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2020 BMW 5 Series vs 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which is worth waiting for?

being wider.Interior – Largely similar from before, for bothInside, changes are subtle for both cars

All new 2020 Honda Accord has 2 variants; 1.5L TC/ 1.5L TC-P – which to pick?

The 1.5L TC (RM 185,900) and the 1.5L TC-P (RM 195,900) are separated by RM 10,000 difference, so which

The 7 most reliable engines in Malaysia, which cars have them?

Of course, there are many cars that can do a lot more.The problem with looking for a reliable engine

BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs Volvo S90, which is the better buy?

All three cars ride on 19-inch wheels.

Watch: Police cuts short Mat Rempit’s Superman career caught on 360-camera

this most recent video uploaded onto social media, the Mat Motor in the video was actually using a 360

Which country makes the most cars? Where does Malaysia stand?

Have you ever wondered which country produced the most cars?

Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam, TNGA

deliveries for that variant will only start in July 2021, past the current SST-exemption/discount period which

2021 Toyota Innova facelift now in Malaysia: price up RM 2-4k, adds 360-cam, BSM

facelift.Mildly refreshed exteriorAs expected, the exterior largely mirrors the Indo- and Thai-spec cars

Leaked: New 2020 G30 BMW 5 Series variants exposed, which is your pick?

giving us a sneak peak of BMW’s executive sedan in its M Sport trim.Courtesy of Autohome, we now have

Seng Cars World offers used cars with 48-hour money back guarantee, virtual shopping

So, what sets Seng Cars World apart?Why Seng Cars World?

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What is ADAS and why do we need them in our cars?

object around the car’s rear end, regardless of the object is stationary or moving.Area view / 360

Honda CR-V vs Proton X70 vs Mazda CX-5: Which SUV has the best ADAS?

SCBS), front and rearTheres no ADAS radar module hereIf you’ve been paying attention, you would have

2021 Haval H6 debuts in China, possible competitor of the Proton X70?

China has been on the up and up when it comes to their cars.

Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, VW Passat: Which D-sedan has the best resale value in Malaysia?

generation had optional (additional) USB charging ports, auto-folding side mirrors, and most importantly a 360

5 features that makes the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander awesome! 1 the ladies will love

youOther than the Toyota Rush, the Xpander is the only other 7-seater B-segment car that comes with a 360

In Brief: Toyota Yaris - proof that a quiet cabin doesn't have to be expensive

term “roaring” because the Yaris’s comeback saw the car pioneer safety features that have

Honda Malaysia updates Honda HR-V, BR-V with 360-deg camera - RM 3.3k

Bhd. has released a new accessory for the Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V, which is a 360-degree camera.As

The world doesn’t need manual cars anymore

You didn’t have a choice.Current driving school cars have power steeringToday, a Malaysian driver

Honda Civic vs Mitsubishi Triton – Which is easier to clear a tight U-turn?

You are going to have to climb over kerbs rather than clearing the U-turn properly.Depending on variant

Are side-view cameras better than side-view mirrors?

You now have to charge your earphones and mouse just to get them to work.

Indonesia welcomes 2021 Honda Odyssey facelift, coming to Malaysia this year

The design exudes a calm and confident look which looks even better in black - the other colour option

8 cars vandalised in Kota Damansara; Police looking for witnesses

” This was the biggest question in the minds of 8 car owners who returned to their cars and discovered

2020 Mitsubishi Triton: Upgraded with extra features

Mitsubishi Triton Adventure X (RM 137,900) has now been upgraded with several new features, including a 360

General buying guide: 5 must-have features in a new car

you have kids.

Cars named and shamed for driving against traffic in China

Of course, this is not an isolated problem, as long as there are cars in a country there will be similar

Is the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift a better car than the City and Almera?

Almera cost a little more than RM 90k but you do get better safety features, especially in the Vios.3D 360

2021 Nissan Magnite quietly launched in Indonesia; 360-degree camera, Android Auto

As we have mentioned a few days ago, Nissan is set to launch its smallest SUV in Indonesia.

Which is better for you: 2017 Honda Jazz or 2019 Toyota Yaris?

Between the Honda Jazz and the Toyota Yaris’s offerings, many are hard pressed to determine which

Standardised number plates for Malaysian cars – 20 years later, still nothing to show

Proposals for a centralized/regulated production of vehicle number plates have been mooted since the

Sony is not going to build cars which is why it built the Sony Vision S concept car

They built radios, televisions, cameras, computers, phones, its own compact disc format, and even owned

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Saw an ad for a new Volvo which now offers a “new 360 degree camera” ..... which I currently have in my car.... by turning my head

I’m a very nervous driver & I have a (secondhand) Qashqai TI which has 360 degree cameras and can also park itself. I’ve never used the self-park function (too scared to - what if it doesn’t work and I crash into another car?!) but the 360 degree cameras are brilliant.

