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New insurance plans for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) has three new protection plans for all Mercedes-Benz car owners

Volvo XC90 Armoured - Genuine Armoured Warrior With 50 mm-thick Glass, Weighs 4.5 Tonnes!

the Volvo XC90 takes the T6 AWD variant for reference, which is manufactured at the Torslanda factory in

All-new 2021 Honda Civic – New vs old, more lit or wack?

In what some people might think as a “pro-gamer move”, Honda has launched the all-new 2021

Here's why you should check your surroundings before you open your car door!

bicyclist’s case, the speed that they are travelling.You really don’t want to be involved in

Get better protection with Honda's enhanced insurance package

First introduced in 2002, the HiP functions to provide comprehensive protection and coverage to all Honda

This unassuming Toyota Camry can withstand bombs and bullets

But what if you wanted a stealth-looking armoured car that doesnt attract too much attention like, say

2020 Honda City, Perodua Aruz, Proton X50 - which is safer? The answer might surprise you

As the Proton X50 is structurally similar to the Geely Binyue donor car, one can say that this is the

ASEAN NCAP to assess AEB systems starting Jan 2021, motorcyclist safety included

a car-to-car rear stationary by driving the assessed vehicle forward at a speed of 10–60 km/h

Nissan Kicks ‘kicks’ Proton X50 in ASEAN NCAP rating

Despite having some of the smartest driving aids in its class, the Proton X50 didn’t make it to

Poor JNCAP scores for Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize’s AEB’s pedestrian detection

its identical twin brother the Toyota Raize have been given a maximum 5-star rating for crash safety protection

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First accessory you should buy for your brand-new car, Trapo Classic Mark II Mats!

Car mats are one of the first few accessories Malaysians will buy upon collecting their brand-new car.The

RM 99 for 3 Volvos? Volvo Car Malaysia now offers reusable facemasks

Face masks have become a new essential in our daily lives since the pandemic happened.

How often should you service your car?

their engine protection, heat management and lubrication qualities.When purchasing an engine oil, remember

Which do you think will protect you better? The Mazda CX-30 or Volvo XC40?

front of the car.

All-new G20 BMW 330e goes on sale in Europe, Malaysia launch soon?

eDrive maximum speed up to 140 km/h (20 km/h more than before) Synthesized sound to warn pedestrians can car

Toyota Vellfire/Alphard’s ADAS is rated best in Japan

The Toyota Alphard and Vellfire have been awarded the highest rank awards in JNCAP’s safety assessment.JNCAP

2020 Isuzu D-Max is the safest pick-up truck in ASEAN

Now it can also be known as the safest pick-up truck in the South East Asia region.

Why scheduled oil changes are important for your car

aspects of car maintenance that we can talk about.

Perlis JPJ Deputy Director arrested for lorry protection syndicate involvement

Another arrest has been made during the ongoing Op Sukat investigations in Perlis.

JPJ Perlis on mission to stop road users from getting cheated with illegal car accessories

The Perlis State Road Transport Department (JPJ) recently conducted a trip to 4 car accessory shops around

New electric Mini Cooper SE coming to Malaysia soon, 217 km battery range only?

Having launched in Thailand back in February this year, the Mini Cooper SE (all-electric) will be coming

Honda Accord is ASEAN NCAP's overall safest car for 2019-2020, almost perfect score

The car scored the highest points in almost all the scoring pillars of the ASEAN NCAP 2017-2020 Protocol.Honda

MIROS' new test track for ADAS development to begin operations in June 2021

MIRA test track in the UK. Will ours be like this?

Safer than a Volvo: 2020 Mazda CX-30 smashes Euro NCAP’s record for adult occupant protection

now the safest car ever tested by Euro NCAP, eclipsing the Volvo XC40, which previously held the title

Volvo Car Malaysia extends its factory warranty for free

the introduction of the extended factory warranty, customers will be able to enjoy a similar level of protection

All-new Isuzu D-Max scores 5 stars in Australasian NCAP, safer than the average passenger car

The all-new Isuzu D-Max is already available in countries like Thailand and Australia, but not yet in

Listen to this hydrogen-burning engine driven Toyota Corolla race car vroom by

engine in a 24-hour endurance race competition in Japan.

Subaru warranty nearly expired? Here's an auto protection for you!

In order to provide customers with complete peace of mind and to ensure a higher resale value of their

All-new 2020 Honda City gets 5-star ASEAN NCAP – maximum points for side impact protection

conducted at Japan’s JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) lab, using a Thailand market car

32 JPJ officers arrested as MACC busts syndicate offering protection for lorry drivers

A syndicate offering protection to errant lorry drivers was busted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission

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The #AudiA5 has been awarded a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating confirming its place among the safest vehicles in the segment! This is true for both adult and child safety, for pedestrian protection and for other safety systems.#Audi #Cars #Safety #Ratings

Max Pedestrian R killed by Cars therefore in 2005 Europe made Pedestrian protection by car design mandatory. In Balleno front car hits below knee so that Pedestrian falls on Bonet instead of hitting above knee which kills Pedes. In India 25,000 Pedestristiian killing will double

We all know a Tesla is great for the health of kids and adults around you because they don't release any toxic fumes.But did you know every Tesla has the most advanced pedestrian protection features on Earth?These tests simulate a child walking in front of a car. @elonmusk

Blind pedestrian almost hit by car on Centre St in JP #SAFEinBoston@JP_CentreSouth @02130News @MattOMalley @marty_walsh @transitmatters @BostonBTD @ofsevit @StreetsBoston @WalkBoston @T4MASS @wgbhnews

Cyclist almost hit by car in Hyde Square rotary in JP. #SAFEinBoston @BostonCyclist @bostonbikeunionWe are asking @marty_walsh and @BOSCityCouncil for safe streets now... Leading pedestrian interval at all concurrent signals, bus-only lanes, cycling protection, and less cars

Why aren't there cars in the US with pedestrian protection features?

Move Highway funding to public transit; upgrade headlight standards; mandate speed governors, pedestrian/bicycle protection, in new cars; prohibit use of LOS; treat accessibility requirements seriously rather than just pay lip service; revise rash reporting procedures & forms /

Audi are equipped with Pedestrian Protection systems. What I'm trying to say we import cars that have audi bodykits(not originals) or with none of the modern day protection systems + this are 2013 models. 2020s are advanced but the tax system in KE will not allow you to own such