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Is the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift a better car than the City and Almera?

Almera cost a little more than RM 90k but you do get better safety features, especially in the Vios.3D 360

What does the local-assembly Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L bring us?

In addition, most equipment unchanged, including the 2.4 gettings LED headlights, an electric parking

Delhi gov instructs 5% parking allocation for EVs, buildings to comply by end of year

, Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain has directed buildings in the Indian Capital to reserve 5% of parking

2021 Nissan Magnite quietly launched in Indonesia; 360-degree camera, Android Auto

The car also comes with a choice of 2 transmissions; a 5-speed manual and a CVT.Image credit: Nissanjabar.ID

Reverse parking vs forward parking: Which is better?

Perpendicuar parking just means that the car is parked perpendicularly (90°) to a road/curb/wall.There

2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé now available in Malaysia – RM 498K, CKD

Prices of the CKD car start from RM 498,722.77 (OTR without insurance, until the end of the tax-free

2021 Haval H6 debuts in China, possible competitor of the Proton X70?

bar.According to xcar.com.cn, the H6s body construction is made of 71.6% high-strength steel, and the car

Can you do a handbrake turn with an electric parking brake?

recently asked an interesting question of whether a cool handbrake turn is possible with the electric parking

Electric parking brake vs manual hand brake vs foot brake, which is better?

Parking brake is a safety mechanism that prevents a stationary car from rolling away.

Parallel parking sensation claims he doesn’t even own the Toyota Innova!

We’re sure by now you have already watched the video of a Toyota Innova exiting a very tight parking

View More

2020 Mitsubishi Triton: Upgraded with extra features

Mitsubishi Triton Adventure X (RM 137,900) has now been upgraded with several new features, including a 360

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

Why I Buy: The Proton X50: You shouldn't be looking at anything else!

A door-to-door car service, by Proton!

Pros and Cons: Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Love the comfort, but is it worth RM 150k?

ndash; Powerful 2.0-litre BiTurbo engine Pros – Comprehensive ADAS suiteCons: Cons – No 360

DBKL parking payment goes cashless, but no JomParking and TnG e-Wallet... yet

Image credit: KL Sentral InfoStarting 1st October 2020, you can no longer use the parking machines to

All-new 2021 Subaru Levorg recognised as the best car to come out of Japan this year

The all-new 2021 Subaru Levorg has won the Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) 2020-2021.

Honda Malaysia updates Honda HR-V, BR-V with 360-deg camera - RM 3.3k

Bhd. has released a new accessory for the Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V, which is a 360-degree camera.As

TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

Touch ‘n Go has introduced the PayDirect feature for car parks at various locations across the

5 features that makes the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander awesome! 1 the ladies will love

rsquo;s eye view around youOther than the Toyota Rush, the Xpander is the only other 7-seater B-segment car

In Brief: Mazda 2 Hatchback, the entry level 'sports car'

the Mid-spec variant.Other than that, the top spec Mazda 2 is equipped with head-up display, reverse camera

Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam, TNGA

Subtlety is key1.8V picturedOur Corolla Cross eschews the dual-tone theme available on the Thai-spec car

Sunway’s parking lot makes a great leap towards sustainability!

Sunway is further paving the path in innovative parking lots with the preview of their new Smart Parking

A sexy back that you can’t stop following - the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe facelift

touch screen with Mercedes me Internet connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Burmester sound system 360

General buying guide: 5 must-have features in a new car

Remember when theA reverse camera is definitely a must if you are fearful of getting dings on your car

Finally! All-new 10th gen Honda Accord to be launched in Malaysia with 1.5L VTEC Turbo CVT, 201 PS & 260 Nm!

Speed Follow, which the outgoing Accord lacks.In addition to that, the all-new Honda Accord will have 360

Subaru Forester GT - new aggressive body kit, 18-inch alloy - coming to Malaysia?

in a mixture of silver, black and grey accents to evoke the feeling of sportiness, and for ease of parking

Could this Daihatsu be Perodua's next compact SUV?

Daihatsu gets a host of equipment; we spotted buttons and switches indicating that this particular car

50% discount off your parking compound! Thanks MBSA!

