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All-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8, not expected in Malaysia until 2021

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rsquo;s monthly report, the Renault Clio, with 24,915 units registered, has dethroned the Volkswagen Golf

6 features that will disappear from cars by 2030

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Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 gets Drift Mode like an AMG A45S

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Future VW products to follow Golf Mk8's cue for meter design

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N for Namyang: The 2020 Hyundai i30N is a louder, faster Golf GTI

RM 298,888 Limited to only 20 units, only through Lazada 275 PS and 353 Nm (378 Nm with overboost) 6-

All-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8 unveiled, 245 PS/370 Nm, 7-speed wet DSG

The godfather of hot hatchbacks is now in its eighth generation, known as the Golf GTI Mark 8 (Mk8).

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VW Golf Mk8 to launch in more RHD countries, Malaysia by 2H 2021

Although sales of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 has already started in Europe since December 2019, sales in

In Brief: Mazda 6, worth paying Mercedes-Benz C200/BMW 320i money for one?

The Mazda 6 is currently the oldest model in its class.

2021 VW Golf Mk8 for Malaysia to drop DSG for 8-speed torque converter?

A recent report from Australia mentioned that the upcoming 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 will drop the famed

The Volkswagen Arteon is a Golf R with a boot, estimated prices: RM290k – RM310k

Only one CBU (from Germany) variant available – 2.0 TSI 4Motion R-Line- Powertrain shared with Golf

You only need three words to know about the 2020 VW Golf MK8 Volkswagen Golf

steal the spotlight from the ID 3 electric hatchback at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the 2020 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 - When is it coming to Malaysia and should you wait for it?

What’s new in the Golf Mk8?

Starting at RM 390k, Mk8 VW Golf launched in Singapore

Image creditThe eighth-generation of Volkswagens iconic hatchback, the Mk8 VW Golf, makes its official

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Why is the Toyota 86 so much more expensive than the VW Golf GTI?

that the Golf GTI shares the same body and a lot of other parts with a regular Golf.

2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 is out! More digital than ever

The most popular hatchback in the world – the Volkswagen Golf – has debuted in its eighth

Owner Review: From touge monster to highway cruiser - My Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6

Golf GTI MK6 SE which I purchased back in 2018 from a second-hand dealer in Ipoh.

Excuse Me? No More New Golf R?

The generation of Golf (MK7) has been around for seven years, and its pretty much a textbook step to

For RM 33K, would you fancy having a used VW Golf TSI?

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CKD 2021 Mk8 VW Golf GTI for Malaysia - can it still make it for SST-exempted price?

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Mk8 Volkswagen Golf Country – a jacked up 4WD Golf

not an official variant from Volkswagen, but rather a rendering of what if VW decides to deck the new Golf

Used VW Golf GTI priced as low as RM 65k, should you buy one?

Think hot-hatch and the first car that comes to mind would be the Volkswagen Golf.

Hybrids make up 1 in 3 Mk8 VW Golf sold in Europe, CKD Golf GTI coming to Malaysia

The Volkswagen Golf has once again proved to be a hit with buyers in Europe and Germany last year.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI 110HP BMT Allstar Air Con,Alloy Wheels,Cruise Control,Sunroof,Privacy Glass,Automatic Lights,Roof Rails,Sat Nav,Metallic Paint,Parking Sensors,Keyless Entry, Reversing Camera,Stop/Start ButtonYours to drive away at €18,500

Original Waterproof for VW RGB RCD510 Logo Emblem CCD Vehicle Car Rear View Backup Camera reverse parking for VW Golf 5 Golf 6 Gti TSI GTR Magotan Polo Passat B6 B7 Lamando GTS Phaeton CC RGB RCD510

Navinio Waterproof Night Vision HD CCD 170°Viewing Field Car Rear View Backup Parking Camera for Skoda New Beetle VW Polo V 6R Passat CC Golf 6 Golf VI MK4 MK5 MK6 EOS Lupo$32.99https://amzn.to/2z4P7st

Original Waterproof for VW RCA Logo Emblem HD CCD Vehicle Car Rear View Backup Camera Reverse Parking for VW Golf 5/Golf 6 GTI TSI GTR Magotan Polo Passat B6 B7 Lamando GTS Phaeton CC (RCA) by Navinio for $199.99 via @amazon #VehicleBackupCamera #Camera

Looking for a red Golf 6 GTI 2.O DSG with Sunroof,Leather heated Seats,Touch Screen Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity,Back LED lights and Daytime Running lights,Must Have Assisted Parking and RearView camera. Must not have done more than 100k KM on odo. I just want to look at it

Mark 7 GTD in Stock... 2014 64 VW Golf 2.0 GTD 185bhp 6 Speed manual ~5 Door ~Limestone Grey ~Privacy Glass~Cruise control~DAD radio ~Reverse camera~Parking plus~Winter Pack ~40,000 miles ~Full...

Stunning Top Spec 152 VW Golf Hi Line 1.6 Diesel DSG(Auto) 5 Door with Adaptive Cruise Control, Dual Climate Control, Privacy Glass, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Reversing Camera, Sat…

Golf 7 High line ● prix 58000 cuir 91.000 km 2016 6 cv essence 1.2L Parking automatique Park Pilot / caméra de recul Climatronic Bizone Led / Xénon Lumiere d'ambiance Siège conducteur...

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Who killed Aarushi Talwar?

Here is the case summary of murder The ,Noida double murder case ,refers to the murder of ,14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and 45-year-old Hemraj Banjade,, a domestic worker, employed by her family in Noida, India. The two were killed on the night of 15–16 May 2008 at Aarushi's home. When Aarushi's body was discovered on 16 May, the missing servant Hemraj was considered as the main suspect. However, the next day, his partially decomposed body was discovered on the terrace. After ruling out the family's ex-servants, the police considered Aarushi's parents—Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar—as the prime suspects. Police suspected that Rajesh murdered the two after finding them in an "objectionable" position, or because Rajesh's alleged extra-marital affair had led to his blackmail by Hemraj and a confrontation with Aarushi. The case was then transferred to the CBI, which exonerated the parents and suspected the Talwars' assistant Krishna along with two domestic servants—Rajkumar and Vijay. Based on the 'narco' the CBI suspected that they had killed Aarushi after an attempted sexual assault, and Hemraj for being a witness. The three men were released after it could not find any solid evidence against them. In 2009, the CBI handed over the investigation to a new team, , which recommended closing the case due to critical gaps in the evidence. Based on circumstantial evidence, it named Rajesh Talwar as the sole suspect, but refused to charge him due to lack of any hard evidence. The parents opposed the closure, calling CBI's suspicion on Rajesh as baseless. Subsequently, a court rejected the CBI's claim that there was not enough evidence, and ordered proceedings against the Talwars Intresting to know about the murder's night:— Umesh(Rajesh's driver) Came to handover car's keys after parking it and the bag of Dr Rajesh And he was the last person to see Aarushi and Hemraj alive After dinner the parents went to Aarushi’s room and gave her birthday present (a digital camera) and she clicked many photos with it. (the gift was presented 10 days before the birthday) AND LAST PIC WAS CLICKED AT 10:10PM 3. When Arushi’s mom went to her room at 11 to switch on internet router and ,she saw her reading novel The 3 mistakes of my life By: Chetan Bhagat 4. After 12:00 am (16 May) Around midnight, Aarushi's friend tried calling her on her mobile as well as the Talwar residence's landline. However, ,the calls were not answered. ,Around 12:30 am, he sent her an SMS message: this ,message was not delivered on aarushi's phone ,.Based on this, CBI inferred that Rajesh was online until 12:08 am. ALSO……… *According to the CBI team, 90% of the evidence at the crime scene was destroyed due to the police's negligence. *Aarushi and Hemraj died between 12 am and 1 am. Both had been first attacked with a heavy blunt weapon, which caused a "U/V-shaped" scar and resulted in their death. *The new CBI team identified the weapon used for the initial blow as a golf club because of the "triangular-shaped head injury". *The CBI suspected that the weapon used to deliver the blow was one of Rajesh's golf clubs. Rajesh was an amateur and infrequent golf player. the map of the house GAPS IN THE MYSTERY The CBI investigators were affected by the inability of the first responders (the UP police) to examine the crime scene properly and to collect the necessary evidence. Although CBI found circumstantial evidence against the parents, there were many gaps: *.No evidence shows that Hemraj was murdered in Aarushi's room *.Hemraj's blood was not found on parents' clothes *Murder weapons were not recovered. ,Rajesh's golf club was possibly used as the weapon, but no DNA or bloodstain could link it to the crime. Also, a team of experts had ruled that kukri cannot be ruled out as the weapon used for slitting the throats of the victims *.The blood-soaked clothes of the murderers, the clothes used to allegedly clean the blood from the crime scene and the bed sheet allegedly used to drag Hemraj's body were not found. *.The fingerprints on the bloodstained Scotch whisky bottle could not be identified. *.The testimony of the Jalvayu Vihar security guards that they did not see anyone entering or leaving the house was not foool proof *.Scientific tests on Rajesh and Nupur do not conclusively indicate their involvement in the crime. *.The exact sequence of events between midnight and 6 am on 16 May is not clear . *.No evidence clearly shows an individual role of either Rajesh or Nupur in the crime. *.Absence of a clear-cut motive

How different is driving in the U.K. from the U.S.?

