trailer. When hooking up it was always something of a crapshoot to get the ball to the hitch without either hitting it or missing it (duh), but my reversing camera not only lets me see ,exactly, where the hitch is ,and, the ball, there is even a red dotted line projected that centers on the ball at any distance making it easier to get positioned. I am practically guaranteed that I will never poke a hole in the rear bumper by smacking into the hitch as it misses the ball.

What do I need to do next after buying a new car?

My response is with the assumption that you are interested in using and maintaining the car. I am sure most of us will be pumped after buying a new car and we'll have hundreds of plans to do with the car. But take some time and read the manual, at least the ones that are important. Know all your switches, know your service schedule. How wheel rotation should be done. Is your spare wheel the same size etc. Drive the car for few days. Don't get all the accessories fitted on day one. Get the basic stuff like mats, seat covers and mud flaps. Driven it for a couple of weeks, we'll get used to the car and understand how it drives, what are the margins etc. So as we've settled down and come peace with the idea that we have a car, check the essential accessories that are needed. For example, if your driving skills are good enough, you can do with parking sensors, reverse camera is not a necessity. An after marker reverse camera IMO is not a good option because the guide lines are not specific to your car and if you get the one that sits on the mirror, it's and extra load and changes position in bad roads. A woofer is something we all like, but we always drive with our windows rolled up, so that's an annoyance after a while. Be cool and spend money on what you won't feel useless after a while.

Is reverse parking camera made for a particular car or it is same for every car, also can we install a reverse parking camera of one car into another?

It isn‘t that easy. The main problem isn‘t the camera itself, they pretty much are the same. The main problem is the signal path of the camera signal from the camera to the screen in the dashboard. My Toyota has a factory installed camera and an in-car entertainment system which is fairly deeply integrated into the car electronics. This unit is connected to the CAN BUS, the integrated data network of the car. This may sound like NASA technology, but many cars have a CAN BUS today. But on my car this means that the reverse camera translates its signal into a proprietary data format and feeds it into the CAN BUS. This won’t work with other cameras. There are other ways to transmit the camera signal. Some car stereo head units have a separate socket to plug in a camera signal, other reverse camera systems transmit their video signal wirelessly to a proprietary head unit. If I had to replace the camera of my car, I would definitely look for an original replacement. And if my car does not have a reverse camera at all, I would look for a complete solution. One more thing to consider: When my camera is active, the screen shows some orientation lines which allow me to estimate distances. These lines may not be there if you use a different camera, or even worse - they may not fit to the image.

Are you able to reverse into a parking bay, how?

I've been doing it for 50 years. If you don't have reversing cameras use the mirrors. If you do have reversing cameras use the mirrors anyway. Approach the bay so the driver's side is furthest from the other cars. Stop with your passenger side just under a metre from the front of other cars, and check over your shoulder for a straight line from the driver's seat, through the rear corner of your car, to the nearest edge of the bay. Start to reverse in half lock, checking both mirrors and over your shoulder that you aren' t going to hit cars either side. The stern of your car should now be swinging into the empty bay. When the rear wheel on the passenger side is lined up with the other car, put full lock on, and reverse slowly into the bay. Once that wheel has passed, you ,cannot ,hit that end of that car, so concentrate on the one that will end up on the driver's side. If clear keep turning, and steadily take the lock off, until you are straight in the bay. Check both mirrors and back up till you are in the bay, using the front of your car as an axillary cue, along with the mirrors and looking over your shoulder. If the driver's side rear quarter is not gong to clear the adjacent car, you need to go forward on the opposite lock to straighten within the bay, then check both mirrors and reverse in on the original lock. It's dead easy. You can get some traffic cones and practice in an empty car park. I often adjust the wing mirrors downwards to do this, or to see the lines if there are no other cars.

How can truckers see the back of the trailer when the trailer is in straight line with the truck? If a car stopped in the blind area and they needed to reverse in the middle of the road, how will they do this without hitting the car?

Obviously, it’s ideal to have someone standing behind, to watch and guide you. And walking behind to look is also good, but anything can happen in the time it takes you to return to the cab… someone could walk or drive into your blind spot and you cannot guarantee to know this (it’s happened to me!). But my solution is simple. When backing in to a space, I always do it on a curve. I still do this today when parking a car. I try never to back straight in. I want to be able to sweep the view and be sure nothing is in the way. Today we have reversing cameras, but these still don’t help you with a truck to avoid hitting canopies and overhangs. There were times when I needed to reverse, but wasn’t sure what was behind. So what I’d do was to simply pull forwards on full steering lock, left or right (left with LHD makes for a better view in the mirror). Having pulled forwards, I could then see exactly what was behind and so be able to judge whether it was safe to reverse. I once reversed out almost a mile from a road where I couldn't turn around (road detour signs had forced me down there). And I did most of it at close to 20 mph, by following a gentle left and right snaking manoevre, all the while having a very good view behind in my mirrors.

