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7,000 rpm and 205 Nm at 4,000 rpm. 2 transmissions are on offer a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle

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12.12 Special sales, customers who placed their booking within the first 12 days of the month will have

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equipment unchanged, including the 2.4 gettings LED headlights, an electric parking brake, a sunroof, paddle

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Other features as per what you get in a standard CX-3 - LED headlamps, 7.0-inch MZD touchscreen infotainment

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking BR-V that even comes with paddle

MG vehicles to be locally-assembled in Malaysia, first model to be MG HS?

been caught several times on Malaysian soil.The missing piece to this puzzle was the origins of MG vehicles

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On top of that, G variants also have keyless entry and ignition, power-folding side mirrors, Eco and

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and Android Auto, as well as automatic air-conditioning.Besides paddle shifters, the multi-function steering

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What’s the price of a Ranger?

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Geely Group sold 200k electrified vehicles in 2020

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) has sold over 200,000 electrified vehicles in 2020.

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bringing the total speaker count to six.The updated Honda BR-V also gains new steering wheel-mounted paddle

Are electric vehicles (EV) truly cleaner than combustion-engine cars?

Cover art by Marian KamenskyIt goes without saying that electric vehicles (EV) do not produce emissions

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entering into the cabin...A thick three-spoke leather steering wheel is placed in front, as well as paddle

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Is a Smart Car even worth buying?

Having two Smart Cars since new 2009, I can tell you a lot about them. First, until the computer learns your driving habits, shifting is terrible, once learned, not even noticeable. Paddle shifters also help in this department. The original designer of the Smart car was an F1 engineer. The passenger compartment literally has a roll cage surrounding it, and the front wads up quite nicely, absorbing impact. We have 4 airbags and a 5 star front crash rating. Not only are the cars built to take a hit, they are exceptionally difficult to hit! They are small. Not only can you park sideways, you can stop in the turn lane sideways without anything hanging out. They have automatic everything when it comes to acceleration, skid control , cornering control, anti-lock brakes and much more. There aren’t many vehicles which can stop as fast as a Smart Car. It weighs less than 2000 #s, 15″ rims The security system uses motion detectors inside the car. Handling is awesome! It’s like driving a go kart with a/c and heating and weather protection. Parks anywhere and only have a 8.5 gal (32 L) fuel capacity. She gets 42 mpg (5.6 L/100k) hwy, 36 mpg (6.5 L/100k ) city, I get 36 (6.5) no matter what I do. At 85 mph (136 kph), big truck turbulence is kind of freaky. The ride is a bit stiff, but seats are comfortable. The butt/back warmers are fantastic! It was built for two 6′4″ people to sit comfortably. The 1.0 L 3cyl engine sets sideways in the rear using drive axles exactly like FWD cars. Power just isn’t there… and annoying when trying to pass someone who doesn’t want to let you by…tiny cars don’t get any respect! Everything on a Smart Car is built for easy disassembly/assembly. Brake pads are snap, the blower motor takes 15 sec to remove. Oil change is once every 10,000 miles and don’t have to jack up the car to do it. 3.7 qts (3.3 L) oil. I can go on but here’s the most important thing…. Smart Cars are a blast to drive!! (edit) Thanks for all the views and upvotes! It never entered my mind so many would be interested in Smart Cars!

What is the point of paddle shifters with a CVT?