Quite aside from driving on the left side of the road instead of the right, you’ll notice the following: Driving standards are higher than in the US and UK drivers are more likely to follow the rules of the road. You can’t turn left on a red traffic light if there’s no traffic (like you can turn right on red if it’s clear in the USA) unless there’s a green filter arrow lit. Because of the proliferation of speed enforcement cameras and heavy fines people are more likely to stick to the speed limits in the UK. In the UK you will find a lot of roundabouts and mini-roundabouts at intersections. A lot of American visitors find these confusing. These seemed to be quite rare in the US (where they’re sometimes called “rotaries” or “traffic circles”). The UK doesn’t have the same rules at cross-roads as the US, where they often have 4 stop signs (and who ever gets there first is supposed to go first). In the UK one of the roads at a cross roads (without traffic lights) will always be considered the main road, and cars on the minor roads meeting it will have to give way. In the UK the Police seem to take driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs much more seriously than in the US. If stopped by the Police (almost always for a good reason) they may subject you to roadside breath tests and drug tests. They don’t practice the rather more subjective sobriety tests applied in most of the US. If you’re found to be over the limit you’ll be arrested and taken to a Police station where they’ll perform more accurate scientific tests, and not released from the lock-up until you’re sober. The roads are narrower and the parking spaces are tiny compared to those in North America. Despite this, people actually drive quite fast for the conditions. The distances are smaller in the UK, and the traffic tends to move smoothly (most of the time) outside London, despite the high population density. So US drivers might actually find driving in the UK quite pleasant. Journey times are actually quite reasonable. The cars are generally small by American standards. Cars like the VW Golf, Ford Fiesta and Focus are the most common. American mid-size sedans and SUVs seem quite big in the UK and Europe. The full-size pick-up trucks that are popular in America are almost non-existent in the UK (and also quite rare on the continent). Most of the road markings in the UK and Europe are white, whereas yellow is quite common in some parts of America. Where you see double yellow lines along the side of the road surface in Britain, it means no-stopping at any time. Of course there are other differences too, but this is a good start. I’d really recommend getting a copy of the UK highway code and reading it before you drive there. When I moved to the US I passed an online theory test and found that very helpful indeed.

What is a car you want a manufacturer to make but you know for a fact they would never make it?

Ah, my very own “Homer Car"… I currently work for the world's largest car auction company. I drive a minimum of 3 different cars a day, 5 or 6 days a week, moving them between new and former owners or to auction sites up and down the country. As such, I've gotten to know a lot of different cars, and the things I love and hate about them. Body-wise, you can't beat an Aston Martin. But only the body. Not the engine, or the interior. The seats in the Aston aren't as comfortable as the seats in the BMW 750i. Add the heating and cooling option from the Range Rover Velar, and reupholster them into something a bit better than “random brown", and they'll be fantastic. Add the bolster inflation option from the Porsche Cayman R and the lumbar massage function from a car I can't remember and they'll be incredible. On the engine front, chuck in the VW Golf RS engine. No, it's not as powerful as the Aston's original block, but it's much more fun. 450HP from a tiny 2l engine, but trust me, this engine is amazing. I drive amazing cars on a daily basis, often up and down the various motorways of the UK, but I always have a smile on my face when I get the Golf RS. Interior, model it on the Volvo S90. Best interior I've ever seen. In the back, chuck in a Balindore hospitality box (gently…) Oh, and the drinks cooler from the 2018 Discovery in the centre console (I don't have a picture but it's the only completely silent one I've come across so far, and it keeps bottles and cans icy cold). You'll need a steering wheel, so it's back to the Golf RS again. It's wheel is perfect, and all the controls are where you instinctively expect them to be. For entertainment, there was a vehicle I drove a few months ago that had a (sort of) lenticular screen, meaning the driver and passenger saw different things. I can't for the life of me remember what make it was... Whatever it was, it must be Android based so I can customise it as I see fit, and use the applications I want, not whatever the manufacturer gives me. Finally give her some nice shoes from a custom rim designer (pick your favourite, there are loads to choose from), and shod them in the finest Pirelli has to offer. Now crowbar in all the various driving aids and safety features like adaptive braking, park assist, safety cameras, reverse sensors etc and you have a car I will happily take out a mortgage to buy. My wife just asked me what I was writing, so I told her the question above. Her answer? “A blue one"…

What are people's reaction to a supercar on a public road?

