how often should a renault captur be serviced

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Should you buy a new Proton X70 or a used Honda CR-V?

way, both the 2017 and 2018 Honda CR-Vs should still have their manufacturer warranty intact, assuming

Renault Malaysia updates all Renault Subscription plans

The Fixed Plan now allows the Renault Captur and Renault Koleos models to be subscribed for 3 years.

What is the Renault Relax campaign and what does it cover?

For Renault owners who need to change their batteries, they will receive a 10 percent on purchase under

Renault Subscription plan turns one - named Malaysia's Car Subscription Company of the Year 2020!

Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards for its Renault Subscription programme, a year after the programme

This is how Renault E-Store is helping TC Euro Cars ride out Covid-19

sporty 3-door Renault Megane RS before going mainstream with Renault Captur.

Pre-owned Renault Captur for RM 60k, SUV for price of Myvi?

on limited units of the Renault Captur lifestyle crossover for brand-new and pre-owned units starting

After Volvo, Renault to cap their cars to 180 km/h, including Renault Sport models

duo, may be capped to 180 km/h.

For as low as RM 119k, should you buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class W176 used?

Now that prices are pegged as low as RM 119,000 should you consider a used W176?

Worried about mileage tempering when buying a used car? Here's how to check

rampant in used cars, buyers bewareMaintenance records, or lack thereofThe most fundamental item one should

Renault’s subscription plan is a commitment-free alternative to car ownership

5-seater Captur or a 7-seater Koleos at no extra charge Mileage cap applies - 20,000 km per annum, but

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Renault Subscription contributes to over than 50% of Renault Malaysia's sales

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), distributor of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, introduced Renault Subscription in

Renault offers more savings with new Renault Pre-Owned Subscription

But, in light of uncertain times ahead, TCEC is offering more savings by introducing a new Renault Pre-Owned

You can now have your Mercedes-Benz serviced at your doorstep during the MCO

has dispatched its Mercedes-Benz Star Mobile to bring customers the convenience of having their cars serviced

TCEC is working on a new Renault App for your car

At a virtual press briefing hosted by TC Euro Cars (TCEC) yesterday, CEO Wong Hoe Mun revealed that the

1994 Renault Espace F1 - 820 PS and 317 km/h in a 7-seater

And it’s a special one at that - the successful Espace, in Renault’s case.Remember the Enviro

TC Euro Cars is running a 15-day Renault Passion Week on Shopee!

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) the official distributor of Renault Vehicles in Malaysia, is running a 15-day Renault

There should be a Steering Wheel Appreciation Day, and here's why

It was more often than not, quite large, round in shape and usually made out of wood.

Selling cars with a 4-speed automatic, in 2021, should be illegal

Whilst a transmissions number of gears should not be the final indicator of how good it is, from an engineering

How often should you service your car?

Many people have different theories as to when they should service their cars.

Sanitise your Renault at the Renault service centre in PJ

norm, TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has introduced the special Renault Sanitisation Campaign.The service is a free

2020 Proton X50 – how will it affect other B-segment SUVs?

transmission.Similarly, against its European rival, the Proton X50 makes both the Peugeot 2008 and Renault

In Brief: Volvo XC40, this is how all family cars should be

cars is that the Swedes bring their own interpretation of what a premium car should be, and to the Swedes

Subscribe to a car for one month with Renault's new Renault Subscription 1-Month Trial Plan for RM 996

The latest plan allows customers to subscribe to a car for one month with the Renault Subscription 1-

How many PSI / kPa do I have to pump into my tyres?

But sadly not many car owners perform this check as often as they are supposed to.As my colleague, Eric

TC Euro Cars slashes prices by up to RM 11,700 for selected Renaults, while continuing online sales

vehicles in Malaysia, has revised the retail prices for its Renault models.

Like this chequered Renault Captur Trophy? It’s a limited edition

The Renault Captur is now sportier than ever with the introduction of a new Limited Edition Captur Trophy

Owner Review: An Overlooked French Gem – The Renault Fluence

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Renault Fluence owner and does not necessarily reflect

Renault Subscription Trial Plan now open for unlimited sign-ups

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) announced today adjustments to their successful Renault Subscription plans with the

No strings attached, the 6MT, 280 PS Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup is now available for subscription

costs of regular service maintenance, be tied down by a long-term hire purchase, or be affected by depreciation

Up to 90 percent discount on selected parts for selected Renault models

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, has announced a clearance

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  • Q

    Does Renault Captur has Sound Plus Functions?


    No, Renault Captur doesn't have Sound Plus Functions.

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  • Q

    Is Renault Captur available in Cruise Control?


    Yes, Renault Captur is available in Cruise Control. The available Cruise Control variants are: 201…

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  • Q

    Does Renault Captur has ISOFIX?


    Yes, Renault Captur has ISOFIX, which are: 2017 Renault Captur TCe 120 EDC (CKD).

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