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rear view mirror concave or convex Post Review

What type of mirror would be best to use as a rear-view mirror?? Convex or concave? Concave makes things bigger, convex: smaller

Rear View Mirror! Ano ka ba talaga? Convex or Concave?

rear view mirror concave or convex Q&A Review

Why is a concave mirror used as a shaving mirror, while a convex is used as the rear view mirror?

Because a concave mirror can form a erect and magnified image of an object kept between Focus and pole. This is what we need during shaving. An inverted or diminished image won't help us in shaving. A convex mirror is used as a rear view mirror as it forms an erect and diminished image for all positions of object. So the vehicles will look erect in the mirror. Also it provides a wider field of view so more of vehicles can be seen in the mirror.

Which kind of mirror is used in a rear view mirror?

Usually it is a flat one, as original equipment. Sometimes convex, to give a larger field of view from a small mirror, as for the passenger-door mirror. Never a concave one (e.g. shaving mirror).

What is view finding mirror of a vehicle?

The ,Rear View, ,Mirror, is called the ,view finding mirror ,in Automobiles. The Rear View or the view finders are generally made of ,Convex Mirror ,and sometimes a small circular ,Concave mirror is added to enhace the rear view of the blind spot. Normal Viewfinder With blind spot enhancer (2nd Image)

Why is a convex mirror used in rear view mirrors and not a concave mirror?

A concave mirror would give you images that were inverted. A convex mirror gives images that are erect and smaller, giving you a wider view of what’s behind you.

Why can’t a concave mirror be used in place of a convex lens in rear view mirrors?

It is a convex mirror and not concave mirror for a rear view mirror which is installed in vehicles to enable a driver to have va vider view of traffic following his vehicle. In case the driver wants to turn or stop a vehicle he should be well aware of position of vehicle following him and give a signal accordingly so as to avoid a collision. The convex mirror reflects better view of pictures behind him due to a vide viewing angle of reflection. As per law of physics ray of light passes through a convex lens and converge at a distance as per its focal length and do not reflect light. Therefore there is no point to install a convex lens as driver has already a clear view in front of him.

Why is magnification taken negative for real images and positive for virtual images? Why is a convex mirror used as rear view mirror and not a concave mirror?

As per the new Cartesian convention, distances above the optical axis are taken as positive and distances below the optical axis are taken as negative. Magnification is the ratio of the height of the image to the height of the object. In case of a real image, the image is inverted and hence the height of the image has a negative sign, while the height of the object has a positive sign. \Rightarrow \qquad, The magnification negative. In case of a virtual image, the image is erect and hence the height of the image has a positive sign. The height of the object also has a positive sign. \Rightarrow \qquad, The magnification positive. If concave mirrors are used a rear view mirrors in vehicles instead of convex mirrors, the images of the objects beyond the focal length would be inverted. We are not used to seeing inverted images. Further, the nearer objects, between the focal length and twice the focal length, would be magnified. This would make it very difficult for us to see clearly the objects that are farther away.

Is a car mirror concave or convex?

Hi ,Ramkumar Parthipan The ,out of the vehicle rear view mirrors, are ,convex, while the rear view mirror inside the car in the middle above driver seat is concave. Explanation: convex mirror gives a wide view and shows smaller images so estimation of correct distance of objects is difficult. Concave mirror provides a larger image of objects hence giving a clearer view. Hope it helps

Why is convex mirror used as the rear view mirror when both convex and concave mirror forms diminished image when the objects are at infinity?

Concave mirrors have a serious problem. They turn the image backwards and upside down. So we use convex mirrors that don't do that.

Is it true that if we use a convex mirror as a rear view mirror, we get a virtual and diminished image?

yeah, it is the image property of a convex mirror. CONVEX MIRRORS ONLY FORM VIRTUAL AND DIMINISHED IMAGES. Not only that, convex mirrors are having wider view than that of concave mirror. By which u can see large distant vehicles very nearer and diminished in ur rear view mirror. So, they use these mirrors as rear view mirrors in vehicles. the other application is that u can observe these mirrors even in parking areas , and shops for security purposes. HOPE U UNDERSTOOD.

Can convex mirrors produce lateral inversion?

Virtual images in plane, convex and concave mirrors are all laterally inverted. Check rear view mirror in car (Convex) or a shaving mirror (Concave).