I have owned a 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo S for about 5 months now. I have 7600 miles on it so I drive it A LOT. I live in Atlanta but have taken it as far north as Pittsburgh and west to the Barber Race Track. Here’s a picture the day I picked it up: Your question is one of the things I pondered prior to buying it. My main concerns were people would think I was some snob, having a midlife crisis, or compensating for something, showing off, whatever. But I really really like driving the car. Having it on the road so much I started to record people’s reactions that I noticed. In 5 months, here are the things I have seen and heard. So, at the risk of being verbose, here they are: January 26, 2016 - Salesman in dealership when I picked it up asked me what other cars I had prior. I said it's my first Porsche. I wish I could have photo'd the look on his face. At Publix late I went to get something on a drive and parked the car way near 9. When I came out there was a guy filming the car with his 5 year old mugging by my drivers door. I walked up and let him finish and said 'did you get it?' and he said 'is this your car?'. He was very impressed, wanted to know the year and horsepower. Grant (my son) was driving with me and we sat at a light next to some young girls driving some truck and they started beeping and giggling several times. Driving up to outlet mall a car full of young guys were honking and waving At the Kroger last night on 20 the attendant was changing the garbage can next to me filling it up and he said that is a nice car. So we talked a bit and I told him its performance abilities which he didn't know. Also, I'd say 3 or 4 times I've had cars come up to me and appear to race me or try to keep up with me. they're the cars like Honda's that kids soup up. Nothing like a Lambo or anything. Whenever I see another Porsche, the driver waves at me Get a fair amount of looks from people at lights. Sunday the 14th, guy in other pump lane at Racetrak told me the car was a beautiful blue like his pickup truck. My neighbors are mighty impressed and think I have tons of money A guy told me at a superbowl party that I was a 'bastard' for having that car but he was joking in that he was very jealous. I took hair dresser for a ride and all the ladies at her shop were taking pictures of the car as she came out to get in. Several asked me if they could have a ride too. 2/19/2016 drive through at ChikFila, people looking out window and guy in kitchen comes to window and says 'really nice car, it's really beautiful'. Get beeps and waves from other Porsche owners. Notice I don't see any turbo S's on the road. Maybe one or two silver ones. I think I have seen in my driving a silver, white, and black one. 3 total. Do see boxsters, carreras, caymans, panameras, macans, and Cayennes. I notice BMWs get behind me and go as fast as I do. Saw that yesterday. On the mountain drive Grant and I took, we stopped at a light and people behind us were pointing to the car as if they were discussing it. It had the spoilers deployed. 3/10/2016 today driving back from dealer on 141 young guy in new Sport Cadillac drove up on right of me in traffic and gave me the thumbs up. Then drove with me gunning engine up rest of way. Two guys in a white car also passed me and were smiling and ogling the car; they had a nice car too but not sure what. Guy in older corvette started following me after I passed him. This was all in bumper to bumper traffic around 6-7; dealer reps also really liked the car when I dropped it off. I get treated well at the dealership. Guy in Publix parking lot came up to me and said I had a beautiful car as I was getting in it. Heard "look at that car" as I was driving through Avalon with my window open. Tonight went to Kroger to fill up and there was a very young person behind me with a Nissan 370 who came up to me and wanted to talk about my car. He asked if the all glass top was something standard as he'd never seen that. So we talked about 5 minutes. 3/27/2016 went to gym at 11:00 but it was closed. Guy in BMW saw me and asked about my car. He was a gym member also not aware it was closed. Said he saw me make the turn onto Bentley road the other day and was amazed at how fast the car could take the bend. So we talked about 5 minutes about the car. That was fun. Last night 3/29/2016 - I was eating a piece of chicken in the parking lot of the Publix on Birmingham highway as I don't want to get the smell inside my car. A guy drove by in a Ford Mustang and slowed with window down asked me if it was my car 'yes'. Then said it was really nice and liked the color wanted to know horse power. Told him the color and 560HP. Then he drove off. Went to see my Fidelity advisor and he wanted to see car. Took picture to send to his friend and sat in it. Wanted a ride but had to meet his wife for an appointment. Yesterday 4/3/2016 let my wife drive it in the industrial park at Blue ridge. As she was driving I asked her to put on the brakes and there was a car that had pulled up behind us that had to stop. It was a really nice 2014 white Cayman so we pulled over and the guy rolled his window down and stopped to say how wonderful the car was and what a great color. So here is a nice Porsche owner complimenting this car. Today 4/4/2016 was the best comment. I was in the parking lot of Total Wine and a really nice red corvette comes by slowly as I am getting in the car. The guy in it says "When I grow up I want to have done whatever you did. That is a bad ass car". So I complimented him on his car as well. That was funny. 4/7/2016 today I am in Leeds Alabama to attend the Porsche driving school. Stopped at a Love's near here and a guy in a pickup at another pump gave me the thumbs up. Then he asked me if a "Shelby could take me?". I said no. At the same time two guys who worked there came out the double doors fairly quick and asked if they could see the car. So I gave them a quick tour. They were very impressed but didn't know much about what kind of Porsche this was or the car in general as they asked to see the engine. I told them some stats and what not. The one guy was funny saying he'd wash it any time I needed. They both asked how much it cost and they thought about 85K and I said no, higher, one guy says 100K and I say no 200K. That stopped more talk. At the Hampton, a guy was coming in after I checked in - my car was in the front and when he saw I was going towards it he asked if it was mine. He liked it and was here for the class from Canada of all places. He had a Porsche but no longer. Saturday, I was washing the car after returning and Bard up the street was out with his grandson. He's standing at the top of Jones' driveway staring at the car so I asked if he wanted to look at it. And he said yes. Then to his grandson - “let's go look at a real race car.” So he was quite impressed and knew what it was. He asked me why I suddenly bought it and I said how much longer am I going to live? He agreed. Said he used to have a Mercedes. He sat in it. But his grandson ended up running around on the street so he had to take off after him. 4/18/2016 yesterday I drove to Kennesaw battlefield park. Along the way on 140, a guy passed me and gave me the 'thumbs up'. 4/20/2016 Last night I went for a drive to get some take out. Went to Chik Fil A in Avenues and girl giving me my food at window says "that's a really awesome car" after she handed me my bag. Later on way from getting gas, I pulled up to turn from 9 onto Post and a black car with tinted glass is next to me in the non-turn lane. Window goes down and the guy starts smiling at me as he likes the car. 4/25/2016 this past Saturday I took my hairdresser's brother-in-law for a drive in the car. I took him down 9 over Majors and back up Castleberry. Launched it 2x on Majors. He said it was a 'life changing experience'. 4/30/2016 Last Sunday Grant and I went over to the Starbucks and we saw a Lotus Elise in the parking lot. So we're looking at it and some guy comes up. I'm thinking he's the owner but he isn't so we start talking about it. He is from England about my age and he says he had a friend in Germany who had rented a Lambo or Ferrari to drive on the Autobahn so he got to do that. He was driving a Leaf! He noticed my Porsche and was surprised it was mine. One of the first questions was 'why did you decide to buy that car'. I just said I drove it and liked it. 4/30/2016 Took Dustin my trainer for a spin Thursday. He was impressed. He was trying to push the floor to brake the car at one point. 4/30/2016 Driving last night on exit 8 off 400 stopped at light, guy next to me in Suburban gives me a thumbs up 4/30/2016 I forgot to write this one but several weeks ago an older man (probably my age) was passing me in the opposite direction and he slowed down and said 'trade ya' out his window. 5/3/2016 driving over Sunday a guy in another big white truck gave me the thumbs up at a light on 9 I think. I went to Speedway on McFarland to fill up and a jeep 4x4 was in the same row. Guy looked at me getting out and said 'that must be fun'. I said 'it sure is'. 5/8/2016 Driving Friday night got a few more 'nods' from people passing me or at lights. Always guys. 5/8/2016 went out after washing car - got a lot of looks from people passing. I saw a red Cayman pulling out of Polo onto Pitman and the guy gave me the V with his fingers. 5/10/2016 yesterday I drove up to Pittsburgh in the car. I found it attracts a different kind of attention - people asking me for money. First I pulled into the first rest area in SC near the lake. A gray haired guy was on the sidewalk near lake and looked 'busy'. I parked on the other side and as I got out he had come up to the car. I thought he'd say something but he started talking about his car breaking, getting a ticket from the police for impeding traffic and it all costing over $200 and his being 17.82 short and they wouldn't fix his car. So I said 'you need $20?" and I got out my wallet and gave him $20. He offered to send me repayment but I said don't worry. He obviously came to me knowing the car was expensive as he mentioned he'd be amazed to have a car like that. Next, at a gas station, a woman asked me for gas money to drive to VA. 5/10/2016 same day yesterday - driving through North Carolina and trying to pass some cars I was going 83. an old beat up van drives right up on my bumper so I think 'oh I need to get over for this guy in a hurry' so I speed up to 100 and pass these cars fast and pull into the right lane. He comes right behind me there instead of passing and I think 'now what'. He's waving his left hand out the window and I thought he's giving me the finger. Then I see that isn't it and I thought he's trying to pull me over but he's not a cop. Then I see he has his fingers in the 2 finger metal sign. He then pulls next to me in the left lane and he's shouting out his passenger window but I had no idea what he as saying. So I decided he was excited by the car. Miles later he pulled off an exit and was waving goodbye to me. Later in the day an SUV passed me and a teenager gave me a big smile as they went by. At another rest stop a car that had been following me on and off on the interstate also stopped and parked next to mine. As they got out they said they had been following me to look at the car. Really liked it and so on. 5/19/2016 Yesterday at Chik Fil A drive through in Collection - "this is the sweetest ride that I've seen come through this drive through" from guy handing me my food. 5/21/2016 yesterday at Publix, this van was sitting next to my car parked at the end of the row and as I walked up it turned the corner and a voice said "that's a really beautiful car". So they were sitting there previously looking at the car. It was just after sunset so it was dark. 5/21/2016 driving onto 400 with Grant on our way to McLaren dealer and guy behind me in Chevy van is giving me a thumbs up as I look in my rear view mirror. 6/10/2016 various updates - people beeping when they pass or various approval looks. 6/15/2016 Last Saturday or Sunday I went driving in the Dahlonega area and at the end of 400 I was turning left. The truck in the right lane had 2 guys waving at me to wind my window down so I did. The passenger says in a British accent 'you've got a very nice car, enjoy it'. I said 'I do'. 6/15/2016 last night Grant and I were out driving and we came off exit 13 from 400 and a guy was in the right lane asking us to wind the window down. He said I had an awesome car and said it's a Turbo? I said Turbo S. He asked me 'how much money do you have on you?. I said '20 dollars' and he laughed. He was driving a Jaguar something it was a nice car I hadn't seen before. He was going somewhere near us. 6/19/2016 Yesterday I went to Outlet Malls in Dahlonega. I parked way in the back of the lot away from the Timberland store. There was a Goodwill truck trailer parked perpendicular to the parking spots and I pulled in about 50 feet from it. The only car in the row. Two guys were lounging in the trailer but didn't seem to notice. I walked to the Timberland store and as I was entering I looked back and saw them really close to my car. I thought 'crap what if they vandalize the car?' and I was thinking maybe I should have parked closer to people etc. Then I noticed one guy standing back and taking pictures so I figured they liked the car. When I came back they didn't say anything to me so that was interesting. 6/26/2016 Yesterday at Kroger gas station on 9 a Spanish man was filling up his SUV next to me and was very impressed saying it was 'very beautiful'. Asked the price and all that. Driving down McFarland a car full of younger dudes were waving at me at the light. 6/29/2016 forgot to record this but sometime back a month ago I was in the Kroger gas station on 9 and a guy with a Range Rover was behind me filling up. He asked me about the car and what year and such it was. He liked it and I told him about what it did over other Porsche 911s. 6/30/2016 here are some reactions I forgot about - guy in white utility truck was sitting on right of me at the turn onto Post from 9. He looked really beat from a hard day at work but his face really lit up when he looked down at the car. Guy in Publix was parked way out where I parked and either getting out or coming back to his car. Says "We're the ones that have to park way out here so people don't ding our doors " - loved the car. He had some kind of Mercedes. When I was leaving Barber Race track there was a mile long line of cars up the drive pulling trailers waiting to get into the track to unload for a racing event that weekend. There were lots of Porsches etc. Every person had their eyes glued to the car as I drove by. I was amazed at the cool cars I saw so I was going slow too to get a look at each of their cars. The people at the class all noticed the car when we left. In fact at class first day, while introducing myself, I said I had just bought a car. The instructors said 'so you’re the guy who owns the blue Turbo outside'. During part of the day the instructor who used to play with BB King asked me if I ever launched the car. "every day" I said. He pumped his fist into the air and yelled "yes!" People always will comment they love the color. 7/10/2016 yesterday, Grant and I were out shopping for his laptop and we were stopped on Bethelview at the intersection with 9. These two guys in a Saturn pull up in the lane next to Grant and motion to put the window down. They ask if we want to race. I guess they're kidding. They were in their 30's I'd say. One said 'loser has to vote for Trump'. Then the other said 'winner gets my car'. So hah, hah; I had been testing my spoiler which again failed yesterday, so I put it into sport plus and on light change, plowed off and they got real small in the mirror very quickly. Everyone wants a ride. My son is 18 and all his friends want a ride. Neighbors, friends, relatives, want a ride. All want a car launch. Porsche documents it’ll go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 sec. It’s understated. Look, the wheels are 1 foot wider in the rear than front - the car has massive acceleration. I’ve registered 1.3 Gs so far doing it - in the passenger seat that makes your eyeballs go to the back of your skull and you can’t lean forward no matter how hard you try. EVERYONE lets out some guttural reaction - usually a scream - the first time they experience it. I try to do it myself once a day to clear my head out. The car also has amazing brakes. Will stop 60 to 0 in 100 feet or less. That sort of stop registers 1.5 Gs. So a good ride is 0 to 60 and back to 0 all in about 4 seconds. Don’t do this after dinner. I have an update for today 9/10/16. - I was mindlessly driving on a 2 lane road in north Georgia and I passed a Sheriff parked on the shoulder. Looked down and I was north of 70 on a 55 road. So, he pulls out after me and I pulled over at the first spot wide enough. He gets out and explains I was clocked at 80 in a 55 zone. Then he steps back and says ‘wow this is a beautiful car! Where do you get something like this?’. ‘Atlanta’, I said. He then asks me why I was driving that fast and I said ‘ I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention and this car goes really fast before you notice’. So he was very talkative asking me about the car and we find out he lived in the past near me. Just a pretty pleasant guy for the situation we were in. He goes back to write it up and then comes back and explains that in Georgia going 75 or more on any 2 lane road is a super speeder status. “!”. I didn’t know that. Then - this was the funny part - he says ‘you seem like a nice guy and you didn’t try to out run me with this car’. And I thought ‘really? turning a speeding ticket into an arrest record is not my idea of fun’. So then he says “I have the discretion to change the charge so I am going to write it for 74 not 80”. He then explains some more things, hands me the ticket and actually shakes my hand saying it was a pleasure to meet and talk to you. He wasn’t being sarcastic. Updated 12/22/16 to include reactions to the 2016 McLaren 650s I recently purchased. It gets ,very different, reactions than the Turbo S I described above. Bought this car Tuesday October 18, 2016. To date: 10/22/16 I picked up the car and drove it home, to Total Wine, at night down to exit 10 and along 141 to almost Sharon Springs Noted people behind me taking photos with their cameras - women even Most people turn their heads as you pass by People sitting at say outside restaurants turn in their seats and stare, if with others they point and talk No one gave me a thumbs up or what I usually see when driving the Turbo S - not sure why this might be Porsche owners - including one Turbo I passed - stare as it goes by 10/23/2016 I drove it over to show my son Grant on his campus in Kennesaw. I drove around 35 miles on route 20 then 575; on 20 almost every car had people turning their heads as the car passed them. Drove to Kennesaw battlefield park and many people there all look at car A guy in a Miata? Convertible gave me a thumbs up near Kennesaw college - he was ahead of me in the next lane but could see me in his mirror A car passing the other way blew their horn Stopped in Marietta town center to have some iced tea. We parked near a corner, went down the street for about 15 minutes and came back with our drinks planning to stand in the shade near the car and relax and talk. People were milling around the car taking pictures. As I walked near a couple men were talking. One says 'do you think this is the guy we saw earlier?' the other guy says 'it has to be, how many of these cars are there around here?'