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, all-round leather seats, rear air-cond vents, 60:40 split-folding rear seats, and a foot-operated parking

All-new BMW X6 M and BMW X6 M Competition unveiled

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All the toys !!!! New vehicles are coming out with some of the best tech we have seen in a while . What is your favorite feature of your vehicle ? #tech #mercedes #audi #bmw #mini #vw #porsche Featured: Bmw touch screen with 360 view camera with parking sensors

BMW X6 XDRIVE30D M SPORT COUPE 3.0 AUTOMATIC DIESELIncludes:- 360 Degree Camera- Parking Pilot- Automatic High Beam Assist£40,995 - Finance Packages Available! Get in touch on 0161 641 4111...

BMW 650i m sport coupe 4.4 V8 twin turbo 520 BHPM sport Massage seats Air con seats Heads up display M sport exhaust LED adaptive headlights Memory seatsSurround view 360 camera Rear camera Front and rear parking sensors Air conditioned seats

@bmwindia @BMW Connected Drive can't connect 2 iOS or Android. Auto parking disabled. 360 camera not available. And finding more. These won't b told before sale, but revealed after purchase. If wowed by their YouTube videos? List down all features n tell to demo at test drive.

STUNNING 2013 BMW 528I xDrive M Sport PKG Executive PKG, Navigation, 360 Surround View Camera, Parking Sensors, Directly Purchased from BMW Finance off lease ,Beautiful Color Combination White over Black Leather,…

@elonmusk could we please enable the front/360 camera when parking? Similar to what Mercedes and BMW's have? We have the hardware ...

Perfect blend of beauty and power, the 2016 #BMW X4 ..Powered by the #awesome features ..•AWD •Navigation •Sunroof •360 Parking Sensors •BackUp Camera •20/28 MPG ..Check it out this #weekend @baha_auto of…

Qashqai's 'luxury' cameras present a new world view: Consider the 360-degree parking cameras used by Audi, BMW... http://bit.ly/14mook0

Coming soon

Hi Elon, could the camera app have an option to simulate a 360 degree view (bird’s eye view) to help with parking close to sidewalks or around obstacles? Love my MX but I really miss this feature from my old 2011 BMW X5 that had cameras under the mirrors...thanks

bmw 360 parking camera Q&A Review

Why is the Tesla S model so expensive, and has very minimal comfort amenities?

The Tesla Model S is expensive since it outclasses most vehicles in its class. Taking the BMW 5-series, their top of the line 2019 540i xDrive Sedan (all wheel drive) and comparing it to a Model S you can see the differences: Cargo Space: BMW: 18 cubic feet Tesla: 30 cubic feet Performance: BMW: 0–60: 4.7s | 130 mph top speed | 335 hp Tesla: 0–60: 4.2s | 140 mph top speed | 518 hp As far as “comfort amenities”, Tesla has quite a few that are upgrades ($$$) from their competitors if they are even available: Mobile Application (control temperature, GPS Location, Trunk/Frunk operation, Lock/Unlock, Valet and Speed Limit Modes, Honk horn, Flash Lights, check State of Charge, Summon) Valet mode with Speed Limit setting Heated Seats / Steering wheel / Side mirrors Multiple configuration electric seats Smart Air Suspension 2 Monitors including a 17″ Touchscreen display allowing simultaneous viewing of navigation and live rear camera view TACC (Traffic Aware Cruise Control) 5 star rating for Safety in Front, Side, Driver collisions and lowest rollover risk Glass Roof Auto-Presenting door handles Automatic locking/unlocking of doors when key fob present Powered Liftgate Automatic High Beams Self-Parking Remote Summon (Front and Reverse) 360 degree rear, side, and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility 250 meter Forward facing radar provides a long-range view of distant objects 12 Ultrasonic sensors to detect nearby cars, prevents potential collisions and assists with parking

What are some safety features found in modern cars?

