what is the maintenance cost of a porsche panamera

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Malaysian orders opened for freshly debuted 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

The second shooting brake Porsche model after the Panamera Sport Turismo, the Taycan Cross Turismo isn

Are boxer engines overrated? – Pros and cons of boxer engines

The former is stereotyped with having a mid-life crisis and the latter is stereotyped with endless vaping

Think the Honda City's ad is extreme? This Geely Preface ad compares it to a Porsche Panamera

winding roads of China.In the video, a driver dressed in a business suit is seen pulling on his racing

Porsche 911 Carrera S is up to RM 47k cheaper without sales tax, but still costs over RM 1 mil

For example, the Macan with a new base price of RM 439,351* has a price adjustment of RM 15,649, whereas

This Porsche gathering reminds us the joy of driving

Up in the north of Thailand, a yearly gathering of Porsche cars shows us the joy of driving through the

From Hot Wheels-inspired hypercars to a modern VW Bus – The gems of Porsche Unseen

Porsche is more than just a maker of an uber fast version of the Volkswagen Beetle, it’s an innovative

Owner Review: Reasonable maintenance cost and low fuel consumption - My 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5 E

and also this is the first time I owned a Toyota.

Is it true that the Proton Saga is cheaper to maintain than a Perodua Bezza? The answer is not that simple.

Table is not a full representation of actual cost because Proton has parked some necessary maintenance

New Porsche Panamera gets 630 PS & 820 Nm, electric Panamera coming soon?

As of recent, Porsche has introduced a newer version of the Panamera GTS alongside two new Panameras

1 in 8 Porsches sold is a Porsche Taycan, main demand from China

Porsche has delivered 9,072 units of the Porsche Taycan world-wide in the first quarter of 2021, only

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Is the Audi e-tron GT just a Porsche Taycan with a different body?

In a recent roundtable with Porsche Indonesia and Mayk Wienkötter (Porsche AG, Spokesperson Product

Launched in Malaysia - 2021 Porsche Panamera facelift is the perfect car for mid-life crises

the 2021 Porsche Panamera facelift.

New 2021 Porsche Panamera produces 630 PS, 820 Nm and sets new Nürburgring lap record

;s a little different for some Germans - some of them prefer to smash the Nürburgring lap record

Priced from RM 585k, the 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD is here in Malaysia

Mere days after its global debut, Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), the official distributor of Porsche

The Porsche 911 (992) is now available with a manual transmission in Europe

When the 992 generation Porsche 911 was first revealed, there were no manual transmission option available

Porsche Malaysia is giving out a 911 GT Edition 1:18 diecast but you have to win it

snap a pic, SDAP is allowing you access to any of their Porsche vehicles at any Porsche Centre in Malaysia.The

A CKD Porsche Cayenne will be launched in Malaysia, CKD Taycan next

In what could be a first not just for Malaysia, but also the world, Porsche is reportedly setting up

Porsche Taycan debuts: 761 PS and 1,050 Nm, needs only 2-Speed transmission

is a four-seater but it can also be ordered with a 4+1 seating configuration, just like the Panamera

Which is cheaper to maintain over a 5-year period, the Proton Saga or Perodua Bezza?

the table compiled, it is clear that over a period of 5 years, the Proton Saga is RM 910.64 cheaper

8 millionaire-looking cars for under RM 200k

ownership of the Volkswagen Group, the Continental GT was a stark contrast to what was offered by Bentley

Owner Review: Advanced safety system and low maintenance cost - My 2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0T H

The interior looks modern and comfortable. It really suits my lifestyle of a busy mother of two.

Will Malaysia be launching a CKD Porsche Macan?

Following a report by The Edge Weekly, it seems that Porsche is seeking to locally-assemble (CKD) some

RM 1 million more than a Porsche 911 GT3, is the 911 Speedster the one for you?

The Porsche 911 (991) Speedster is now available in Malaysia.

The next Porsche Macan is all-electric, based on Porsche Taycan platform

Porsche’s electric line-up will see the introduction of an SUV with the new Porsche Macan.

Ora Lightning Cat: Retro-futuristic EV that looks like a budget Panamera

Derta.Like its stablemates, the Lightning Cat gets a Porsche-esque front-end with a pair of roundish

Proton Persona Maintenance Cost Versus Toyota Vios And Honda City

Vios, the cost to maintain the Persona over a period of 5 years or 100,000 km is also marginally cheaper

Porsche says no to full-electric Porsche 911, but a hybrid is possible

Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, has confirmed that the Porsche 911 will never become a fully electric car.

Perodua Myvi Vs Proton Iriz – Cost Of Maintenance Compared

feature-packed to the brim, as the model includes a range of segment-first features, such as the Advanced

Maintenance cost comparison: Proton X50, Honda City, Mitsubishi Xpander - Which car is the cheapest?

buyers.Heres a quick recap of all three models.The 2020 Proton X50 was launched a couple of months back

Facelifted Porsche Macan S Launched In Malaysia, From RM 625,000

Sime Darby Auto Performance, the local distributor of Porsche models in Malaysia has introduced the facelifted

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