. A man with gray hair was clearly taken by the car and walked up and around it then got closer and was looking into the windows. He looked like he was thinking of opening the door. I figured he was just really curious so I said 'would you like to look inside?'. He was very happy to hear that. So I opened the door and showed him the interior. He wanted to know the horsepower and such. He said he saw a show on how this car was made hosted by the singer from AC/DC. He was more excited to see this car than I was at that moment. He thanked me profusely and said I had 'made his day'. I overheard a person near us say 'how much does something like this cost?' One thing I noticed is even women do a double take and pull out their cell phone cameras. In just one day, it is easy to see it attracts way more attention than the 911. Everyone one I pass on the road turns and stares as I pass by 2 Cars going the same way on 575 drove up and tailed me in the adjacent lanes apparently to keep pace to get a good look. 10/25/2016 Went for ride around Majors and Ronald Reagan loop. Every car passing has a head turning. As I drove from RR onto Majors guy sitting at light on Majors has his phone up taking picture as I pass him. An older woman 70ish, I passed on Majors/141 intersection waiting at light nodded and mouthed 'nice car'. 10/25/2016 Went down 141 to Ronald Reagan then Majors to Shiloh to 9 all the way to Marietta then back to 400 to 12 and home here is what I noticed: Lots of head turning even noticed body turning- couple walking on majors turned completely around to follow me as I passed Guys less than 25 do double takes - saw these types sticking their heads out of driver windows to get a continuous look as I go by Driving up McFarland near 9, 20 year old has camera up and out his driver window taking pictures as I slow down On 9 in Alpharetta a guy next to me at light just mouthed "wow, oh wow" and gave me a nod. A few people in cars next to me smiled and nodded at me when I caught their eye Children have their faces pushed against the glass, point, smile and wave. Pulled in garage and my neighbor is at the door saying he heard an engine all the way into his office and knew that isn't the Porsche- very impressed thought it was a 570 and corrected says wow you don't fool around. This is good - He invited me to go to Sebring next time he goes. Said we can drive our cars or trailer them. Said I should put a lift in the garage. Anyway says congrats. So impressed the car guy even. 10/26/2016 - One thing I note is not any thumbs up like I get in the Porsche- almost like people are too shocked to react. As if they don't know what it is even so I'm gone before they can digest it. I think the people who pull cameras out know what it is and want to get a shot. The people who just stare blankly are not sure what they're seeing as it's not a Ferrari or Lambo so they don't know what it is. Went out tonight and on Ronald Reagan near 20 at light there, Mustang with teenagers goes by and person leans head out passenger and says "Ohhhh Yeah Man". More pictures being taken by people behind me at lights one I remember was on 141 Heading onto Post from 9 I am in the outside lane that smerges with the inside lane. As we get near the merge point the car in front of me goes first, I let in the car on my left and I am there with room on my left to safely merge without slowing down. THEN, a truck accelerates from the left lane behind me and instead of passing, comes right on my tail in the other lane, slows down and starts to pull parallel to me as if he plans to push me out of the road. And sure enough he is gunning his engine to indicate he is going to do this. So I notice there are cars behind and I can't safely stop and I am running out of pavement and will wreck so I figure 'fuck you man, hit a 300K car and see what that does to your driving plans for the rest of your life" and I didn't yield a bit which made him realize he wasn't scaring me and he barely missed me by slowing down. I was really pissed and thought to pull over and get behind so I could get his license number. But, there were too many cars so I wouldn't have been able to get right behind him. Also, he started to slow down and hang way back from me. All of which I thought pretty odd. He definitely did this on purpose as he went out of his way to accelerate up to me and seemed to be working hard at making me think he planned to not let me in. And then like a guilty guy he falls back so I can't see much about him in my rear view mirror. 10/31/2016 drove a lot this weekend. Saturday, went to mountains. Lots of people staring or pulling out their cameras or taking videos of the car out their windows. Too many to note. I did pull into a gas station on 19 to knock a bug out of my car. All the people coming out were giving me thumbs up and beeping but I was too busy trying to figure out where this bug was going on my visor. People on the roads in the mountain would pull over to let me pass so I could really take the bends fast. Nice people. Saturday - riding down 9 a 4 wheel drive SUV with a big American flag hanging on a pole in the rear goes passing me - it's full of teenagers screaming and fist pumping as they drive by excited about the car. Sunday, went to Buckhead again lots of stares and cameras coming out. People were slowing their cars down and hanging out their driver window to get film. Mostly young guys. Went through Avalon and lots of people looking at the Tesla on display, as I drive by 2 kids move from the car and come up to me and say 'we like your car'. Again lots of people taking pics and video of it as I drive down the streets. Sunday - Getting gas at Kroger, guy in pickup truck comes up and says he came off the road to see the car as he never saw a McLaren like mine. Says he saw a P1 GTR at a car show though. He wanted to take a pic so sure I said; shook my hand said his name was Brian. Said if I ever wanted the best steak to come to Ruth Chris Steaks in Alpharetta and he'd make me the best one. So I guess he works there - also he asked me how fast I had the car so far. I declined to answer but he said 'I've had my motorcycle up to 175 on 400'. Pretty impressive. So I told him I had my 911 up to 155 on the same. I haven't had it past 96 or so at this point. Just got past 625 mile break in and don't want a ticket or worse. Sunday - Trying to get flames earlier in the day at Bluegrass and a guy on a motorcycle was at the loop. He was real interested in the car and my launches. Saw the camera and asked if I posted on YouTube and I said yes. Sunday driving through neighborhood past a tennis tournament, woman turned and was shouting and waving her hand in the thumbs up gesture. Monday - Have a new type of person - the protector - went to the DMV on Sharon springs. Parked in front in space with no parking on left and handicap spot on right. Lots of room behind. Go in and come out and a guy is near my car and saying how much he likes it etc., then says he's standing there as some woman had been backing out of the space behind my car and had come so close to it he thought she was going to hit it. He yelled at her and said if she had hit it he was going to run in and get me. So he had seen me go in and was trying to ‘watch’ the car I guess from stupid shit others might do. It's pretty hard to imagine how anyone could have had trouble backing out of the spaces behind me so it shows how bad a place parking lots can be. 10/31/2016 Went for a ride around 3.30. had a number of people filming car at stop lights. Lots of stares and head turns. I am really trying to get a feel for this car so I am sort of not watching much and missing a lot of these things. 10/31/2016 - After dinner went to Publix to get cream. Parked in the back. Not many people in the lot. Came back and drove to Bluegrass. A guy in a truck noticed the car and started staring. He followed me into the park and I thought 'I guess he's going to work back here at this hour'. But then he followed me for a bit and then turned a U turn and left so I gather he was actually following to look at the car. Had a business call at 9pm so I stopped the car back in the Publix lot. As I am on the phone, a motorcycle drives right up to the driver door and looks in sees me and says some things I couldn't hear I guess about the car. Another couple in a pickup drive up and the they are looking at me. I hold up my phone to show I am on a call and they mimic them taking pictures so I guess they're asking if they can take pictures so I signal 'sure'. They do. Later another pickup drives slowly right up parallel to the car to pass with a man in it staring. 11/2/2016 Last night sitting in Publix parking lot on a work call with Australia at 9pm; man in a SUV drives up on my right very slowly staring passes me to turn left but then does U turn and comes back around my right very close. Makes eye contact and gives me a big thumbs up and drives off. Noticed 3 other cars leaving lot but making detours to come past the car. I am parked way out of the way. Went to Publix to get some cookies. Parked way in the back. As I walk towards the store, 2 children - 12 year old girl and 9 year old brother are yelling to their mom and running across the lot towards me and the car. She has an iPhone in her hand. They asked if they could take pictures of the car and I said do you want me to show you the car? So I walked back and explained some things and opened the doors so they could see that. She knew it was a McLaren so I was impressed by that. She had a nonnative accent but not UK. Then they just took a bunch of pictures and I left. Passed their mother who said her daughter likes cars and thanked me for being patient. As I went to the store, a young clerk noticed the car and started walking quickly towards it. When I came back out he was at the cart collection area and seemed to be lingering as I was walking back. He was trying to tell if I was the car owner by what direction I was going. He asked if that was my car and if he could take some pictures. I also offered to show him the car. He did not know what a McLaren even was and hadn't seen one before. He was very impressed. I had to make a business call so I got in the car and made the call. He was knocking on the door later while I was talking so I thought maybe something was wrong. He just wanted to ask me again what model of McLaren it was. Later I was driving through the Avalon and a security guard in a golf cart wanted to know if I'd trade him. Ha ha. Turning onto Post from 9, a BMW came up on my right. He started gunning his engine and went speeding around the front of me. I always notice BMW owners seem sort of over faced by Porsches and now this car. Must be something to do with buyer's remorse. 11/3/2016 Drove car to get a sandwich and gas. At Kroger gas station on 9 guy walks up and asks if he can walk around the car. Sure. I asked if he knew what it was and he says sure it's a McLaren and then says something about it being an American car but I thought I misunderstood him. So I pointed out all the things on it wheels, tires, doors, and so on. He asked if I could fit golf clubs in the tru nk and I said no. I then thought to show him the Tonneau and he says why would they use that name on an American car? And I said it's a British car. So he was very happy to see it and I did spend a lot of time showing it. He shook my hand and said his name was ? - forgot already - but he said he worked nearby at Allstate and maybe I could get insurance from them in the future and I thought he doesn't even know Allstate won't write a policy on this car. 11/6/2016 Yesterday I washed the 2 cars and took some photos. While we're there, my neighbor comes over to say hi to Grant. We talk a lot and of course discuss cars. At one point he says to Grant - "I didn't think your dad would ever outdo me. I thought I was the crazy guy with too many cars but your dad has Out car'd the car guy". That was funny. Went to total wine to get Grant some beer. Lots of people looking of course the whole way there. Coming out of total wine we see 3 guys heading to the car and they are standing around it taking videos and such. I walk up and they were Indian fellows and they said 'nice taste in cars'. As we drive out there are two guys videoing us so I drove up that row to let them get a close view and waved. Grant called his friend Philippe who wanted to see the car so we went there next. It was getting dark by then. His neighborhood was having a fall festival so we had to drive through that very slowly with kids. Oh man. I felt like I was driving a space ship. It's like everything - time based - stops and people just are looking at it. So He is impressed and take him for a ride - hit 101 on 20 so he can see the airbrake; doesn't even feel like a 100 it's so smooth; then we go back to his house and park it in front of his house. His mom and her friends came out to look and then lots of people coming back from the festival start milling around. When I say they are welcome to look etc., I get a crowd of 10 or so people and kids. Women seemed to really like it. They sit in the passenger seat. I let the kids get in the passenger seat (the car is idling the whole time and it is you know loud). One guy seemed to know cars so he was real interested in it. So we were there about an hour total. That was the biggest reaction to date - like a car party. 11/6/2016 Went to Kroger to get a dessert. As I am walking in the cart boy says 'can I ask you what you do for a living to even afford a car like a McLaren?'. I said 'good investments'. Driving to Publix and Kroger passed a few people who waved and nodded at me. Went out to film launches with fire. A white Toyota with a bunch of kids in it pulled alongside of me on McFarland at a light and wanted me to open the window. One asks 'how much did you pay for that car?'. As light changed, I said 'enough' and drove off. And he shouted 'you lie'. I noticed the car was from New Jersey. 11/20/2016 Took the car over to hair salon. Everyone in there came out to look. Gave Lisa's son and brother in law a ride. Everyone wants to know what it cost and what I do for a living. Saw a Fisker at outlet mall and there was a guy looking at it and he looks at my car and says 'what's that?'. And he never has heard of a McLaren. So sees two cars he's never heard of in the same minute. 11/23/2016 Went to Starbucks Saturday and we parked the car adjacent to the place in an empty area. Just as I walk away, some guy in a beat up Mustang pulls next to it. He gets out and starts taking pics. Same moment a car exits the drive through and 2 young women say 'can we take pictures of your car?'. Sure. 'what kind of car is that?' McLaren, "I knew it! We'll just drive around and be there in a minute". So they do that and there are 3 people photo'ing the car. 11/28/2016 Went on a longer drive today and covered Alpharetta up to north of Cumming. At Publix, guy was ahead of me walking towards my car and we converged on it. He was mighty impressed and said he used to live in Germany and would go watch Porsche and other companies lap cars at the Nürburgring. That was cool. Later I stopped at the Starbucks on Bethany to get a snack. There were a lot of cars near the place so I put my car in an empty area of spots and went in. While putting in my cream I notice a white car has pulled right next to the car and I think 'why is someone parking right next to the car when there are a zillion other places to park?'. So I think I need to make sure they don't ding my door. So I walk over and there's this blond haired woman sitting with the window open looking at the car. She asks if it's mine and says she drove over to look at it as her son is into cars. She's never heard of a McLaren but I said her son would know what it was. She was interested in any training you need to drive it and I mentioned that she could take courses at Porsche's headquarters. Turns out she lived in New York, Florida, and LA and now here. She mentioned her best friend's son had died 3 weeks ago when a car hydroplaned. He was in the back seat without a belt and went through the windshield dying instantly. Pretty sad. So she said she'd take her son to the course for a Christmas present since he was 21 in February. An hour so later I was cruising up Highway 9 way north of Cumming. I see this really old looking guy walking towards me with his head down on my side of the road. He has a white beard that forms a sort of half-moon around his face, has blue coveralls on and essentially looks like an old farmer from another century. I am struck by how different he looks. Just at that time, he looks up and sees me and stops in his tracks with a wide-eyed stare. I fly by and look in my rear view mirror to see him totally turned around staring at me. Then as he is getting smaller I see him raise his hand with a big thumbs up. This was the best as here was someone from the past seeing something from the future. I wish I could have caught it all on camera. 12/3/2016 Took a ride to Total Wine while there decided to get some cake at Cheesecake factory across the street. Parked in front of entrance at the pickup spot. When I came out a young man ~17 yrs was standing there and asking what kind of car it was. He said he was 'into cars' but hadn't heard of a McLaren which is odd to me. So he wanted to know if he could photo it and I said sure and decided I'd spend some time letting him look at it. Around this point a man comes out and walks up and asks "is that a 650?". Turns out he has a Ferrari 458 and was thinking of getting a 12c. So we were talking about a bunch of aspects of the car and while looking at the rear wheel he notices I have a screw sticking in the center of the driver's rear wheel. And it's in there. Second tire in as many weeks and the same one! He also asked if I had participated in the Octane and Caffeine events. I said no and he mentioned that if you get invited to show your car they meet at 6am in the parking lot of Stoney River and drive in a convoy of supercars to the event. He lived in Cumming too so I need to look into this. 12/8/2016 Tonight I went to Publix for some whipping cream. Parked at the far end of the row near door. As I am heading near the door this little boy is all excited talking to his mom. As I get closer I hear him say. 'it's awesome mom. That is an awesome car' and he looks at me and smiles. I like that people get so happy to see something like this. 12/22/2016 Yesterday I was trying to turn left onto Post. Just about to get a clear and an SUV pulls up on my right and blocks my view up the road. I look over and this teenager is hanging out the driver's window admiring the car and giving me positive expressions and hand gestures. I just shouted 'you know I can't see the road now!'. In the intervening days it's just lots of people taking pictures of the car when I am stopped at lights. Gwen went for a drive and it was like that. January 7, 2017 Here is an update to my answer. I found my car was posted to an exotic car spotting site. So here are some more reactions to this car driving on the road. McLaren 650S Spider