@willweaverrva Cool! So that's something Google captured when in town, not submitted by user?

@CBS6 It's from Google Street View, which lets you get street views of any location the "Google Cars" w/360 degree cameras have been.

Actually we have installed GoPro 360 cameras in our car while travelling which captures all view 360 degree

Self-driving cars 2/3 - Self-driving cars avoiding collision is a ballistics problem rather than having to be a psychological predictive problem. Humans have intuition of what other people on the road or vehicles do, but have big blind spots in terms of attention.

Self-driving cars 3/3 - Autonomous cars will have 360 degree camera, emergency breaking with radar etc. Small number of accidents which humans might have avoided might occur, while avoiding most of the accidents that could have occurred will be avoided.

We're very sorry to hear this. Did you get in contact with out colleagues at Customer Services in the end about the Urban-order, or is this regarding a different case?

I ordered car with 360 degree camera, I especially wrote on pro forma invoice this issue, now they say that my car at the port is the only car which does not have 360 degree camera. Should I laugh or cry I can not decide, they offer me %1 discount

What’s your ring setup like? Got those for my parents because they have the doorbell already. I would switch over to Ring if they had a native HomeKit integration

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What are some mind-blowing technologies that will be available to us in 2025?

There are many prototypes that give us a glimpse of the future. Like 1) LG's rollable display ​ ​The flexible OLED panel has a high-definition class resolution of 1200 X 810 with almost 1 million mega-pixels. The panel can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm without affecting the function of the display. This proves that LG Display can bring rollable TVs of more than 50 inches to the market in the future. 2)Flexible sheet Camera. Researchers at Columbia University havedeveloped a new camera concept that could dramatically change how you snap pictures. The technology uses a flexible sheet as the camera. These sheets can bend and bow in different directions and along the way, create unique images that cannot be captured with standard cameras. Wrap one around a lamppost, for example, to create 360-degree images of a busy intersection, or a pole atop a building for 360-degree views of a city. For personal use, though, you could have a camera that looks like a credit card, which you bend and manipulate to get everything in the shot. The idea is to snag images from different angles and perspectives. As the researchers note, existing cameras come only with the ability to "capture the world from a single point in space," so they tried adding a slew of camera sensors into a bendable sheet. 3) Chip that can charge your phone in 10 minutes. ​ ​ Waiting hours for your smartphone to charge can be a real nuisance, but a new chip may help you reach full charge in as long as it takes to brew and drink your morning cup of tea. A smart chip about the size of a fingernail has been developed by Professor Rachid Yazami of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NUS) and could drastically change the way we charge our devices. With the chip small enough to be embedded in most batteries, Dr Yazami hopes it will be incorporated into everything from smartphones to electric cars, and he intends to start discussions with Tesla about what the chip could do for the market leading car brand. Tesla wouldn't be alone if it expresses an interest. KVI, the company Dr Yazami set up to market the chip, has already held talks with Sony, Sanyo and Samsung. Dr Yazami claims the chip, which took five years to develop, will not only slash charging times, but reduce the risk of battery fires as well. And many more.......

Which Indian cars have 360 degree cameras?

2019 Nissan Kicks. Nissan invented the ,360,-,degree, ,camera, feature about 12 years ago, and today, it offers this system on some of its most affordable products. ... Hyundai santa fe sport Volvo XC60 Mahindra Alturas Range Rover Velar Kia Seltos

Which one is better among Nissan Kicks and Tata Harrier?