MBSA estimates that’s up to RM 30 off the price of the parking compound.MBSA has made things easier

Watch: Police cuts short Mat Rempit’s Superman career caught on 360-camera

this most recent video uploaded onto social media, the Mat Motor in the video was actually using a 360

2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class facelift showcases newer ADAS, steering wheel, and MBUX

Another feature is the Active Speed Limit Assist which allows the car to drive within the speed limit

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car parking camera 360-✓ Smartour Car Parking Surround View DVR Video Recorder Box HD 3D 360 Degree Bird View Panorama Sys

car parking camera 360-✓ AHD 3D 360 car camera degree bird view Parking System Auto Car Camera with DVR night vision Super

car parking camera 360-car parking camera 360-✓Smartour Auto Panoramic Rearview Camera 360 Degree Parking System Car Camera All Round Night Visio

car parking camera 360-⟲ TEST 2020 NEW 720X540 360 DEGREE WATERPROOF HD CAR REA ⏩

car parking camera 360-✓ AHD 3D 360 Degree Parking Camera All-Round Visibility Vehicle Camera HD Car Bird View System 4 Ca

car parking camera 360-✓ Smartour Auto Panoramic Rearview Camera 360 Degree Parking System Car Camera All Round Night Visi

car parking camera 360-car parking camera 360-✓ Smartour Car Parking Surround View DVR Video Recorder Box HD 3D 360 Degree Bird View Panorama Sys

car parking camera 360-✓ 4 Camera Panoramic 3D 360 Degree Bird View System Car DVR Rear View Camera Recording Parking Univ


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#Cars #Honda Honda Malaysia offering 360-degree parking camera as option for HR-V and BR-V – retrofit possible, RM3,300 http://dlvr.it/S0dsBJ

Just in2016 Mercedes GLE 350 AMG Line Premium 9G-Tronic £535 Per month £0 Deposit- SatNav- Parking camera- Bluetooth- 360 Cameras- Pan sunroof- Parking sensors- 86k miles- Apple car play#TeamElite

Fresh into stock: 2017/67 #MercedesAMG E43 Estate - This car features the Premium package which includes a dual panoramic sunroof, Parking system (360 camera) and many more fantastic options. miles, available today £34,890 #MonarchEnterprises

This is not a sensor Tesla uses.Oh and Tesla sensors also cross-interfere.

Doesn’t matter. I’m probably gonna f*** up the bumper anyway

Oh no, you can't with my car... 360° camera and park assist.... but most cars have the parking help. The irony is I'm generally a great parker. The mark if a good parker is how well can you drive in reverse....!

Good ones

Can we get 360 view/ camera view of car when we do parking. It will be more helpful, at least looks like feature also ok. Thank you #Featurerequest.

This car has a 360 camera and I still somehow have difficulty parking smh

This car can be parked in a regular parking lot. Air car like a smartphone, 360 degree camera, 2D, OLED gaming screen monitor, automatic driving, equipped with Raspberry PC, good sound quality. It is equipped with a nuclear battery. It is a free design. I want you to make it.

car parking camera 360 Q&A Review

What is your opinion on the 2020 Mahindra Thar?

The Mahindra New Thar is one of the second-gen options among the people because of its affordability. It is the mid-sized SUV that comes with city-friendly dimensions. This car features a split headlamp arrangement and designed based on the latest style trends. The experts pay close attention to every detail. The Mahindra new thar 2020 powered by a new 2.0-litre diesel engine that will comply with BS6 standards. The price range of Mahindra New Thar is approx. Rs 9.00 - 11.00 lakh, as well as this vehicle has top-spec, especially the slick 10.2-inch touchscreens and a powered driver’s seat, ambient lighting makes everything simple. The 360-degree parking camera along with the onboard air purifier does wonder. The people highly prefer Mahindra Cars, ,for their comfort. The retractable back help for rest as well as retractable sun visors available to enhance the rear seat experience. It is the right choice for the people who love sporty drive because the engine is smooth and likeable. This ,Mahindra Thar 2020, is also predictable to include the 2.2-litre diesel engine from the Scorpio and the XUV500.

What's the coolest feature you've seen in a car? Preferably something that isn't very common, such as the rain channels in the Mercedes S-class that channel rain from the windshield away from the side windows, & nothing related to self-driving cars.

Our car has a 360 surround view camera setup. There is a camera on each wing mirror, the front and the back. The computer stitches these images together along with a to-scale image of the car to form what looks like a birds eye view of the car. Parking is like playing a game of GTA I and II.

Is there any Android car multimedia on the market that would allow me to wire up to 3 parking cameras?

Check this one on AliExpress COHO 9'' 10.1'' Android 10 360° panoramic all-in-one machine. Aerial view 8 core Car radio Multimedia player GPS 4G 6+128G

Why do Tesla cars not have 360 degree view for parking assistance which many other cars already have? Is there any hardware limitations for Tesla cars?