What are some unusual things Americans have experienced while traveling to foreign countries?

Venice. Arrived with 3 friends with no reservation and could find only find a room starting the next day. Spent the night sleeping on the beach at Lido. One of the girls decides to go skinny-dipping at night and it turns out the water is phosphorescent. Every motion through the water created a wave of little sparkles. Really magical Bali. Arrived during the Asian economic crisis and ended up as almost the sole resident of a billion dollar resort created by Suharto's son on property adjacent to one of the holiest places in Bhuddism: Tanah Lot. They gave me a villa with swimming pool, butler, golf cart, and Gazebo off the golf course. I wake up and see 3 Japanese golfers attended by 10 females: 1 to hold an umbrella, 2 to drive the golf-cart, 3-5 were caddies, 6 to point out the best shot, and 7-10 more umbrellas. Nicaragua. There was this thug who was the Minister of Interior who came to occupy space around the Intercontinental Hotel pool together with his thug bodyguards. I stationed my girlfriend 30 ft behind Tomas Borje and started throwing a frisbee trying to see how close we could come to knocking off his hat. This lasted 15 min and he did not move a whisker. He also came by less. Brazil. I had spent several years off and on living in the Caesar Park hotel on Ipanema beach and could not help noticing that the entire left extreme of the sand (Arporador ) would disappear and later add 10 feet of beach to the right-hand beach (Leblon) . At some point there would have to be hundreds of tons of sand at a half-way point, off-shore creating a sand-bar. I waited for the occasion when the sand was 30 feet off-shore and parallel to the beach in front of my hotel. Swimming out I could tell there was an area only 1 foot below the surface that went for a long while. I called contacts at OGlobo TV and told them that at noon the next day I was going to walk on water. In case they did not show up I took my own camera. As soon as I showed it could be done there were about 40 others, mostly female, who decided to try it, making for a good clip for Oglobo and myself.

