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how to drive alto 800 Post Review

I don't know how to drive cars so my friends suggest me that first you have to learn with small cars like Alto 800 but I thought it is Injustice with my dreams because in my dreams this black Scorpio is the first and only choice. So I just want to ask Mr. @anandmahindra why?

Tell us how you imagine your first freedom drive to be and get a chance to win an iPhone 5S! http://bit.ly/1sYRn4A

@Alto_800 Time i think when i learnt how to drive a car that is my @AltoK10 its a trip of 10 days that i enjoy most #30LakhAltos great fun

@Alto_800 I learned how to drive from my @Alto_800 and I love it. #letsgo

my father had an ambassador car bought with his own money that too when no one in his family didn't even knew how to drive, getting an ambassador was his dream and he fulfilled it but now his younger brother has an Alto 800 and he is considered as the Alpha of the family, Read

How To Drive New Alto 800 Top Model 2017

I learnt how to drive a car on my Alto! #30LakhAltos @AltoK10 @Alto_800 The music experience tensed my nerves and helped me learn faster

For a tension-free drive, India prefers the Alto 800! Book a test-drive and get to know why: http://bit.ly/800testdrive

@Alto_800 And I know how comfortable the drive is. Thanks to Alto all the way!


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