We all already are aware of ABS, ESC and seat belts. But what comes in my mind when it’s RECENT safety features, are: Lane steering assist, to keep you in lane while driving. 360° parking camera, so that the is no excuse that you couldn’t see the blind corners. Blind spot alert, to let you know there is a car present in the blind zone. When it comes to safety, the brands that come in my mind are BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Volvo. BMW and Audi mentality is “It’s the driver that can make the car a safe car to drive”. Thus why they make their cars joyful to drive so that there is no excuse for an accident or death in the event of an accident. Volvo mentality is “sugar-coat the car with safety tech, and make it such that the occupants survive all impacts” Thus why they brag so much about safety… Mercedes is in between.

I live in the US. Should I get a 2016 BMW x5 or a 2016 Mercedes GLE 350?

I’m in Canada, recently I was in the same dilemma looking for a vehicle for my wife, we ended up buying a 2017 Mercedes GLE. Though mine is a AMG model, I was comparing the 2016 BMW X5 50i vs 2017 Mercedes GLE 43 AMG (not sold in US). Both BMW X5 35i and Mercedes GLE 350 have similar efficiency and capabilities, the X5 35i has a 3L V6 (300hp/300t) and GLE 350 (302hp/273t), X5 is 200 pounds lighter and a bit sportier, GLE is more stable and a bit better for daily driving. Both are best-in-class SUVs in their segment, have comparable features, price, reliability and brand value. To start with, the technical features in the BMW are better. The LCD odometer can be adjusted to various modes and you can select the information you want to be displayed, the heads-up display, free wifi with connected services and electronically folding seats. In Mercedes, you have to manually fold the rear seat, there’s no head-up display option, you have to pay for internet connectivity (Mbrace) and the small LCD screen in the middle is crowded by the Odometer and Tachometer, it’s with old age style with limited options (funny you can’t see trip meter and speed at the same time, you have to switch between screens). In case you were to surf internet on-board BMW is way better, there are many more similar technical features making the BMW better option. Though both of them have the crappy tracker remote control system for infotainment, touch screen is so better and easier, but seems Germans don’t like it. In the Mercedes GLE, the interiors are best in class from the steering wheel, to the dashboard, to doors-seats and storage compartments. The quality of material is great compared to cheaper feel on the BMW (though seats are comparable). The comfort and convenience features are way better than the BMW, whether its the seat adjustment knobs on the doors or the usability and location of storage spaces. GLE gives you plenty of space in front as the gear shift is a know on the steering, making it more practical with defined space for wallet, sunglasses and change. Now coming to the driving and experience, X5 would definitely beat the GLE on a race track with its a tad better pickup. But then both have ,driving modes, - X5 has Eco-Pro, Comfort, Sports and Sports+ compared to GLE which has Comfort, Slippery, Sport, Sport+ and a Custom (individual mode), the feel and shifting between modes is quite smoother in the GLE. In X5 Eco-Pro will make your car drive like a Honda CRV, it won’t react even if you push it hard, so generally you’ll end up driving in Comfort and Sports to get the real feel, Sports+ make it more responsive but nothing much. GLE would do great in Comfort (would drive like a Merc), Sports mode makes it a X5 50i (or any V8) and Sport+ makes it a X5M (or any Performance V8, pretty fast, smooth and dynamically. I don’t miss my Range Rover V8 while driving in Sport or Sports+ mode, though in BMW X5 I wanted more. Mercedes floors the BMW in safety features, instead of vibrating steering, alarms and late lane correction… GLE puts you back in the lane automatically, its drive-pilot cameras and radar keep monitoring the lanes and if set to can automatically drive the car ensuring its centered in the lane. It can be set to, drive on its own, without holding the steering, similar to Tesla though you can sleep on it. It’ll warn you after few minutes to hold the steering but you can cover the sensor with a finger and it’ll keep driving. Similarly the park-assist, attention-assist and 360 view are better than the BMW in usability and effectiveness. One of ,best features, in the GLE is the reverse camera, its build inside the door above the license plate saving it from dirt, mud and snow so you don’t have to clean it all the time. As soon as you put the vehicle in reverse the camera comes out and gives you a view, when you change the gear it folds and goes back in, X5 has the regular which you need to clean every time there’s rain, snow and dirt built-up. At the end it came down to choosing features that better address the needs, I initially wanted the BMW due to its better power, technical features in addition to the 4 year free maintenance, but I had to deal with a stupid BMW salesperson and my concern for safety features was better addressed by the Mercedes. So we got the 2017 GLE. Hope it helps!

