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rendered the upcoming 2020 Perodua D55L with a twist, giving the new B-segment SUV the Bezza’s front-end.The

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recent video uploaded onto social media, the Mat Motor in the video was actually using a 360-degree camera

Honda Maylasia Announced The New 2018 Honda Odyssey Facelift Launchment

not like the CR-V since it does not come with Low-Speed Follow, as the function requires an electric parking

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Finally! All-new 10th gen Honda Accord to be launched in Malaysia with 1.5L VTEC Turbo CVT, 201 PS & 260 Nm!

Nm.Thailand market model shownThe engine will be paired to a CVT-type automatic transmission driving the front

50% discount off your parking compound! Thanks MBSA!

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Peugeot 3008 SUV Plus Launched in Malaysia, More Features, Higher Price

A 6-speed automatic transmission sends power to the front wheels.

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Parallel parking sensation claims he doesn’t even own the Toyota Innova!

We’re sure by now you have already watched the video of a Toyota Innova exiting a very tight parking

Peugeot 5008 SUV Plus Is Now Even More Luxurious, 2 variants from RM 166,888

Power is transferred to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

New Honda Civic now open for bookings

Honda Sensing and LaneWatch now available First time with 18-inch alloy wheels Front parking sensors

GR Yaris almost sold out? Fret not - the GR Perodua Myvi is now a reality!

photo was enough to set our Facebook pages comments section ablaze, and now weve got photos of the front

DBKL parking payment goes cashless, but no JomParking and TnG e-Wallet... yet

Image credit: KL Sentral InfoStarting 1st October 2020, you can no longer use the parking machines to

TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

The PayDirect Parking feature will work similarly to the PayDirect for toll payments by deducting money

All-new GN-series 2020 Honda City – 8 features we get that Thailand doesn’t

sensorsSurprising as it may sound, but the Thailand-market Honda City does not feature rear parking

Delhi gov instructs 5% parking allocation for EVs, buildings to comply by end of year

, Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain has directed buildings in the Indian Capital to reserve 5% of parking

Electric parking brake vs manual hand brake vs foot brake, which is better?

Parking brake is a safety mechanism that prevents a stationary car from rolling away.

2021 Nissan Magnite quietly launched in Indonesia; 360-degree camera, Android Auto

The display will also play host to the 360-degree view to make parking more convenient.

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

Lamborghini Aventador caught fire in Pavilion parking lot. RIP another Lambo

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All-new 2020 Honda Accord launched in Malaysia, 201 PS 1.5L Turbo, most powerful D-sedan, from RM 186k

both using the same the 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo paired to a CVT-type automatic transmission driving the front

Spyshot: Alleged RHD Proton X50 caught on camera

Furthermore, the front wipers have also been redesigned for right-hand drive conditions.

Reverse parking vs forward parking: Which is better?

Other parking methods like perpendicular parking, double parking, and angle parking are not tested.

Can you do a handbrake turn with an electric parking brake?

recently asked an interesting question of whether a cool handbrake turn is possible with the electric parking

2020 Toyota GR Yaris launched in Japan – Smaller, more special rival to the Civic Type R

connected to a 6-speed manual transmission that drives the GR-Four sports 4WD system with a variable front

Honda Malaysia updates Honda HR-V, BR-V with 360-deg camera - RM 3.3k

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Proton X50 spied again! Clearest front-end shots yet!

Here’s another spotting of the X50 but with the clearest front-end photo ever.From the photo, we

Sunway’s parking lot makes a great leap towards sustainability!

Sunway is further paving the path in innovative parking lots with the preview of their new Smart Parking

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LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and 7 Monitor Easy Installation Parking Driving Observation System for Cars,SUVs,Pickups,Trucks,Motorhomes,Bus,Vans Rear Front View IP68 Waterproof Super Night Vision

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BlackVue DR750s 1080p HD front and rear dashcams installed into this gorgeous Audi A5.We include the power magic pro battery monitoring kit with every one of our BlackVue camera installations so that parking mode is…

front parking camera installation Q&A Review

How do I deal with a neighbor who parks their car in my driveway? I told them not to, yet, I still come home to it when they think that I'm out.

Sometimes, you just have to deal with the repercussions. This seems to be an ongoing problem, so here’s what I’d do: Make arrangements with a local towing company to be available when you need them. They may even be able to provide you with an “authorized parking only” sign that has their number on it. Mount that sign on your house, at the end of your driveway. Install a Nest Camera on the house to monitor the driveway. Maybe one at the front door, too, to capture actions and reactions. Knock on their door, smile when they answer, and start some friendly chatter for a minute or so. Hand them an envelope with business cards for the above mentioned towing company. Let them know the reason you’ve come to talk: “When you park your cars in my driveway, you are trespassing and blocking access to my home and property. I will no waste time calling you to ask you to move your cars. Instead, I will call the local towing company to have them removed.” Actions back up words: The next time their car is parked on your property, call the towing company. They may scream and shout, but the law is on your side. And if you have the cameras installed? You may have comedy gold waiting to go viral on Youtube.

