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TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

is available at the following locations: Tempat Letak Kereta Awam, Kompleks C, Putrajaya Republik Damansara

What is a car platform? It’s not necessarily what you think it is

that refer to car platforms.BMA platform, developed by Geely-Volvos CEVT, used by the Proton X50But what

With 3 choices, what is the best variant of the Perodua Ativa for you?

worth a mentionThe base variant of the Ativa (1.0 X) is definitely worth a second look.

2021 BMW iX is an X5-sized EV with 600 km range, 500 PS, and a massive grille that it doesn't need

Whether beautiful or not, it certainly gives a visual impact.Referred to as an SAV, The BMW iX is comparable

New Honda Civic now open for bookings

Honda Sensing and LaneWatch now available First time with 18-inch alloy wheels Front parking sensors

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

What is the GAC Trumpchi GS3 Power, and when is it launching in Malaysia?

Yesterday, we brought you spyshots of what is very likely the GAC Trumpchi GS3 Power doing its testing

Honda Malaysia updates Honda HR-V, BR-V with 360-deg camera - RM 3.3k

Bhd. has released a new accessory for the Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V, which is a 360-degree camera.As

Can you do a handbrake turn with an electric parking brake?

The infamous Jeremy Clarkson once said “Nothing turns a 17-year-old girl on more than a well-executed

Parallel parking sensation claims he doesn’t even own the Toyota Innova!

We’re sure by now you have already watched the video of a Toyota Innova exiting a very tight parking

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This is what happens when you parked your car improperly!

Not finding a parking spot is frustrating, but it’s not the reason why you can park whatever you

2021 Nissan Magnite quietly launched in Indonesia; 360-degree camera, Android Auto

As we have mentioned a few days ago, Nissan is set to launch its smallest SUV in Indonesia.

Reverse parking vs forward parking: Which is better?

When obtaining a Malaysian driver’s license, the only type of parking you are tested for is parallel

50% discount off your parking compound! Thanks MBSA!

Its been 20 years since Shah Alam was declared a city!

The all-new Geely Farizon FX is a Proton X70 with a pick-up bed!

This is the 2020 Farizon FX and it’s the answer to the thousand ringgit question, “What if

What to do if your AEB-equipped car has a broken windscreen?

Perodua and Subaru use a camera-only system.Not all AEB are the same.

What is ADAS and why do we need them in our cars?

It encompasses all the active safety systems in a car and is becoming an increasingly common automotive

Looks like a Volvo XC90? This is the Geely KX11, leaked ahead of launch!

recess.From top to bottom: the side mirrors (note camera on right pic), three different wheel sizes

Worth paying RM40k more for a Mercedes-Benz C300 when a C200 is good enough?

RM 40,000, which is a lot.The biggest question here is, is it worth it?

Sunway’s parking lot makes a great leap towards sustainability!

Sunway is further paving the path in innovative parking lots with the preview of their new Smart Parking

DBKL parking payment goes cashless, but no JomParking and TnG e-Wallet... yet

Image credit: KL Sentral InfoStarting 1st October 2020, you can no longer use the parking machines to

Electric parking brake vs manual hand brake vs foot brake, which is better?

Parking brake is a safety mechanism that prevents a stationary car from rolling away.

What does the local-assembly Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L bring us?

The price is RM 155K (OTR without insurance).The power comes from the 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated MIVEC

Lamborghini Aventador caught fire in Pavilion parking lot. RIP another Lambo

Lamborghini sure is getting a lot of attention this week.

Pros and Cons: Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Love the comfort, but is it worth RM 150k?

Cons – No 360-degree camera Dimension wise, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is the largest amongst its

Why is my ABS warning light on? And what is a wheel speed sensor?

If there is no leak, the ABS light is usually triggered by a faulty wheel speed sensor.There are other

It’s not a speed trap camera! PDRM is testing new number plate recognition system

A video of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) testing out a system that scans car license plates in real-time

Delhi gov instructs 5% parking allocation for EVs, buildings to comply by end of year

, Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain has directed buildings in the Indian Capital to reserve 5% of parking

Watch: Police cuts short Mat Rempit’s Superman career caught on 360-camera

In this most recent video uploaded onto social media, the Mat Motor in the video was actually using a

What Is ADAS?

