can a camera give you a parking ticket

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Pedestrian Safety Plan #5: Three Strikes and You’re Out: speed cameras can not give tickets to speeders or red light runners due to state law, but Hoboken can use them to catch violations like running a stop sign. Multiple violations = Hoboken parking privileges revoked.

both fare evasion and illegal parking are taking advantage of public spacewhy do you see them as different?(also i can buy a ticket, give it away off camera, and prove purchase)

My takeaway from the most recent scary, terrible thing to happen during a traffic stop is the same as it's always been. There's no good reason to have 90% of traffic stops in a world where the police can run your tags and text a ticket to the owner of the car.

Why have police involved at all. Make it like code enforcement or parking tickets. Sworn officers who can give speeding tickets, red light tickets, parking tickets. Have a camera with a time stamp. Send a fine to owner. No points since you haven't verified the driver.


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