What is it like to live in Surat?

I am From Kolkata, West Bengal, staying here since last 30 years with my family. I got married to Gujju girl :) Surat is in my heart, and I just love to be here. It's culture, facility, atmosphere, and nature of people makes me crazy for it. Few things I would like to add here in respect to my loving land: Pollution is very low compared to other cities. Helpful nature of people. Cleaning is at it's high always Broad roads with good traffic margins. Food, The best part of city. Whatever is the time, day or night, you will get quality food to eat! Fun, it is always there, you will find many places to relax with family, friend. Celebration, We surprised are known for that. Give us a reason and we will celebrate. All top brands are available here for brand conscious people :) Malls and cinemas, all major ones are here! We have large number of flyovers, that is why Surat is known as “City of Flyovers” River front, gardens, sea coast, River tapi, indoor stadium everything is a charm here. Security is on top, with CCTV camera installed on all over the city, If you roam at midnight you won't feel unsafe at all. Roads and connectivity is superb. Most of major roads are now converted to Concrete. Rail, bus, and flight connectivity available. Previously public transport was missing, now SMC is working hard to get it. And in most of area has connected through BRATS, and public bus services. Water parks, having amazing, and change chana change is an added advantage. Zoo, botanical garden, and Gopi talav is added fun for children. Power, I have never seen power cut since last many years. Rain, winter is good here, but If you hate summer, don't be here at that time. We cross 40 degree easily :) But trust me it is also fun to enjoy it. If you are fun loving, You must visit Surat once. We are Goa without liquor :)

What is the sneakiest thing you did to get back at an awful neighbor? Did you get caught?

Many years ago we were living in Florida and had a neighbor that was clearly mentally ill. He was paranoid and also extremely aggressive. It started with our pets being poisoned and escalated from there. We had the main electric feed to the property cut, water turned off and padlocked, damage to plants and landscaping on the property line etc. I installed an extensive security system (45 cameras with night vision and sound) after which things calmed down for a while. The next thing was a handicapped parking zone installed for him (he was allegedly handicapped) not in front of his house but in front of ours! That was the last straw. I hired a private investigator and had him followed 24/7 for months. Yes it was expensive but it was worth it. Finally his next move was to take us to court for code violations and use of his (personal?) parking space. During the court proceedings we presented all the blueprints and permits and sign offs that showed everything we did was within the law. However he made a huge pain of himself especially when it was clear he was losing. Finally he claimed we blocked his view of the ocean which while untrue required the entire courtroom to pay a visit to his home to see his alleged lack of a view. Unbeknownst to him we had done a full investigation of the history of his property including permits, construction and violations. Once on his property which was 2 stories he could not make his case for the lack of view since ours was 3 stories. However he made it very clear he had built fully from lot line to lot line and installed windows overlooking his neighbors on both sides (a clear violation). In the end he managed to prove to the court that his entire renovation of 1/3 of his building was completely illegal and the original property was built 4 feet too close to the lot line. The court ruled he would have to apply for a variance and no matter what the result was he had to eliminate all windows on the lot lines. If the variance was denied he would be required to demolish the addition done without permits. He would also have to apply for a hardship variance for the original property as he purchased it. In the end he got his hardship variance but lost the battle for the new construction which he had to remove at great expense. We also got the handicapped parking removed since we had him on camera clearly not handicapped. The moral of the story: People in glass houses (or illegal ones) should never throw stones (or lawsuits).

Is it legal to install a camera in an office?

Is it legal to install a camera in an office? Office, home, back yard or side or front, parking lots, on vehicles. The ONLY place you can not is a PRIVATE setting. So bath rooms, changing rooms, and the like where you EXPECT privacy it is illegal. I install these EVERY DAY.

When have you benefited from having a dash cam fitted and recording?