If you don't know the point of them you must not be the kind of person who likes to push your car. Or drive aggressively around a corner in 2nd gear. You probably like to drive slow and never screech your tires. You probably ride your brakes down hills and let the computer decide everything. Otherwise you shouldn't really need to ask the question. Perhaps you are confused by the fact that CVT’s accelerate faster without using paddle shifters. Perhaps you're very hands-on and you've never driven a car with a CVT and paddles so you can't try using them to understand what they do for the driver so I'll try to explain. The paddle shifters on a CVT or on a regular stepped transmission are used to hold a specific gear or in the case of a CVT, a specific gear ratio. This is a form of control over the transmission. Instead of relying on a computer to analyze the load on the engine and the amount the gas pedal is being pushed to decide what "gear" to be in, Paddle shifters on a CVT allow you to choose to hold onto a gear ratio at will, when you want more torque such as for driving hard around a corner or as simple as applying engine braking down a slope. More control over the vehicle is always preferred by enthusiasts. It is true that a CVT adapts quickly changing the gear ratios by small amounts multiple times within seconds, constantly adapting with near infinite ratios, this makes the paddle shifters less useful on a CVT, particularly during hard acceleration. A CVT will accelerate better without fake gear shifts. The computer will keep the rpm at the maximum power zone making a shift pointless for straight line acceleration. But going around corners you can use the paddle shifters to downshift to a lower gear to hold the RPM’s at a higher more powerful range. And for engine braking, as I already mentioned. Truthfully paddle shifters with 6 or 7 simulated gears is an oversimplification. I would much prefer if you could adjust gear ratios on the fly from minimum to maximum by how long you hold each paddle. But we are stuck with simple simulated 6 and 7 speeds right now, still better than nothing. I bought a 2009 Nissan Maxima with a CVT and paddles. I would not have bought the car without paddles even though you can still shift using the stick because the paddles are right by your hands letting you shift with ease. I chose the Maxima for its many qualities. I wanted a powerful car under 6 seconds to 60mph. I wanted a larger size sedan. I wanted front wheel drive so my girlfriend could safely drive it in poor weather. And I wanted it to be fuel efficient compared to its competitors. The fact it had a CVT is partly why I chose it. If it had a regular auto transmission it would probably be slower to react such as the dodge charger's 8-speed and it would not be as fuel efficient around the city or anytime you need to slow and speed up constantly. FWD is also inherently the lightest design for cars. Leading to better fuel efficiency. Some people call shifters on a CVT a gimmick. They would probably be content with a standard auto that shifts for you. But for people who like to drive hard and fast the ability to hold a gear, whether physical or simulated is a necessity. The Maxima makes at or around 300hp, 264ft•lb it is not a slow economy car. Nissan is the kind of company that doesn't design a car with that much power and speed and expect drivers to be fine giving over all control to a computer. If you are still not sure go test drive a new Maxima with paddles. Go around a hard corner and let the computer handle everything. Than go around a similar corner in 2nd gear. Feel the difference. Feel how you can accelerate through the corner and hold your line better when holding a low gear. You won't wonder why they're there anymore. Also it is useful to be in low gear when you turn in a dangerous intersection, holding low gear will burn more gas but will let you accelerate fast and immediately such as to avoid being side-swiped. The one thing about the CVT that seems gimmicky to me, at least in Nissan's. Is that the car does fake shifts if you accelerate hard in sport mode. Which slows your acceleration just so you can sound and feel like a 6 speed. I only use the sport mode for smart engine braking because it adjusts engine braking for you better than the paddle's 6 gears allow.

When driving down a hill, we are often warned to engage the lowest gear. But what if the car has a CVT?

My car with CVT has low gears for manual downshifting using the stick in the center console. In addition, paddle shifters are mounted behind the steering wheel for manual override of the CVT. I have tried both just to see how they worked before I might have a situation when they were needed like inclement weather. I prefer the paddle shifters as my hands can both stay on the wheel and my eyes on the road. If you have a new vehicle with CVT or are considering one, just look around the controls in the actual vehicle or on the company website, or look at the manual and read the section concerning the transmission.

If you had to stop a car on a road with no brakes and only the use of your steering wheel, could you do something to help yourself slow down?