Which is the best SUV between a Land Cruiser V8 or a Range Rover V8?

There are plenty of options for SUVs currently on the market and it’s ever expanding, too, at any price point. However, few vehicles have stood the test of time quite like the Land Rover Range Rover and the Toyota Land Cruiser. Both of these vehicles have proven themselves on and off-road, and include more and more technology each year. Competition includes the BMW X, Porsche Cayenne S, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX 5700, Mercedes-Benz GL550 4Matic SUV, Tesla Model X, Lincoln Navigator Reserve 4×4, Maserati Levante, and other capable multi-terrain vehicles. All of these vehicles are within the $75,000 to $89,000 dollar range, with the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover coming in at an MSRP of $84,950* while the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is only slightly less at an MSRP of $83,825*. While all those are luxurious vehicles, today we’re comparing the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover vs. 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser. 2016 Range Rover vs 2016 Land Cruiser - 1 Exterior Designs Both the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover and the Toyota Land Cruiser have stylish and prominent-looking exterior designs. The 2016 Range Rover has that classic Land Rover design that is smooth with subtle body lines, a non-flashy front grille flanked by aggressive-looking LED headlights, and 19-inch five spoke Style 501 wheels. Small lower vents rest atop a blacked-out lower grille before sloping into a front fascia fitted for off-road by featuring an 11.6-inch obstacle clearance and an approach angle of 34.7-degrees. Toyota’s Land Cruiser doesn’t lack style, either. A strong, horizontal chrome grille brings the bling and is flanked by LED headlights sporting chrome accents. The Toyota has smaller, 18-inch 5-spoke wheels, however, that doesn’t impact its presence on the road. The front and rear fascia of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser were also designed for rugged travel beyond the blacktop and, as such, it comes with an approach angle of 30-degrees and a ground clearance of 8.9 inches. The 2016 Land Rover Range Rover has a length of 196.8 inches, a width of 81.6 inches (mirrors in), a height of 72.2 inches, a wheelbase of 115 inches, a towing capacity of 7,716 lbs., and a wading depth of 35.4 inches. Over in the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser, you’ll get a length of 194.9 inches, a width of 77.6 inches, a height of 74 inches, a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, a towing capacity of 8,100 lbs., and does not give a wading depth. Interior Style Interior embellishments on the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover include leather, soft-touch surfaces, wood, and other refinements. There’s interior mood lighting, a four-way tilt headrest, a heated leather steering wheel, three-zone climate control, and other creature comforts. A 12.3-inch TFT display is used in the instrument cluster while an 8-inch touchscreen connects you to your infotainment and ancillary vehicle systems. The Meridian audio system has three levels of available systems, including the top of the line 29-speaker, 1,700W system which has been specially tuned to have a sophisticated 3D sound. This system has plenty of features and one killer hi-fi sound quality, too. The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is also trimmed with leathers, woods, soft-touch surfaces, and premium embellishments. Rear seat passengers have their own temperature panel, for a total of four-zone climate control, a wireless smartphone charger, 8-passenger seating with semi-aniline leather-trimmed seats, and more. Toyota has included their Entune Premium JBL infotainment system a 9-inch touch screen, 