I am on my second dash cam. The first was installed about four years ago. It was this model: I recently purchased a new car, and had this model dash cam installed in it: The second one records at a higher resolution, and records both front and rear views simultaneously (there is a second camera installed on the rear window). It also includes a circuit that keeps the dash cam recording when the vehicle is parked, monitoring the battery voltage to cut off the dash cam before the battery gets too low to start the car. Note that neither one includes a display. I see the display as a distraction I don’t need. If I need to review any captured video, I can download it from the dash cam and look at it when it’s convenient. The most current installation is behind the rear view mirror from my perspective, and the dash cam is barely visible from the driver’s seat. I have been fortunate in that I have not needed either dash cam as a defense in an accident. A few months after I installed the first one, I witnessed an accident, where an oncoming car struck a dog that ran out of a yard unexpectedly, into the path of the car. The driver was very concerned that she would be blamed for the accident. I told her the accident was unavoidable and that I had a video recording of it. I notified the local police, but was told the accident had not been reported to them. I’ve recorded several close calls. I was driving home one night while it was raining and had a car fail to stop at the stop sign posted on a cross street. I was able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Had I not been able to do so, the video would have vindicated me. The roads are full of bad drivers, litigious drivers, and uninsured drivers (these categories are not mutually exclusive). A dash cam is an excellent defense against them.

How safe is a Rolls Royce car?

Rolls Royce cars are very safe and most of the safety features are taken from the BMW 7 series. Here are a list of safety features a modern Rolls Royce has. Airbags- The passenger and the driver is completely surrounded by airbags for safety. It come with- Side impact airbags for the front seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side impact collision. Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant's heads in the event of a side collision or rollover. Knee airbags help to protect the occupants lower extremities from serious injury in the event of an accident. Pretensioners- Seatbelt pretensioners are used to automatically tighten seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position during a collision. Anti-Whiplash Headrests- Anti-whiplash head restraints actively react to rear collision forces and craddle the occupants head in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a whiplash injury. Parking Sensors- They have small cameras installed in the front bumper, as well as side cameras to give you clear views of the road in either direction when you exit a junction. A top view camera also helps to make parking and reversing simple. Driver Assists- All cars are equipped with Night Vision which uses an infrared camera, mounted in the Rolls Royce iconic grille, to detect people and animals up to a distance of 100 meters. As soon as the system registers a pedestrian or animal in the hazard area, a visual warning for the driver is shown in the Control Display. With acute warning, an acoustic signal is given and the brakes are primed to ensure the shortest possible stopping distance. It also comes with lane assist and lane departure warning system. It come with satellite guided transmission and it prepares itself for upcoming turns and expressway on-ramps accordingly. Security Features- The vehicle is equipped with a means of anticipating and/or detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion. The vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used. Also the Spirit of Ecstasy will speedily retract if tampered with. Source→ 2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom Safety Features

What pros and cons does your car have?

2018 Mustang Ecoboost w/101A package and 10R80 automatic. Pros: Lot of horsepower and torque from a 2.3L TGDI 4 cylinder. More power than many (most?) pre-2010 Mustang GTs with V8s. Good handling with an independent rear suspension compared to the pre-2015 Mustangs. Very affordable, I got a lot for my money: $27K, new in Feb 2018 - will be paid off by the end of the year. Easy to mod - since I’m retired this is more of a toy. There’s tons of mods out there for Mustangs, you can make them whatever you want. Easy to work on, too. Lots of room around the engine. I’ve only got a little over 14K miles on it but I’ve already added a lot: Magnaflow catback exhaust, Mishimoto stuff (intercooler, catch can, coolant overflow tank) , Ford Performance tune, lot of trim stuff, audio upgrades, etc. Plus more stuff that I want to do! If you drive without a heavy foot (it’s really hard) you can get decent gas mileage for a sporty car. It has great looks - personally I think it’s one of the best looking body styles ever for the Mustang. All external lighting is LED except for the rear side markers and backup light (I’ve since replaced those with LED) Nice to have the different drive modes, Sport + is really nice but your mileage will drop. Track apps is a nice touch, also nice to have the different track and speed functions (like 1/4 mile, 0–60, 0–30, lap times etc.). Line lock is more of a brag item, not really that useful unless you race. Maintenance is really easy to do, everything is fairly easy to get to. Sync 3 and the sound system is pretty good - even better with upgraded speakers and Phantom Fit sub box and sub amp in the trunk. Comfortable for two people which is all I wanted. The back seat is for stuff, only emergency use for people. Cons: It sits low, so for me it can be a pain at times getting in and out (I’m 65). Coming from my previous car, a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe, it’s way too easy to speed. For the Coupe with a manual transmission, I had to work the engine and gears to get the best acceleration - so actually thinking about it and using skills somewhat. With the Mustang it is effortless - give it gas and it just keeps increasing speed like a rocket and that’s not flooring the pedal. This also falls into the con about gas mileage tanking when you drive more aggressively. Good quality summer tires are going to wear on this car - so it’s not cheap replacing the tires and I doubt I’ll get high mileage on them like the 60–80K high mileage All Seasons that they have for ‘touring’ sedans. But the plus side is I’m not racking up miles on them, either. Since it’s the base model with the added package, it doesn’t have all the driver aids that come on Mustangs with the safety packages. Only thing it really has is the backup camera and sensors, and I added a Curb Alert front parking sensor to save the splitter/lower front bumper cover. No back seat! Bigger (and heavier) ‘pony/muscle’ cars like the Challenger or Charger (ugh, 4 doors????) have usable rear seat room. Again, this was not a concern for me, I didn’t buy it for the back seat. This would never be a first car for a new family. Doesn’t have all the fancy ‘ambient’ lighting and digital dash that the Premium ones have. Stock, it doesn’t have a sound that makes you think Mustang. Unless you are flooring it the Ecoboost sounds like a Camry or Accord. Hence the first thing I did was install the aftermarket catback exhaust. You can really spend a ton of money modding this car. It’s addicting, so unless you know for sure you just want a daily driver and you don’t need all the extra seating and you want something that looks sporty but it’s ‘just a car’ then be forewarned. Not truly a con for me as I don’t get into trouble speeding or driving like a 17 year old, but tickets could be an issue if you let the car and street racers (or wannabes) control you. 3yr/36K warranty isn’t all that great, but then again it’s par for sports cars. On the plus side, so far haven’t had any issue with the car.