If you got into this kind of trouble these are the main things you need to follow Primary checklist Do not panic, it makes things worse Do not shut down your engine. If you do so you will lose all the hydraulics ( steering, all hydraulic braking) Warn your fellow drivers by flashing headlights and hazard lights Make sure all your passengers are buckled up and are on relaxed positions ( completely on backrest and head on the headrest First thing you have to do is disengage your ABS if possible. Continuously pump your brake paddle and try if you can gain even a small amount of braking. If you are using a car with a ,manual transmission,, my friend you are very lucky and got a great choice. What you have to do is gradually downshifting. Engine braking helps to reduce your speed. Make sure you are not on high RPM. High RPM will result in losing control of your car. If you are around 5000 RPM upshift without hesitating. Once you get around 20KMpH ( 12MpH ) hold the parking brake release button and gently engage and disengage it and get to a stop. If that also fails, downshift until you reach 10 Kmph (6MpH) and hit any tree. Make sure you and your passengers are not holding steering wheel or any other rigid things in your car before crashing. Unfortunately, if you don’t find any tree, shift to reverse gear and gently release the clutch. This may damage your gearbox. If you are using a car with an ,automatic transmission with paddle shifter or AMT,, switch to sport mode which activates paddle shifter and do the same as in manual transmission. If you ,don't have a paddle shifter or AMT,, you are screwed, my friend. At this situation what you can do is leaving the car like that without accelerating. Engine braking will help but its uncontrollable. Other tips: You can make short drifts or a J-turn if possible. It reduces your speed. Whatever manoeuvres you do, do it gently else you may lose control on your vehicle. If you have small plants of like 10 to 15 cm go on them. Make sure they won’t puncture your tyres. Flat tyres may result in uncontrollable drag to the punctured side. Once you get your vehicle to a stop evacuate and place the warn triangle and call for a tow and your mechanic.

What is the reason for the succeeding of the Hyundai Creta 2020?

To answer this, I need to present you with some idea of its rivals and also on why Creta is preferred over its rivals including its sibling Kia Seltos too. Be patient and you’ll get the answer for sure. Instead of running through all the details, I’d like to simply represent some key points of its rivals so that it’ll be evident on why Creta is successful than any other SUV in the segment itself. Kia Seltos : ,If you consider Kia Seltos, it has everything like features, space, impeccable styling, sporty characteristics and much more. But, it falls flat on the only aspect in which it should excell and i.e, ride quality. Apart from that, Seltos is an awesome offering from Kia which shook the market for quite a while once it was launched. Harrier : ,Harrier despite being macho with massive proportions, superb styling with LandRover underpinnings, spacy interiors and also with a bigger engine is actually very costly compared to both Creta and Seltos and on the contrary, it does lack some essentials such as TPMS, all-wheel disc brakes, refined powertrain, responsive infotainment and all making it a less compelling package. In my opinion, Harrier should be considered for someone who loves space, appeal, excellent ride quality with decent features list. There’s still one more left. MG Hector : ,Hector despite its massive proportions and MPV like styling, it stood out because of its sheer boot space and technological features such as AI assistant, vertical infotainment, connected tech and others. But, its lack of AT gearbox in diesel even in 2020 and its massive body role and the body heft and all work in its opposition. So, this is the reason why Hector is focussed for those customers who love tech intensly. Now, Hyundai didn’t perform any outstanding job with Creta. Instead they’ve just improvised what was lacking in Kia Seltos but apart from that, Hyundai has loaded most of its SX variants with as many features possible by making it accessible for the ones in tight budget that reaches only till SX and not SX(O). Forgot to mention that Hyundai has great brand reputation in India and also maintenance, resale value are pretty good too. Improvisations such as 1. Radical styling 2. Panoramic sunroof(lacking in Kia Seltos) 3. Connected car tech with more features 4. Horizontal infotainment with great response 5. Good ride quality(lacking in Kia Seltos) 6. Fresh instrumentation 7. German brands inspired cabin(I really don’t know if this is good or not but it mimicks the experience atleast) 8. Buttons inside the vehicle feel nice and the matte black on plastics looks clean and simple rather than piano black accence that attracts more finger prints. 9. Paddle shifters So, in my opinion, these improvisations are what made it to appeal larger customer base and made it successful by beating all its rivals. Thank you for reading and if you like my explanation, do upvote my answer and also post your opinions in the comment section below and have a nice day.