So what is ADAS? Is it worth paying for? Is it reliable? What cars come with ADAS?

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Watch till the end... Yep, that's a MAGA hat

Well Louie, you got me. Never knew my parking skills would be caught on camera. Anyway,what is a girl supposed to do when a pole jumps up right in front of her? PS.That was my Ferrari cap going out the window by the way-3rd one I’ve lost this year already. Go team Ferrari

She seems nice.

As for the pro-trump BS, blah blah, heard it all before. What is a true shock is her making a video speech while driving in her car!! Watching the camera, not the road. WTF is this idiot thinking?? Do it in your driveway or a parking lot. Typical trumpist-no concern for others.

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What is the best aftermarket rear parking camera?

Can't really help with a brand, but I simply look EVERY time I get in my car at what's behind it, walk the few feet to look especially at a shopping area, then watch my mirrors as I leave. Keeping my eyeballs off a screen of what's behind me frees them to concentrate on what's trying to pass behind. If you can't tell where your car's butt is, get some lessons; Mom taught me 50 years ago and it worked.

What is the difference between a camera traffic ticket and a parking ticket?

Different departments. Parking tickets are usually by parking wardens who are outsourced civilian companies while camera traffic tickets are from traffic police. Hence penalties are different. Parking offences tend to be penalised with fines only while traffic tickets might mean points deducted off your licence on top of jail and fines.

What lens should I use to get a subject 16 feet away from the camera in sharp focus as well as the background of a park?

You are asking the wrong question. Almost any lens except a telephoto will work. The question is “Given a lens of focal length (50mm, 35mm, 24mm etc.) what aperture will give me a depth of field from 16ft to infinity? There are two ways to answer that question. Go online and look up “Depth of Field calculator”, fill it out and look up your required aperture for your chosen lens, OR use the depth-of-field scale on your lens if it has one. This has distance engraved on the focusing part of the barrel, and hash-marks on either side of the focusing index to indicate the depth of field at that aperture. In these days of electronic auto-focus lenses, the depth-of-field scale has often gone missing from the newer lenses. Pity…

What do power steering, brake sensor, parking cameras, infotainment systems, and digital speedometers have in common?

You do not need any of those items on a basic car. When I learned to drive many cars did not have power steering and none of the other items had been invented yet except for a single speaker AM radio that costs extra. Some cars had an optional record player that could play through the AM radio but the tone arm was spring loaded with extra downforce to reduce skipping and this caused the records to wear out rapidly. So it truthfully applies to any air cooled VW Beetle and a lot of other basic vehicles. I owned an AMC Hornet that had manual steering and a big V8 with fast ratio manual steering. It was built as a police vehicle and came with extra wiring in the roof and under the dashboard for police equipment along with a certified speedometer. As long as it had some forward or reverse motion you could turn the steering wheel, but if it was stopped it had enough resistance in the steering system to make turning the steering wheel act like it was still locked. It was a very plain looking car that was one of the fastest accelerating cars I ever owned. It could pass everything on the road except a gas station. One of the reasons cop cars of that era had manual steering was that if you were starting to lose traction in the front wheels, the steering effort to turn the steering wheel would decrease giving the driver warning the front end was starting to lose traction. This was the kind of feedback that the power steering systems did not pass back on to the driver because a lot of power steering with recirculating ball systems were over-boosted and there was very little caster angle in the front suspension of many American cars from that era to generate any feedback forces to help the driver. One other problem was that rapid steering reversals would cause what was called “pump catch” which happened when rapid changes in the steering wheels direction would pressurize both sides of the power steering system and cause the power steering hydraulic pump to freeze of lock up hard. Although this condition cleared in a matter of seconds, that was still enough to cause the drive belt to the power steering pump to jump off its pully. When this happened you not only lost your power steering, but you also lost the alternator and the water pump circulating coolant through the engine because a lot of cars from that era only had one belt driving all of those accessories.

Can I get an original touch screen infotainment system and reverse parking camera installed (from Tata motors) on my Altroz XE Rhytm model? If so, what would be the cost?

You won't get an original touch screen from Tata, better go for an aftermarket system you'll be getting plenty of good options.