14 speakers, navigation, HD radio, iTunes tagging, hands-free access to Bluetooth-connected phones and ancillary devices, Siri Eyes Free, Entune Apps such as Pandora, Facebook, OpenTable, and Yelp, and so much more you could spend hours reading about just the entertainment capabilities it. While the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser comes standard with a rear-seat entertainment system, a similar package is a $2,200 add-on in the 2016 Range Rover Land Rover. Performance The standard engine is a 3.0L supercharged V6 engine capable of 340 horsepower and 332-lb.ft. of torque though that’s not the only engine offered. There’s a 3.0L diesel 6-cylinder with 254 horsepower and 443-lb.ft. of torque, 3.0L supercharged V6 capable of 380 horsepower and 332-lb.ft. of torque, and a powerful 5.0L supercharged V8 pushing out 510 horsepower and 461-lb.ft. of torque. The SVAutobiography edition can accelerate from zero to 60 in a scant 5.1 seconds while the base model can achieve that feature in 7.1; good for any full-size SUV. Any engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and permanent 4-wheel drive. Land Rover’s Range Rover comes with their Terrain Response 2 system designed to accommodate any terrain and automatically configures all the Range Rover’s vehicle settings, such as throttle response and traction controls while providing the utmost in comfort through their air-ride suspension. The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser has but one engine choice: a 5.7L V8 DOHC engine capable of 381 horsepower and 401-lb.ft. of torque connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission with uphill and downhill shifting logic and full-time 4-wheel drive system. This 32-valve powerhouse also qualifies the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle II for its size. Toyota has included their Enhanced Multi-Terrain Monitor and Multi-Terrain Select mode for tackling rock, rock and dirt, mogul, loose rock, and mud and sand. There’s also a crawl control to help you modulate your throttle and a Torsen limited slip differential. Safety No matter which of these vehicles you choose, you’ll be purchasing a safe, rugged, and capable vehicle. The 2016 Range Rover Land Rover comes with Active Speed Limiter, an alarm with engine immobilization, keyless entry, power-operated child seat locks, and a slew of protective airbags. Optional equipment includes surround view camera, driver assist package with lane departure warning, park assist for parallel and perpendicular parking, a 360 park distance control, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more. The 2016 Land Cruiser comes with blind-spot monitoring, trailer-sway control, hill-start assist, and Toyota Safety Sense with pre-collision warning, pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, automatic high-beam on and off, and adaptive radar-guided cruise controls. Toyota’s Star Safety system comes with 10 airbags, stability and traction control, antilock brakes with brake-force distribution, and more. Safety Connect includes emergency assist and automated collision notification. Overall This is a close choice if ever we’ve had one. Both the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover and the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser come from a lineage of epic off-road vehicles dating back 45 years for one and 49 for the other; both are capable of trekking jungles, tackling deserts, and navigating your local supermarket; both offer premium technology and superior refinements. Some key differences include the more rugged capability of the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover and the superior towing capacity of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser. I suppose you have to ask yourself one question: do you plan on climbing mountains or towing boats?