Why do US drivers prefer car automatic transmissions over manual transmissions, when manual shifting and playing with the clutch pedal is part of the fun of driving?

I’m not in the US - I’m that rare beast, a Brit who drives an automatic. My choice was rather made for me when I met my wife; she passed her test in an auto, and as such isn’t permitted by law to drive with a manual gearbox. We only need one car between us, and so it’s an auto. When we first met, she was tootling around in a Chevrolet Matiz (99% of Matizes ever made were this colour - hers was no different) It had a one litre engine, with a three speed automatic box. It was dire, especially if you wanted to go faster than 50mph. At the time, we had a car each. My manual car suffered an accident while it was parked up, and it just so happened that I knew someone who had a Volvo S80 for sale, for not very much money. It was ancient, but nice. I bought it because it was a lovely, lovely car, and thought that I’d just tolerate the fact that it had an automatic box. The S80 was the car that really convinced me, a die-hard manual driver, that automatics weren’t so bad. The five-speed auto box just suited the way the car was - leisurely to drive, comfortable. The car felt like it looked after you as a driver, and the automatic was just part of the experience. Time moved on. My ancient Volvo died, and the Matiz carried on being as horrible as it ever was. We needed a car that suited both of us, and so we ended up with a Fiat Grande Punto. Now, Fiat at the time (perhaps they still do this) had an unconventional style of automatic gearbox. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say it was nasty, unreliable, and we didn’t have that car for long before getting something else. Step forward, our first Mini. This was the first time that I really had ,fun, in an auto. A six speed automatic box, with paddle shifters. I was soon going up and down twisty country roads in it, enjoying the drive and enjoying nearly as much control as I had when I was driving manual vehicles. We had that car a few years, and felt the itch to upgrade. But to what? The Mini John Cooper Works. This is a car that, day on day, thrills me. Just to look at the picture above excites me, and if I could be bothered to get up off the sofa and look out of the window, I’d be excited to see my own parked on the drive. Special edition models aside, the John Cooper Works is the most powerful, fastest Mini that you’ll get from the factory. Surely this, if anything, is the car where I’d want a manual box? No. We ordered, yet again, an automatic. And in all honesty, if my wife’s need to drive an auto wasn’t a concern, I’d have still ticked the box for the automatic transmission. OK, so yet again I’ve got the paddle shifters. If you put it into full-manual mode, the only time it’ll change for you is if you’re either going to stall or you’re pushing the car so hard you’ll do damage if you don’t change gear. Other than that, there’s none of the hand-holding that our old Mini did, it’ll never do the thing where it thinks it knows best and changes for you. Of course, it’s perfectly drivable as a full auto too, in either sport or normal mode - and that’s how I drive it the vast majority of the time. Even on open country roads where I’m really enjoying every last bend and straight I’ll leave it in its automatic mode. Yes there are times where I want to push it a bit and start making my own gear choices, but that’s out of choice rather than necessity. The simple fact is, modern autos have got to the point where the feeling of not being fully in control over what the car’s doing doesn’t even concern me. Every auto I’ve driven in recent years (Fiats aside) has had a pretty damn good idea as to what gear it should be in, and when it’s needed to change has done so an awful lot faster than I ever could. Rather than leaving me with less control than I had before, I feel that I’m more in control in a modern automatic. I’ve got one less thing that’s dividing my attention up. I don’t have to worry about finding the right second to change gear when I’m driving a tricky road because I know the car will do it at the right moment, in the blink of an eye. I’ve got both hands on the wheel nearly all the time. If I’m in stop-start traffic, I’m not constantly changing gears or using the clutch. Of course, this is all subjective - and is largely down to my own personal feelings. I will sign off with the stats that Mini produce for my car. As a manual, my car will apparently do 0–60mph in 6.3 seconds, and can get 44.8 miles per gallon. As an auto, it’s 6.1 seconds and 49.6mpg. I’ve not verified those figures myself, but it’s clear that Mini think their auto box is better than a human driver.