Where are you allowed to use a backup or reversing camera on a driver's test?

No the object of the exercise is to have you control the car while driving in reverse with your body turned using a camera gives you a slight advantage only when parallel parking because you can turn your head to glance at the camera to make sure you’re lined up right

If you were traveling at 65mph and your brakes/emergency brakes failed, would you be able to stop the car by putting it into reverse and applying the gas?

Most modern cars will not allow you to do this in an effort to preserve your transmission. In most cases, trying to put your vehicle into reverse or even park while moving forward at a fairly quick speed would do very little to slow you down. It’ll basically be like putting your transmission into neutral. In some instances, you’ll activate your reverse camera, but don’t expect much more than that from a modern vehicle. Under no circumstances should you want to turn the vehicle off. If you turn it off, you’ll likely lose power-steering, which will only make things harder for you. Take your foot OFF the accelerator pedal (which you should have already done). Pump the brakes a few times. If there’s air in your brake line, the brake may catch after a few pumps. If nothing happens, keep your foot on the brakes and keep the pedal pushed down. Odds are your primary breaks have failed, but your second set of brakes may be doing something. In this situation, something is better than nothing. Downshift your vehicle to the lowest gear possible. This will result in something known as engine-braking. Engine-braking won’t completely stop you, but it can get your vehicle to a speed far safer should you impact something. Keep pushing down on the brakes. Once your vehicle begins to slow, aim for grass, sand or dirt. You likely don’t want to do this with a vehicle traveling more than 30mph as you may easily lose control due to the soft and uneven nature. In the event that you find yourself in this situation while in traffic, you’re best to hit the vehicle in front of you. The vehicle in front of you should be going the same direction as you, meaning you likely won’t impact too severely and any damage should not be too dramatic. Avoid hitting on-coming traffic. Some recommend driving in zig-zags. If you’re going slow, this can be an option. But if you’re still going fairly quickly, zig-zagging may result in you unexpectedly losing control potentially making matters worse. Putting a 20yr old car in reverse/park while driving forward: ,What happens if you put a 20 year old car in Reverse AND Park WHILE driving? (NOT SAFE), Putting a more modern car in reverse while driving: ,What happens if you put your car in REVERSE while driving? (Things NOT to do while driving), Putting a pick-up truck into reverse: ,THIS happened when I put my truck in Park AND Reverse (At the same time) WHILE driving.., There’s another video with a recent modeled Mercedes AMG. The results were very similar to the previous videos. Putting your vehicle in reverse won’t do much of anything. Putting your vehicle in park may help (depending on the model), but you could easily find yourself in a situation where your car has become hard(er) to control. I’d only advise it as a last-ditch effort, assuming everything else has failed and your vehicle is not slowing at all.

It is worth spending 80,000 on an Alpha variant of the Baleno just to get a reverse parking camera and a projector headlight?

Not just a reverse camera and projector headlight (Those are Bi-Xenon automatic projector headlights) my friend, you loose out on a touchscreen interface HU with Apple car play, the signature DRLs, the chrome detailing inside the headlights which is a continuation of the chrome lining of the front grille which differentiates it from a Swift’s headlight. But then, these are mostly not must-have features of a car, these are feel good features. The Zeta variant of the baleno has got all the necessary features, even the Delta variant is well equipped and quite liveable. So, if budget is tight than obviously Rs 80000 for a Alpha variant is not worth it, but if you have the money than better spend it for the Alpha Variant. In the long run, it wont matter much.

During reverse parking, how do you know when the car is exactly parallel to the parking lines, so that you can straighten the steering and go backward?

Typically by using the side mirrors (or possibly the backup camera - though they typically have a fish eye lens making it difficult) you basically learn to judge the gap between the side of your car and the line, and a bit more judgement that your straight by what you see in the mirror (and or looking in front of you as well.) That said, it’s not just a single thing, but something you learn to do if you’re going to be backing in. If you can’t learn to do it, then simply open the door and look at the line once you’ve pulled in, and make the necessary adjustment (or don’t bother to back in.)