A2A Paul Juhn—Thanks! NOTE: All the pictures on here will not do justice to what you actually see in the respective cars—these being so much smaller, they would not be much help in actual driving. In the cars, these images are much larger and clearer. These cameras really help you see if there is a tricycle or kid behind you. ^ Tesla backup/parking cameras view — in shade in open garage, very bright day. ^ Tesla backup/parking cameras view — in shade in closed garage. ~~~~ Q. Why do Tesla cars not have 360 degree view for parking assistance which many other cars already have? Is there any hardware limitations for Tesla cars? A. Tesla Model 3 uses the rear camera and the two rear quarter sector cameras to give approximately 180 degree onscreen viewing for backing, and there is also a visualization display that shows the output of the 12 strategically spaced ultrasonic proximity sensors. This is more than sufficient for all parking I am likely to do. I am not sure what advantage there may be in 360 degree camera view, however, the hardware is there to do 360 if desired. All it would take is a software update. But I hope Tesla does not do it, because I do not want my screen taken up with views that are not useful to me. I have not used the bird’s eye view cam—I have just seen it in a demo. ,Paul Juhn, comments below that he likes it better. The camera systems on the Tesla are mainly there for autopilot, which includes autopark. But they are not aimed to see all the way down to the ground in all directions—if that is what is desired. Rather, they are aimed to give the best views for driving. So 360 systems designed only for parking may give better views of the curb, if that is what is desired. However, in the Tesla, that is what the ultrasonic sensor suite is for: for parking clearance, the 12 ultrasonic sensors are used—their output displayed on the car’s environment visualization screen. When parking my Tesla in the garage, I use the ultrasonic sensor display to see exactly how close I am to the wall and obstacles, as well as guidelines in the backup camera display accurately showing my lineup and trajectory: ^ Living Tesla ~~~~ Here is a video showing these systems working in use—dynamically: ~~~~ The autopark feature also creates a “box” of the intended parking space—so you know where it is going: ^ reddit ~~~~ Here is what one Bird’s Eye view camera system shows—this one from Toyota: ^ North London Toyota Here is a video showing the system in action: For Tesla Autopilot: Eight surround cameras provide 360 degrees of visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range. ,Twelve, updated ultrasonic sensors complement this vision, allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the prior system. Autopilot Above and below are examples of what the current Tesla screen looks like. ^ Tesla backup/parking cams view — outside, in bright sunlight. o

What are the current technology trends that make cars more comfortable and easy to drive?

Though the available feature list is long as of today but I will mention a few which are truly enjoyable features. According to Me,following features make a car fun to drive and more comfortable: ::, Heads Up Display(HUD)(,Automotive head-up display,),: In my opinion,Cars with heads up display makes it convenient for a driver to drive and know about the speed at the same time. A Dashboard with HUD :: ,Automatic Climate Control OR 4 Zone Climate Control,: This is the most favorite feature of mine. In this feature,Every person can set the Temperature according to his choice. A representative image of 4-Zone Climate Control :: ,Autonomous Driving,: Though this feature is currently limited to some car companies like Tesla(,Autopilot,),Yandex(,Yandex,) etc. but this feature surely makes driving comfortable and enjoyable at the same time for driver. MKBHD(Famous Tech YouTuber representing Toyota Prius car working on Yandex Autonomous driving Mode:- ) :: ,360° Parking Camera,: Now available in budget segment vehicles also,this feature makes sure that nothing can hit your car when you make it park even in crowded area. A Car display showing a 360 Parking Camera View.

Can I get 360 degree surround camera system for parking assistance installed in my car in India? Has anyone done it? The high end cars usually have it.

Hi There, Were you able to find out if we can install the 360 Degree Multi-Camera System for Cars from genuine brands in India? I’m from Kolkata by the way, and I’m trying to find something like this for my car as well.

Will you buy MG Hector over cars such as Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier, Ford Ecosport and Maruti Vitara Brezza? Why?

Yes, I will buy MG Hector over all the mentioned car, because MG Hector SUV gets dual airbags, ABS, ESC, hill hold, rear parking sensors, and Isofix child seat mounts as standard across the range. Of the four variant on offer, the Super trim makes for a smart value-for-money buy. It has almost everything that you’re looking for – 17-inch alloys, LED headlights, the massive 10.4-inch touchscreen, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, and a rear parking camera. However, for the full experience, consider the range-topping Sharp trim. It’s the best equipped of the Hectors and gets six airbags, powered front seats, 360-degree parking camera, heated wing mirrors, 7-inch color multi-info display, ambient lighting, and the all-important panoramic sunroof.

How do modern cars have parking cameras view of the car from all angles? Like from the top, view of the whole car?

It’s called 360 degree parking. The car basically has cameras on all sides. Images from those cameras are processed/merged along with the car image to provide a birds eye view. This can help in parking the car around tight spots. Usually along with the 360 view, the car also comes equipped with parking sensors to alert the driver if it gets too close to something. Many modern cars(upper variants) have this feature built-in.


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