Why are cars with automatic transmission so popular in the US?

Modern automatics are superior. This wasn’t always the case, I know the purists will hate this answer, but the reality is that modern autos paired with the computer-controlled engines produced today are a better pairing than those same engines are to a manual transmission. In the old days, back when throttles were cable-actuated, your timing was set with a lever, and your idle and air mixture was set with a screw, I would take a stick over an auto any day. But these days, it’s a step backwards. In today’s vehicles, everything goes through the ECU; when you press the gas pedal, you aren’t pulling a cable that opens the throttle anymore - the pedal is just an input device that tells the computer how much gas to give the engine. Automatic transmissions are fully in sync with these systems. They last longer, shift faster, and in general do a better job of keeping the vehicle performance optimal for the conditions you’re driving in. Back when I had my last Corvette, if I wanted the fun of manual shifting I could use the paddle shifters, which would change gears with a touch - faster than any human could possibly do manually with a clutch, while still giving me full control of what gear I was in. Originally, the automatic transmission was the one you didn’t want. They were more sluggish, got worse mileage, and were basically for old ladies and young drivers who didn’t know how to drive without burning the clutch. But today, the automatic, especially automatics paired with paddle shifters or auto stick functions, have surpassed the manual in every single way - to the point where I wouldn’t even consider buying a manual if the same vehicle is available with an auto.

What kind of transmission is used in Formula 1 cars?

They use thing called a semi-automatic sequential transmission with 7 or 8 forward speeds and 1 reverse for a emergency use. This is the back of the steering fitted on a Ferrari SF15T and SF16H. note the paddle shifters. the top shifter is for the gear and the bottom is for the clutch. Sequential is a transmission that only changes 1 gears at a shift. Which means you cannot skip gears and also prevents you from selecting a wrong gear. That’s what formula one transmission looks like. It is basically a standard transmission with a cam that rotates to select each gear at a time. Also instead of using something called a synchromesh to match gear speeds, it uses a dog clutch. This allows faster shifting times which enhances acceleration. Here is a diagram that can help you better understand. layshaft and main shaft gears will be rotating when the clutch is engaged to the engine or vehicle is rolling. the main shaft gears will be mounted on the bearing thus, is not transferring any power to the main shaft that is connected to the differential via wheel. the dog clutch is directly connected to the main shaft where if the F1 driver pushes the right shift lever, dog clutch will move left and connect to (1st gear) and right (2nd gear) and the rest is similar. Back in the day, they used a standard transmission similar to that on the road cars. This is a cockpit of a Mclaren MP4/4 and on the right, you can see a H pattern shifter. The 6 speed H pattern shifter required a lot of effort and you contestantly required the driver to execute fancy footwork for a rev match. Interestingly enough, Williams had once tested a CVT transmission in the 90s. But the CVT transmission never really made it and ever since the 90s, sequential transmissions are used on every F1 cars that are on the grid.

What is the point of the faux manual shifter (+/-) option on modern cars?

It’s a complete waste of time. On every car that I have had with paddle shifters, I only tried them out to see how they work. After that, I never used them. My current vehicle has them and I never use them.

What happens when you put your car in sport mode?

Depends on the vehicle. Typically, though sport mode: Firms up the suspension In vehicles with a dynamic AWD system, sport mode tends to put the car into a more rear wheel drive biased configuration Makes the car’s throttle more responsive and allows the engine to go to the higher rpms (this increases fuel consumption) Many sports vehicles have paddle shifters allowing manual control of the car Improves the steering feedback and response Some vehicles have aesthetic changes that don’t affect the performance However, if a vehicle is a poorly handling vehicle before sport mode, it is not going to suddenly make the vehicle better. In many cases, I’ve seen so called sport vehicles worsen the ride quality without any gains in handling.