Is reverse parking camera made for a particular car or it is same for every car, also can we install a reverse parking camera of one car into another?

Currently I have seen just 2 types of reverse cameras. The one with clamps which does not require drilling into the bumper but can be mounted under the number plate… and the general camera which is fixed into a hole made in the bumper. These are not car specific and freely available from Amazon and your local car accessories shop. In fact, you can even have a front camera mounted for ease of parking in tight spaces like the more expensive merc and bmw cars of today.

Can I ask my landlord to install cameras outside? It’s the second time my car has been stolen in the last 10 months parked in front of my apartment complex on the street. I don’t feel safe and don’t know what to do.

You can certainly ask, or even ask to go 50/50 if this is something you would be purchasing just for this location. Here is the issue, if the landlord installs them, they run the risk of being sued for invasion of privacy, even if they are only pointed at the street. You will likely need to pay for them and install them. This will of course require permission from the landlord. If you haven’t already, I would also recommend a “low-jack” or theft locator GPS product for your vehicle, as well as extra door locks for the apartment. Of course the GPS the landlord won’t help with but the additional door locks hopefully they will. You do need your feeling of safety restored.

What's a rule your employer implemented that backfired terribly?

I was about 23–24 and working triple-shifts at a warehouse that stored paper and school supplies in Northern France. I was working to pay for my studies, and at the time I was this very skinny guy trying to make ends meet as best as I could. Being the cerebral type, working at a warehouse, carrying boxes from A to B whilst getting barked at by my superiors was not really my thing, but I trudged on regardless. The controller (my superior), a sorry excuse for a human being called D, immediately zoomed in on the part-timers. Let me describe D for a sec: D was a fat middle-aged dude; he would arrive in his shiny car, he would brag about how much more money he made than the guys working on the floor, he would loudly comment on which girl in the team would be fuc**able for him, etc. He was also racist. He thought it funny to leave a banana peel on the desk of the only black girl in the building — every-single-day, for years. And so D had decided he hated us. We were young, bright, and also, at the bottom of the food chain. Perfect targets for torment. Nobody said anything, because jobs are scarce in the region, and torment was better than unemployment for most — me included. One day, a box of pens disappears from the shelves. I had no idea where they had gone. We’re talking about €5 worth of plastic pens here, out of what is millions stored in that place. He ordered us to open all our cars so he can search for them, which is illegal. Still, we obliged, as D was an ass**** of the highest order and that the price to pay to get out of his crosshair was worth it. He searched my car, a 21-year-old battered thing with a .9L engine, and found nothing. Still, he did not waste this tremendous opportunity to comment on my “piece of sh** held together with tape” in front of the other employees, who whole-heartedly laughed at my expense. After this, D went to the big boss and demanded security cameras be installed in the warehouse. And so, we were sternly warned (even if we didn’t do anything) that NEXT time, D ,will ,catch us. He went into hyper-drive. He ,hounded ,us, following us in the aisles, checking our bags in and out of the building, making a big case of how important he was. Summer passed, and with my last paycheck, I was finally free to get back to civilization and away from that place. During spring break, I bumped into an old buddy from the warehouse. I ask, “how is that asswipe D doing?” His answer? “D was fired after the boss had one extra camera installed in the parking lot, and he was filmed stealing printer ink between shifts.” It was beautiful.


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