Do you have to pay for a speeding camera ticket?

In the UK, if you commit a red traffic light offence detected by camera the following will happen. Within 14 days you will receive a letter through the post. This will contain a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) and a section 172 (road traffic act 1988) notice. The NIP outlines the offence (tine, day, date etc) and will tell you there is photographic evidence of the offence (note: this can work in your favour *) The 172 notice explains that you must either accept you were the driver at the time or provide details of the driver or provide evidence that this wasn’t your vehicle. If you fail to notify who the driver was, you will be reported for an offence under section 172. This carries an automatic 6 penalty points plus the points for the original offence. For a red light thsts 3 do you could get a total of 9. Your driver record will have been checked. If you have not received penalty points for the same offence then you may be entitled to an educational course. These are designed to change your attitude to the way you drive. If you are eligible and accept a course (this means booking AND attending you will pay the cost of the fine (usually the same amount as your fine). However, you do not receive points and you do not have to declare it as a conviction to your insurance company. If you choose not to accept the offer of a course you will be entered into the provisional fixed penalty scheme. If you accept this you must surrender your licence so the penalty points can be added and pay the fine within 28 days. The final option is to request a court hearing and have your case heard - beat in mind there is photographic evidence, *Ok earlier I mentioned that photographic evidence might work in your favour. It is not unknown for people to have their car registration plates stolen or cloned. These are then fixed to a similar vehicle that might previously have been stolen. These vehicles are then used by criminals all over the country. If one commits a camera offence in a different part of the country you can claim it wasn’t your vehicle. The local police force can check ANPR for the date of the offence and this could show your vehicle being driven locally. Photographic evidence might show a different vehicle for example a silver VW golf when in fact your car is a silver VW polo. Or you might have a dealer sticker or some other identifiable sign displayed that may disprove your involvement. Other than that, in short, yes you do have to pay. This isn’t a civil offence like parking in a private car park.

As a software engineer in the SF Bay Area who is looking to save, how can you significantly cut down your regular expenses?