It really boils down to your personal taste. let me sum it up for you in different points. Looks: While both these cars look awesome and are going to attract a lot of eyeballs when you are on the move, there is some distinction in the design. While the Kicks looks quintessentially Japanese and has the familiar all in one unit headlamp, the Harrier has a very rare unit which probably is its highlight when it comes to the front end. SO while the Kicks is very aggressive the harrier is very passive aggressive. Interior This is an area where the Harrier takes the light. The Harrier has some nifty touches like unique handbrake, The walnut wood theme and silver metal accents which make the cabin properly luxurious but you are gonna feel more airy in the Kicks because of its sunroof and the Harrier misses that out. Dont get me wrong tho, The kicks has a very European affair with high quality materials but the Harrier is special. Engines The harrier gets a fiat sourced 2 ltr 148 bhp 320 nm motor while the kicks gets a 1.5 ltr diesel motor with 110 horses and 240 nms. THE kicks can keep up with the Harrier despite the torque deficit because of its lower kerb weight. Also the Kicks gets a 1.5 ltr petrol motor with 106 horses and 142 nms so it has an extra engine option over the Harrier. Performance is evenly matched for both the cars.Also all the cars have 6 airbags . Pricing and Verdict This where you notice that these cars belong from different segments as the kicks starts from 9.55 lakhs and goes upto 14.65 lakhs whereas the Harrier starts from 12.69 lakhs and goes all the way upto 16.25 lakhs. So for the near 2 lakh difference the kicks comes out to be the better value because it has more features than the Tata for eg 360 degree camera , sunroof. At the end if you want a smart compact SUV which will be rare, spacious and the proper uran-highway car, go for the Kicks. But if you want a traditional Badi Gadi in which you can play Punjabi songs and brag in front of your neighbors and relatives, go for the Harrier.

Elon Musk: "...having cams alone is as good as having cams & LIDARs in an autonomous vehicle." Wouldn't LIDARs make localization and mapping easier?

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Amnon Shashua is perhaps the most knowledgeable leader in this domain, who has run MobilEye for two decades working with most auto manufacturers (including Tesla) across the globe, and is a first rate academic. He used to advocate cameras for the first decade and a half, and in the recent years even he has given up, and now routinely talks about a more diverse array of sensors. Similar views are shared by other leading computer vision academics such as Raquel Urtasun, who is now leading Uber’s AD efforts: their cars have LIDAR, seven cameras, 360 degree radar coverage, IMU/GPS, even though in her academic work she had exclusively focused on cameras. She obviously realizes how far behind camera-only vision is for real-world applications. On the other hand, pure roboticists, such as the head of Toyota Research, Gill Prat probably never believed in vision-only systems to begin with! Ofcourse at the end, one can argue that humans also drive with their eyes alone, and cameras today provide foveal resolution throughout their visual field, and thus are superior to human eyes - so in theory it should be possible. And sure, there are early demos of people doing that, such as MobilEye’s and recently AutoX’s demos. But the key challenge in robotics in general, and safety-critical applications such as self-driving in particular is robustness which cannot be achieved without a diverse array of sensing modalities. I would be surprised if we have camera-only systems for L5 self-driving even after a decade from now. Edit: After all the comments below, I thought I’d share why I think he might be making claims that he knows to be false. I think his immediate worry is stabilizing his electric car business, and making sure his cars keep selling. Self-driving car technology from any competitor is atleast a decade away. He’ll worry about it when his company is still alive in 2027. For now, being able to claim that if you buy his cars today, they will gain full self-driving capabilities by a software update over the air in a couple of years is really a unique selling point that other electric car manufacturers aren’t claiming!

Is there any technology product (radars, cameras, etc) to prevent scratching my rims when parallel parking?

Is there any technology product (radars, cameras, etc) to prevent scratching my rims when parallel parking? Many current model year vehicles have awesome 360 degree camera systems which give you a birds-eye view over the top of your car while you’re parking: (Image courtesy ,Ford Owner Site,) They do this by using small cameras mounted in the front and back, and on the two side mirrors. They then digitally “stitch and stretch” the images from those four cameras to produce that cool 360 degree view you see while parking. As you note in the image, the picture is always on while the car is in reverse. But you can push the “360” button above the screen to turn the cameras on when you’re not in reverse and moving below 10 miles per hour, such as when you’re parallel parking.

What is the difference between Tesla's autopilot system and Google's driver-less car? How on earth did Tesla manage to pull this off, while other companies - including Google - have been trying to do it for years?

They are quite different. Google's system uses an expensive 64-beam LIDAR to localize itself to within 10cm on a detailed pre-existing map. It's incredibly precise. It also uses the LIDAR data to build a 360 degree world model that tracks and predicts movements for all nearby vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles, so it's able to plan intelligent paths through complex highway or urban environments. Tesla's system is reportedly based on monocular forward-looking camera technology from Mobileye. This means it's very unlikely that Tesla's system can localize itself on a map, at least to the degree needed to accomplish lane keeping (GPS isn't reliable enough). However, the forward-looking camera can pick up the location and curvature of highway lane makers, which is more than enough to simply keep the car in its lane and accomplish basic lane change maneuvers. Each of these systems excels in its own domain. Tesla's is low-cost and will likely be effective at accomplishing Elon Musk's goal of automating 90% of driving within a few years. But handling the last 10% of driving situations is very, very hard. Google created the 90% solution years ago and accurately predicted others would follow soon after, so they decided to focus on solving the really hard problems that will give them a major, potentially even monopolistic advantage in the long run.