Is driving the Tesla Model S a better driving experience than driving a BMW 5 Series?

Sept 15, 2019 I drove a 5 Series BMW convertible for a while and it is an AWESOME car. AND, compare specs and price—the BMW 530i falls a bit short of the less expensive Model 3 numbers-wise. And for me—the Model 3 is more fun as well (I know many will disagree here). Also, the Tesla Audio system is beyond compare today, IMO. The equivalent Tesla just costs less and specs out a little better than a BMW 530i on all significant objective measures reported by the manufacturers—except range without refueling/recharging. See for yourself and check me—I list out the specs below from the manufacturer websites. The purchase price on my Tesla Model 3 was $64,000 in 2018 including almost every upgrade available: Long Range Battery (LR), Enhanced Autopilot (AP), All Wheel Drive (AWD), Premium White Interior, 19″ Wheels, Upgraded White Pearl Multi-coat Paint. Tesla now includes many upgrades I paid for as included standards. If you buy my car ,Tesla Model 3 WITH AWD, AP, LR Battery,, and White Pearl Multi-coat Paint—but without the upgraded wheels and white interior—then the purchase price today in 2019 would be ,$47,990. Versus BMW 2020 530i--$53,900 Base Price. Buying my exact car today would cost $50,490—the price has come down by $9910—almost $10,000. Teslas are constantly improving and getting more valuable. Much of that comes in over the air updates. Mine has increased in capability dramatically in the past 8 months. It was well worth the price—and I think the BMW 5 series does not have a similar AP system, similar torque and 0–60, or universal over the air updates for similar trim models. Correct? Looking at the ,2020 BMW 530i and the latest Tesla Model 3,, both non-performance models, and the most commonly selected configurations, I get these specs: Model: BMW—2020 530i *** Tesla—Current Model 3 LR AWD Base price: BMW—$53,900 *** Tesla —$47,990 Power: BMW—248HP *** Tesla—363HP Torque: BMW—300Nm *** Tesla—510Nm 0–60: BMW—5.9 seconds *** Tesla—4.4 seconds Top Speed: BMW—130MPH *** Tesla—145MPH (governed) EPA Mileage: BMW—25/33 *** Tesla—136/123 EPA Range: BMW—486 miles *** Tesla—310 miles AWD: BMW—NO (RWD) *** Tesla—Yes Wheels: BMW—18″ *** Tesla—18″ Seats: BMW—5 *** Tesla—5 Power folding heated side mirrors: BMW—YES *** Tesla—YES Audio Systems: BMW—12 spkrs 205Watts, SiriusXM is extra Tesla—15 spkrs, 560Watts, immersive sound, included Slacker streaming AutoPilot: BMW—Dynamic Cruise Control *** Tesla—Enhanced AutoPilot Info Display: BMW—10.25″ *** Tesla—15.4″ 1920 x 1200 resolution Over The Air (OTA) Updates: BMW—Maps only, 4x Annually *** Tesla—Unlimited Updates on All Systems 360 Degree View/Cameras: BMW—YES—4? *** Tesla—YES—9 Tesla has 8 exterior and 1 interior camera Ultrasonic Sensors: BMW—YES, 8? *** Tesla—YES, 12 Automated Parking: BMW—YES *** Tesla—YES Warranty: BMW—4yr/50,000mile *** Tesla—4yr/50,000mile basic Tesla also comes with an 8yr/100,000 mile powertrain warranty, standard

What is a common feature in a car but most people don’t know what it’s used for?