Don’t live in San Francisco. By simply moving even down to Daly City, you can save an extra $1,000 / month without significantly changing your commute for most people. Instead of riding your brake pedal in traffic for 20 minutes, you’ll be driving @ ~45 mph for 20 minutes. The time doesn’t change just the method of getting there. Get a roommate. Or two. This can be tough for the socially awkward / those who don’t have a built in social network, but there are plenty of ways to gain a roommate and this too can save you $1,000 / month or more in rent. For example: a 1 bedroom apartment may cost $2,500. A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom place in the same complex may cost $3,500. But now you’re dividing it between 2 people, so instead of $2,500 / month your individual cost is only $1,750. There’s ~$800 in savings right there. A 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom unit in the same complex may cost $4,200, but divided among 3 people now you’re down to $1,400 per person - $1,100 cheaper than if you lived by yourself, AND a built-in social life / gym partners / professional network you can leverage. Don’t party in San Francisco. SF social life is stupidly expensive. And yeah yeah I know you can find all manner of “cheap” dive bars etc to spend your money at. You’ll still have to deal with parking, Uber/Lyft, and increased costs compared to down the peninsula / south bay (ie, $7 or more for a Blue Moon in SF compared to $5-$6 elsewhere, let alone if you just buy a case at Costco and drink at your house with some friends). Most places will cost you significantly more for a casual night out - $50 or more and it adds up quickly. Indulge in cheaper hobbies. Gym memberships are relatively cheap compared to golf, but hiking is even cheaper and nothing says you can’t do pushups / pullups / etc on the trails. Kiteboarding is fun, but so is surfing if you’re going to be out on the water, and surfing’s cheaper. Video games, reading, book clubs, etc are cheaper too. Learn to cook and make your own food / meal prep / buy in bulk. This can chop your food costs down even if you get 2–3 meals a day for free from work - your weekend meals and perhaps dinners / breakfasts can still amount to a few hundred dollars per month. That’s a car payment. Speaking of which… Cut the car payment. Yeah, I know, you finally landed a 6-figure salary plus stock options and the car is only $65k! You’ve always wanted a BMW / Mercedes / Porsche and you’re tired of your trusty old hoopty Corolla. Fine, you want a “new” / “newer” car with all the bells and whistles because your car is so old it doesn’t even have bluetooth or a backup camera? Don’t want a cheap DIY solution that will add both of those things to your Corolla for like $300 total? Got it. You’re set on buying something new. Go for a 1–3 year old CPO car and let someone else take the depreciation hit for buying new. I promise you, a 2015–16 Honda Civic with the luxury package will still be a massive upgrade over your old 2004 Corolla. Keep a good driving record. Tickets and insurance add up FAST in the bay area, and California in general. Network. There are so, so, so many networking events for various groups out here. Tons of them provide free food, free drinks, and connections to recruiters, companies, volunteer efforts, nonprofits, etc. This can fulfill a significant part of your social life while leveraging your social time to still be productive and moving forward with your life and career, while saving you even more on drinks, food, parking, etc - several of the events I’ve attended even provide free Lyft / Uber rides to / from the event because they assume that since they’re offering free drinks, you might not want to drink and drive (duh). edit - in regards to finding events for #8: Follow various companies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. Meetup.com certainly can be another. Just being social in general - strike up a conversation with your neighbor, people at the bar, whatever. It may be worth creating a separate profile just to follow all of them so the event notifications don’t get lost or mixed in with the average inane status updates from everyone else. Categories I’m aware of that host at least 2–3 annual events (keeping in mind that this answer is about software engineers): Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) / Women In Tech Professional Businesswomen of California (PWBC)(I think that’s what it’s called) Veterans in tech (tons of different ones for this, I could write a whole answer just for these)(vets in tech is an actual organization, but Facebook, google, Tesla, Cisco, LinkedIn, salesforce, Twitter, Pinterest, Palo Alto networks, and others all offer veteran networking events, training certifications, etc) Hispanics in tech Asians in tech Black/African Americans in tech (name varies, events vary) LGBTQ in tech etc, apologies if I’ve forgotten a category that’s near and dear to your heart. Also there’s obviously overlap here, and typically events welcome any and all who show as allies / supporters. Lastly, volunteer! Giving back to the community is a great thing to do. There are sites like OneBrick where you can find any number of good causes to spend as much or as little of your time helping out with. Habitat for Humanity, HomeFirst, various others. I know we all work at a computer all day - nothing says your hobbies have to be online too. But if you do want to volunteer for something more related to software engineering, and are getting tired of open source projects, how about tutoring CS students? Or, if you’ve got a few years of expertise under your belt, might I humbly suggest (and shamelessly plug) ,CS Career Hackers,? It’s a community started and run by a friend of mine and I help out there. Primarily exists on Reddit and Discord, but overall exists to help non traditional candidates get into software engineering. Some of those candidates fall into the categories above. Others may struggle with autism, social anxiety, etc that hinder their ability to pass a whiteboard interview, but aside from that are or have the potential to be excellent engineers. CSCH connects them with others who have been there, done that, figured out coping mechanisms, and help offer mock interviews with live direct feedback from currently employed software engineers from Google, Microsoft, etc. We need more interviewers, so if you’re up for donating say an hour of your time per month (or better yet, per week) to that we’d welcome the help. There are also channels for resume review, project discussions, current / future tech discussions, etc.

Is Tesla too late for the affordable electric car market?

Actually they are growing quite a bit. In the US for example in 2017 Tesla had about 45% of the EV market share. In 2019 that expanded to around 80%. Looking internationally the model 3 has been blowing up their market share as well. The interesting thing is with Audi, Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes/BMW getting into the premium EV game, Tesla is now making one of the lower cost EV’s on the market, and the lowest cost premium one. When you look at the prices of the leaf, Bolt, E-Golf… priced with similar trims as the Tesla model 3, you are paying more for them than a base Model 3 or even a standard plus, and still short in many areas. For example an Egolf with the premium you get… Smaller wheels (16 vs. 18), 6 way adjustable seats (Tesla has 12 way), no folding mirrors, no front and side cameras, about half the power (134 vs. 255), half the range (125 mile vs. 250), lesser stereo system, no LED fog lamps, no glass panoramic roof, no ability to upgrade to autopilot and self parking, no adjustable steering, no lane keeping assist, no sentry mode, and the big one, no infrastructure of any supercharging network for a vehicle with a short range. 3.5 LESS cubic feet of passenger space with less driver headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and less back seat leg room, along with even though it is a hatchback, it has only 2 cubic feet more of storage space. And it sells for… $39,000 even. Vs. the Tesla at 39,900. Add in the $500 dealer fee, and you are talking a price difference of less than 500 bucks. And if I was weighing the lower cost vs. the lack of features and resale values, I’d definitely spend. You can do something similar with the Leaf. Configure a well equipped one and you are up to $44k and it lacks the amenities of a Standard range plus model 3. Configure a bolt premier as close as you can and you are $45k. You can get the equivalent of the EV corolla for less than the equivalent of the EV BMW 3 series. You can get a Bolt or Leaf base model for less. But comparing as close as they can get to apples to apples, you spend more to get less with those other cars. Their one saving grace would be the tax rebate still available for some of those other models while Tesla’s has run out. But Tesla’s was down to $1875 by the end of 2019, and they had record sales.

Is it possible to plan a Disney World vacation on a tight budget? If so, how?

Stay off property. ,While the Disney resorts offer great benefits such as Extra Magic Hours, Disney Transport, and the Magic and storytelling of Disney, all of those things come at a price. A quick check on any of the major hotel search sites show hundreds of options close to Walt Disney World under $100 a night, which is less expensive than even the best Value Resort rates on property. Bring your own food. ,Food at the Walt Disney World Resort is, quite frankly, expensive. It’s okay to have an occasional meal in the park, but you don’t need to eat exclusively at the resort. Disney will allow you to bring outside food and drink into the park, so take advantage of this! NEVER PAY FOR WATER! ,Literally any of the restaurants or stalls that sell non-bottled soda will have ice water. For free. And bottled water at Disney is expensive. My advice? Buy a nice water bottle you can clip to your bag and refill it throughout the parks! Skip the extras. ,There are so many things at the resort that it can be tempting to try and do it all. Stick to your plan! Make a list of the things you absolutely must do and don’t stray! You don’t have to buy PhotoPass, each photographer will take the same photo on your cell phone or camera! You don’t need the Disney Dining Plan. You don’t need Park Hopper. Use Disney Transportation. ,If you do decide on Park Hopper or you want to enjoy the water parks, golfing, or Disney Springs, then be smart! Use the absolutely free Disney Transportation. This includes buses, monorails, ferry boats, and more that can get you anywhere at Walt Disney World. Keep an eye out for deals. ,Occasionally, Disney will offer significant ticket discounts for their lower volume seasons. These aren’t available super often, so be sure to check regularly. Do not rent a car. ,Some people may tell you to rent a car because it is more convenient. While that may be true, that is going to end up costing you a lot of money! Unless you are an Annual Passholder, you will have to pay for parking. Every day. Right now, standard Theme Park parking is $25 per vehicle. My advice? Use Uber or Lyft to get around. They are readily available at nearly all hours of the day and prevent the hassle of paying for parking as well as the rental. Super concerned about money? Only take the Uber/Lyft to the closest Disney resort and use Disney transport from there. Buy your souvenirs ahead of time. ,Headline of the year: Disney merchandise in the parks is expensive! You can find a T-shirt at the Magic Kingdom for $24.99! That same shirt sold off property? Probably $12. Look around and buy your things ahead of time so you’re less tempted to spend when you’re in the park. BUDGET. ,Make a budget. Stick to it. Be sure to include a little wiggle room for the absolute “must-have” purchase: Check airline deals frequently. ,Airlines are constantly offering deals around the nation, so check often! Do your research before purchasing your flights!