If you had three cars in your dream garage, which ones would they be?

Well first up, I need to discuss exactly what my dream garage would look like. On instagram, I fell in love with Dan Casanova’s over-the-top garage design. This wasn't done with special effects for the sake of the photo, but is instead a series of mirrors, glass, glossy black ceilings and floors with LED light strips all over the place. It looks like this in real life. Pretty crazy right? Now, what kinds of cars am I going to keep in this place? Well.. For the times when I’d like to go out for a drive and scare the pants off of both myself and my passenger with the 2.2 second 0–100 time, or when I’d like to show off to onlookers, I’ll take out my: Porsche 918 For a classy evening cruise with the girlfriend for a night out, while I’m wearing my Patek Phillipe watch and Brioni suit, I’ll have to go with my: Lamborghini Miura I'm still human, and I’ll need something with a few more seats to grab the groceries. For this, I’ll want bullet-proof windows, 360 degree thermal cameras (to assist with parking, of course!), and everything else I need to survive a trip to the grocery store. I think I’ll go with a: Conquest Evade

What is something about flying that non-pilots wouldn't know?

In the US, you do not need anyone’s permission to fly, you do not need to file a flight plan, and you do not need to speak to anyone on the radio. Without question the most common response I get from adults when we are talking about flying is that they are very surprised that flying is not always regulated by a controller. If you are flying VFR (visual flight rules) from a non-towered airport, you are not speaking to a controller and are not required to file a flight plan. I think the reason for the surprise is that most American’s experience with aviation is the airlines, which is extremely regulated. But flying VFR, while a serious activity which requires careful preparation, good judgement, and skill, is a lot more like hopping in your car and going somewhere. You don’t radio to a controller when you drive to the McDonalds, and I don’t when I fly to the McDonalds which is next to a non -towered airport. A quick check of Wikipedia reveals there are 20,000 non-towered airports in the USA and only 500 towered ones. It is quite easy to fly all the way across the country never speaking to a controller once, I have done it many times. Take a look at this picture which is screenshot of a somewhat random part of the USA on a sectional (airmap) The blue circles are towered airports, the magenta ones are non towered ones. You can see here are tons more non-towered aiports than towered. If you are going to a specific spot which happens to have a tower, of course you would land there and communicate with the tower. But if you are flying cross country, in general landing at a non towered airport makes more sense—the gas is usually cheaper and there is less fuss getting in and out. Flight plans are not required for VFR (visual flight rules) flight. VFR means you have to stay clear/out of clouds. IFR (instrument) requires both a flight plan and communication with controllers. Of course one has more options flying IFR, but it is by no means mandatory. A VFR flight plan might alert searchers if you crash, it is useful but not required. The other reasons one might communicate with a controller are flying through certain airspace (class C/B) near a large airport, or “flight following” in which one communicates to controllers even though flying VFR. You might choose to do this or not, again, not required. I think people are used to being monitored/taken care of in every day life and therefore are surprised that flying is so free. Traffic is regulated. Taxes are audited, Your boss monitors you on the computer. Many urban areas have 24x7 360 degree camera coverage. But flying VFR over most of the country, it is all up to you. Total freedom/total responsibility. And that scares people. Oh yeah the most common question I get from kids when I take them flying is “Can we do a loop-de-loop?” I tell them yes, but we would only be able to do it once.

Why does car have music when taking reverse gear?

Cars have music while reversing to draw attention towards the reversing car. Not just vehicles but pedestrians nearby also need to be attentive near a reversing car as the driver does not have 100% view unless you have 360 degree cameras installed which is very rare in India.

What is your favorite car and why?

Daily Driver: Mercedes Maybach S600 Simply the best all-round car out there. I mean, look at that interior! It’s loaded with every comfort and tech feature that exists in the car industry! Weekend Car: Ferrari 488 Spyder What’s better than dropping the roof and cruising down back roads in a prancing horse? Track Car: Porsche 911 GT3 PDK Simply the best track car out there. Fast, agile, light, and stable. Plus, the sound ain’t too bad, especially when the tachometer touches 9000 rpm! Utility Vehicle: Ford F150 Raptor Oh yeah! The Raptor is simply a “go anywhere, do anything” vehicle. It runs well on asphalt and dirt. Interestingly, it also has a 360 degree camera, something not seen on most off-road vehicles. Project Car: Nissan R35 GTR with Alpha16 Tuning Package Just google up the horsepower rating. And yes, it’s actually that powerful. Now I have to start thinking about how I’m going to make a couple million dollars.