I’ll share some of the common/cool features of a BMW as I know them well. Some of these features may work with older generation BMWs, or be available on other vehicle manufacturers. I will be using my 2019 X5 (with iDrive ver. 7) as a demo in this post. BMW Key features, (will work on older BMWs) Press lock 3 times to start the car. Press lock 3 more times once the car is started to turn it off. Hold unlock to open all windows + sunroof. Hold lock to close windows/sunroof (this one is model dependent). The BMW display key (right) can perform lot of these features with two way interaction. Note: the 5 and 7 series do offer the remote park option on the display key. I have not seen any other models offer it. BMW door handle features (comfort access) A part from un/locking the door, the door handle equipped with comfort access has another hidden feature. Pressing and holding the lock/unlock “ridge” for about 5 seconds (pictured below) will allow you to open or close the windows + sunroof without going back into the vehicle. This trick will work with almost any generation equipped with comfort access. Try it out. Leave the windows or sunroof open and walk outside of the car with the keys in your pocket and hold the ridge. Kick-open tail gate This feature is not new. Kick your foot under the car and the trunk opens. But did you know it can also close the trunk? Kick once again to close and enjoy never touching your trunk again! This feature works across many manufacturers and older BMWs. I noticed that Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti, and Acura, for example, have the same feature. Programmable memory buttons You’ll notice that the interior infotainment system always comes with buttons labelled 1 to 8. Most people store radio stations on them. But did you know you can actually save any setting/feature in the vehicle with these buttons? For example, say you want to go to a certain setting or feature such as Apple Carplay. You simply go there and hold down #1. Once you hear the ding, the setting will be saved within that button! Now, instead of finding a setting or feature, you simply push #1. This trick has been around for many generations of BMWs. The “A” letter above a light on the stalk This is the automatic high beams feature and most manufacturers or older BMWs have it. Rain sensing wipers If you have rain sensing wipers, you always have to turn them on so that they auto-wipe when rain comes. It’s a pretty popular feature among many manufacturers. On BMWs, it means turning the wiper stalk so that the “Auto” lights up. And you can control the sensitivity on the left. Hidden storage compartment This may only be a feature on newer BMWs such as the X3/X5/X6. There is a hidden storage compartment to the left of the steering wheel. Control upper, right side passenger seat I have seen this feature on other luxury cars, as well as BMW. There is a button that will allow you to control the passengers seat for whatever reason once pushed. See image below. Activation points This is a very cool feature I noticed on the newer BMWs. I believe you need iDrive 7 to use it. You can set an activation point so that anytime you arrive at a certain destination, the front camera will auto turn-on once the point has been reached. It’s a very neat feature to help with parking or to keep you hands on the steering wheel at all times. This feature does not work at higher speeds due to obvious reasons (I blurred out the house due to the address being on it). Auto brake hold (Auto H) This features allows your vehicle to brake for you anytime your vehicle is stopped without putting your foot on the brake. Popular among many manufacturers. Hill descent control Most people don’t know this, but the button with a vehicle going downhill is to help stabilize speed going down a hill, and is used by many manufacturers. Car wash mode A lot of new vehicles have a car wash mode to make entering the bay easier and give the best visibility. In BMWs, its located in the camera settings. I believe this is another iDrive 7 feature. Auto climate control seats Newer BMWs allow you to choose an external temperature where seats will auto turn on the heat or cooled feature when the vehicle is started. It’s located in the climate settings. It’s a neat feature. Again, I think this one is just iDrive 7. Side mirrors tilt down in reverse You can choose which side-view mirror tilts downward when in reverse by changing the mirror selection. DVD Player Most people don’t know this, but vehicles with a DVD/CD slot and HDD navigation can play DVDs when one is inserted in the