Manhattan (NYC borough): What is the most luxurious apartment building in Manhattan?

Luxury, like beauty, can be subjective, and sometimes luxury is defined by the intangible; views, quietness, discretion, scarcity. For simplicity’s sake, in the list below I am equating “luxurious” with “most expensive”, and I will be letting the numbers do the talking. Before an overview of some of today’s most luxurious/expensive apartment buildings in Manhattan, I would like to include a special mention: the building that started the trend of apartment living in New York: The Dakota Apartments. Though no sales above $30 million has occurred, the cache of the building has stood the test of times for over 130 years. The Dakota was built as an apartment rental building in 1884 by real estate developer Edward Clarke (of the Singer Sewing Machine fortune) and designed by architect Henry J. Hardenbergh (who also designed the Plaza & the Waldorf Astoria Hotel). In 1884 the yearly rent for each of the 65 “French flats” ranged from $1,000 to $5,600. The building turned co-op in the 1960s, and most of the sprawling apartments were divided in to slightly smaller spaces - today’s count is 94 units. Marble staircases, oak- and mahogany-paneled dining rooms, silver plated door handles, 14-foot ceilings, ornate fireplaces, twice a day coal delivery, onsite laundry, servant rooms and trunk rooms were some of the many luxuries, and even though the Dakota Park with its tennis courts and crocket lawns, no longer exists, having Central Park just outside the building is still quite a luxury. $100.47 million, - the price of the most expensive apartment sold to date in New York City, a 6 bedroom Duplex Penthouse with 23-foot floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over Central Park, located on the 89th/90th floors at Extell’s One57. Over the last few years Manhattan’s 57th Street corridor is becoming known as “Billionaire’s Row”, and there are a number of ultra tall towers rising on 57th St, reshaping the midtown skyline. $7,227/sqft, - the average sales price in 2017 at 15 Central Park West, Zeckendorf Development and Robert A M Stern’s limestone condominium building nicknamed “Limestone Jesus”. 15 CPW is widely considered the most luxurious apartment building in Manhattan, and continues to top the list of most most expensive real estate sold in New York City. The top three transaction ($/sqft) in New York in 2017 were all at 15 CPW. The most expensive unit sold for $9,581/square foot ($50.5 million), a nice upswing from the last purchase price of $37 million (2009). Classic pre-war co-op’s like the San Remo, 993 Fifth Ave. and 740 Park Ave. are also among the elite apartment buildings in New York City. $110 million ,- is currently the most expensive asking price for an apartment in New York. The seven floor Penthouse at the Woolworth Building dubbed “the Pinnacle” is asking $11,700/sqft. Architect Cass Gilbert’s 792-foot tall Gothic Revival tower first opened up in 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson flipped a switch in the White House, boldly illuminating the world’s then tallest building. Today this landmarked building offers 33 residences re-imagined by French architect Thierry Despont, and the Penthouse comes with a 400-square-foot open-air observatory and plenty of New York History. ,For the history buff with deep pockets. The stargazing should be amazing. $85 million ,- the asking price of a nine unit combination on the 45th floor of The Atelier, in the far west side neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Among the amenities offered at The Atelier is 12,000-square-foot health club; a jaw-dropping rooftop lounge and terraces, daily breakfast in the lobby, basketball court, tennis court, golf driving range, movie theater, barbecue grills, on-site storage, free bicycles for use, crosstown shuttle bus. With the purchase of the 45th floor combo comes some outrageous perks, including a $1 million yacht with docking fees for 5 years, two Rolls Royce Phantoms, dinner for two every week at Daniel for one year, a year of court-side season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets, a private chef for a year, and a Hampton’s summer rental. ,Not exactly known as a luxurious neighborhood, at least the sunset views over the Hudson river from this Hell’s Kitchen abode will be golden. The buyer will need to actually combine the smaller units into a larger penthouse. $82 million ,- 432 Park Avenue, PH95. This 96 story tower was designed by Raphael Vinoly and is known as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Last years (2017) most expensive New York City apartment was a three half floor combination Penthouse 92A/93B/94B which sold for $91 million (the 2nd and 3rd most expensive unit sold in NY in 2017 were also at 432 Park Ave. This 8,255 square foot 95th floor Penthouse offers six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a library with wood-burning fireplace, and two powder rooms. 10 x 10 feet windows in all directions provide panoramic views of Central Park and the City. ,Not for anyone suffering from vertigo. Helicopter views from almost 1400 feet in the air. Honorary mentions (as these two residences are not per se apartment buildings, but single family mansions): $88 million, - 12 East 69th Street. Originally commissioned in 1883 for an international silk trader, this 40 foot wide mansion was transformed in 1913 into its present neo-Classical style by architect William Welles Bosworth for James Ellsworth, an American industrialist and fine art collector. Clearly influenced by the Palace of Versailles, this 20,000 sqft single family home is built for entertainment with a dining room where you can accommodate up to 40 guests, a double height library with 24 ft ceilings, and a split-level private movie theater which seats 12 in red velvet chairs. Over-the-top amenities include heated Onyx marble floors in the entry hall, heated sidewalk for automatic snow removal, a saline swimming pool, security cameras, and even a panic room. ,Don’t panic - compared to the $114+ million ask of five years ago, one could argue the current ask is almost a bargain for this house that will cater to most of your royal needs. $79.5 million, - 8 East 62nd Street, a landmarked 6 story limestone Beaux Art mansion built in 1903. Though meant for a single family there is no lack of amenities in this single family home featuring a spa with a massage room, sauna, plunge pool, a gym with glass rooftop and natural daylight, a wine cellar with handmade oak millwork, as well as a 2,500-square-foot rooftop entertainment terrace with full outdoor kitchen. This pre-war home also offers lighted handbag display and a temperature controlled vault for furs, high-tech controls, and snow melt frost sidewalks. ,Filled with “you never knew you needed it” goodies, steps from Central Park on one side and the shopping on Madison Avenue on the other. $76 million, - the ask for the 7/8th floor Duplex in the ultra coveted Rosario Candela designed pre-war co-op 834 Fifth Ave. Old world elegance with 24-foot ceilings in the entrance foyer, 100 feet living space facing Central Park, five wood burning fireplaces, and a library lined with 17th Century leather walls. Included in the purchase price is an outside chauffeur's room, 2 storage cages and a room-sized fully fitted wine cellar. The limestone clad 14 story (24 unit) building is located directly on Central Park, and it is only available for an all cash buyer, as the co-op does not allow financing. ,Buyers must be all cash and on the who’s who list of industrial magnates and socialites. Discretion and old world white glove service is part of the luxury in this building. $68 million, - Hotel living at the Sherry Netherland. The current ask for this full floor 18th floor unit in the famed New York hotel turned co-op, almost exactly mirrors the last sales price of $67.5 million (in 2015). A 60 ft Central Park facing private terrace sits just off the living room, another 85 ft terrace looks out over New York City, and a third private terrace is accessed from the master bedroom. The co-op requires a 2% flip tax paid by the buyer, and the apartment’s monthly maintenance is currently $58,958. ,If your inner Gatsby requires old world elegance and hotel turn down service in one of the most iconic New York towers, this is the one for you. Cipriani’s is located in the building for your Bellini cravings. 2018 (or 2019), - may very well reveal some record breaking numbers once the new development contracts that are signed actually close; A 14,000 sqft Penthouse at the Crown building is rumored to have sold for $180 million to ““a European investor who owns multiple homes around the world”. Hedge Fund billionaire Ken Griffin is rumored to be the buyer of a $250 million quadruplex penthouse combination at Related’s 220 Park Avenue. Zeckendorf’s and Robert A M Stern’s latest collaboration 520 Park Avenue on Est 60th Street, where the collection of 9,100 sqft Duplex Penthouses with 42 ft wide balconies overlooking Central Park (all asking over $70 million) are said to have already found buyers.


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