slot. The vehicle has to be in park. I have tested this out on BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, etc… Newer cars don’t have CD slots but there are ways around this which I will speak about below. (image from my 2011 3 Series) BMW Coding There are many “codes” you can create with you vehicle that can unlock features that your car didn’t have. They can be USB installed or via a laptop and wire. I had coded my previous BMWs but have not done anything to my current one. Mercedes and Audi are two other popular manufacturers that can be coded similar to BMW. One of the most popular codes is unlocking DVD while driving and the USB media player. This will allow you to play movies or music videos via a USB and/or while driving. If you don’t have DVD in motion unlocked, then you need to be parked to view videos. Other popular codes are features such as turn signals in the HUD, changing startup animations, full text message display, etc… You can also code older cars to have newer car features. Edit 1: ,I thought of a few more. Heads up display (HUD) for media You can scroll through songs in your current playlist or media source via the control wheel directly on the HUD (image is a little blurry as its hard to capture images on the HUD). Customize gesture control Newer BMWs brought the gesture control feature. It allows you to change volume, songs, or accept phone calls by waving your hand. What people may not know is that you can customize it to add more gestures. This is an iDrive 7 feature. More features of the display key This key can start the vehicle by hitting lock 3 times as mentioned before. It can also start the vehicle via pushing a virtual start button. There are more security features you can view by diving deeper into the options. Edit 2:, I remembered a few more as I was driving. Assisted driving (semi-autonomous) Many manufacturers have autonomous driving and the feature works great. One hidden feature I noticed within BMW is that if you signal while in the mode, it will change lanes for you! It doesn’t always work flawlessly, but if it does, you’ll notice an arrow popup on the dash. (this image is not my vehicle as I did not want to record at high speeds). Apple CarPlay and Google Maps Apple CarPlay is available on almost any manufacturer nowadays. One cool thing I noticed was the attention to detail using Google Maps. If you change your vehicle icon in the phone app, it will show up in CarPlay. I have tested this on other vehicles and it works. Added note: I love BMW’s CarPlay because it takes up the whole screen. It is very clean. Smart Talk (conversational A.I.) Just as you can talk to Alexa or Siri, you can say “Hey BMW” and the car will react and bring up the BMW assistant. Mercedes has a feature where you say “Hey Mercedes” and it works similarly. Cargo cover The cargo cover no longer needs to be taken out of the vehicle. It can be stored in the actual trunk! This is a neat feature so you don’t lose it. As well, there is ample extra storage due to no spare tire. 3D View I love the 3D view feature as it makes parking in hard areas a breeze. You can literally see a birds eye view of the vehicle at any angle. As well, you can use the touch screen to move the angle around the car or the gesture control. I am not sure what generation of BMWs introduced this feature but this one is quite advanced. Many manufacturers have introduced this in the last few years and have tweaked it to best suit their needs. Back-up assistant I believe this is BMW and iDrive 7 exclusive. This is a handy feature if you have trouble taking vehicles out of tight spaces. The vehicle will remember how you got into any spot (up to 50m) and take the vehicle out for you using the onboard computer memory and sensors. As well, the steering wheel lights up to assist and provide you feedback. All you (the driver) simply do is press and de-press the brake pedal. BMW laser lights You may have noticed a lot of new manufacturers advertising “laser lighting” as it’s the new trend. These lights are sold as brighter, efficient, and having a longer range. Any BMW that has laser lights will have a blue tinge in the actual lights. So if you’ve noticed this, it actually serves a purpose, as well, it looks good. Side note: In Europe, laser lights are allowed on low beam and high beam. In North America, laser lights are only allowed on the high beam. Edit 3: ,Got another one! Swivelling cameras There is a 360-degree camera like most cars. But the new BMWs now offer “swivel” cameras that turn with your wheel so you have a greater view of your surroundings.

What's a better choice between Audi, BMW and Mercedes? I currently drive a 2002 BMW 3 Series and am looking to upgrade. My budget is around $30k.

I personally picked the C class 204 Bluetech which is actually the new body shape not the one shown in the photo below and despite what has been written about the latest technology have found it very useful. In fact when driving our older VW its almost unbelievable we could drive without them. Firstly adaptive cruise control this makes driving much more relaxing not having to worry about the car in front hit the cruise at the speed limit and it will keep the same distance behind the car in front without you having to brake or hit the accelerator. Heads up I drove a loan vehicle without this feature the other day horrible having to keep checking the navigation display or cruising speed set which meant taking your eyes off the road. Intelligent lighting system when driving at night behind a car there is actually a black square following it around the corners whereas all around it are illuminated amazing. Reversing camera and 360 camera how did I live without this before. The cat also parks itself however I don't use this mainly because it freaks me out . The other things I love are economy around 5.8 litres per 100ks, 0-100,6.6 seconds and the cornering. Previously drove both 5 series BMW AND A5 Audi, this is by far my favourite.

How do you rate the Mitsubishi SUV Outlander?

summary: one heck of a deal if you don’t mind awful professional reviews and worse internet rumours and appreciate paying used the same as a plain-jane ugly wheels CRV for a SUV loaded up like a Cadillac Escalade or Acura RDX, and don’t mind driving to the next planet for dealer service. I’ve already given an answer before, but as an owner who stumbled across a used one while fixing my 2004 Mazda MPV, I did a heck of a lot of research and established that you can get one heck of a deal if you don’t mind what most professional car reviewers consider to be the worst large compact / small midsize 3 row you can buy in the US. Forget any stories about Mitsubishi’s making terrible cars. Last one I had was 1999 Galant (which was also basis for Eclipse and Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger coupe) which with V6 was much livelier than Chrysler, or even Honda or Toyota. The big defect is terrible marketing not terrible cars, well not always the best but everything they make is usually at least pretty good if not the best. The Outlander is pretty old now, the design came out in 2015 model, and the bunny ears 3rd row headrests are carried over from previous generation. But like the VW bug, it keeps getting refined with new features that I’ve been bugging the Mrs to let us upgrade to 2019 to get heated steering wheel and 360 camera and rear cross warning. In 2017 I got a 2016 Outlander GT V6 with everything checked off: radar cruise touring package and towing with 7,000 mi for…. $25,000. This replaces an old 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon and it’s better is just about every way, including reliability as the Subie went through $5,000 in repairs 3 years at only 100k miles, head gasket, cat converter, 2 sets of ignition locks, steering boots and alternator. It’s not quite as brisk as the ’99 Galant but pretty close and nimble if you push it, and a nice size that is big enough for people and stuff when you don’t need a full Chevy Suburban. Styling seems to be inspired by BMW X5 and Grand Cherokee, not nearly as goofy looking as RAV or CRV. the S-AWC is much the same they put into the legendary Lancer Evolution rally cars. Yes it’s not as good as a $42,000 Mazda CX-9 or Toyota Highlander XLE, but either of those 3-row SUVs cars with low mileage would be at least $35,000. In June 2019 I spotted one in Minneapolis for $23,000 with 15,000 miles, no radar cruise. Or you can get brand new 4 cyl with leather in that same price range. A Mazda CX-5 with 2 rows and 4 cyl with that much equipment would be $7,000 more, and you need to go up to CX-9 to get a 3rd row that honestly isn’t much bigger and a turbo 4 that has about the same power as the Mitsu V6. Yes, at even list price, bigger name brands are better. The Mazda CX-5 has a smarter transmission, the Honda electronics gives you a real cursor controller AND volume ratio on steering, and the Mitsu worst features I hate are the stupid gas gauge bar graph with only ONE marking at 1/2 and no digital speedometer mode, after 2017, built-in nav isn’t even available but with carplay or android auto you’ll never use it. The 6-speed seems to always want too slow an rpm for performance on the freeway, but GT has paddle shifters so easy to put into 4th which is good for passing . Also stupid is placement of seat heater switch just ahead of center console where it is very hard so see and/ or reach. The very worst thing about Mitsubishi is their dealer network is very sparse and Ritchfield Bloomington Mitsubishi went out of business year after we bought it though there are 2 other dealers that are 70–80 mi away. BUT…. in 2019 for new you can still get leftover 2018, and even 2019 as 2700 rebate, and even the bottom ES trim level has fancy wheels. Used for $23–25,000 you can get year old SUV loaded up like a Caddilac / Acura / Lexus / Top Honda-Toyota. It will have leather heated seat, heated steering wheels, power hatch, satellite radio, and 2019 has 360 degree parking camera just like the Caddilac Escalade I drove for the Limousine company. Right now (mid 2019) there are lots of them on car dealer lots as used rental cars for about $19,000 for 30–40k miles which is MUCH cheaper than CRV or RAV-4. BMW X5 inspired / ripped off from BMW? Aussie review ,Mitsubishi Outlander review & buyer's guide So if you want a SAFE buy, pay a bunch more money for Toyota or Honda, but if you want a beautiful SUV in a good size with a free 3rd row this is nimble and you are near a dealer or don’t mind a 70 mile hike and want top end features for the same price as the ugly steel or plastic wheels RAV/CRV, the Outlander is a heck of a deal. Similarly, the Mirage is an amazing 3 cyl tiny car for the money, Doug Demoron calls it the worst car you can buy (well it’s actually the best new car under $11,000 because it’s the only one he will allow) Outlander sport for a subcompact SUV is a pretty good deal and the Eclipse Cross is stylish compact SUV at decent price and style but you need some courage to go to an off brand that’s been going out of business for the past 25 years but is still around.