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India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

Instead, India will get a regular 1.5-litre naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine, an engine which we are

Owner Review: A Childhood Dream Fulfilled - How I Got My Honda Accord

I brought my manual savvy there and back again.

The Porsche 911 (992) is now available with a manual transmission in Europe

When the 992 generation Porsche 911 was first revealed, there were no manual transmission option available

Nissan fires shots at GR Supra – upcoming Nissan 400Z to get manual transmission!

Manual drivers rejoice, as Nissan has confirmed that the upcoming Nissan 400Z will be fitted with a three-pedal

Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize to be exported to 50 countries, no luck for Ativa

their Japanese counterpart, they are rather different.For starters, the Indonesian-spec Raize and Rocky can

Here's why the manual transmission still matters

I would like to stay in the now and appreciate the manual transmission, while it is still with us.I want

Owner Review: My "Abah-Abah's car" – A pilot feeling being in a Honda Civic FB

Engines transmit the power to the front wheels via a five-speed automatic transmission.

Here’s why Naza can’t sell you a 6-speed manual Suzuki Swift Sport

you want your Suzuki Swift Sport with a 6-speed manual transmission, you will have to go to recond dealers

DCT vs torque converter, which is your preferred transmission?

Back in the early 90s, if you wanted to buy a performance car, you’d most probably choose the manual

All-new 2021 BMW M4 debuts - up to 510 PS/650 Nm with a manual and a...Drift Analyser?

, more on this later) get 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-sixes, mated to either a six-speed manual or

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The world doesn’t need manual cars anymore

If you had taken your driver’s license prior to 2014, you had to do it with a manual transmission

Please Naza, let us have the 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport with a manual transmission

some bias is likely at play here.As the title would already have hinted, I am a die-hard fan of manual

Paddle shift in automatic cars, pretty useful or practically useless?

An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

New 2020 Honda BR-V gets over 1,400 bookings in its first month on sale

The facelifted BR-V is equipped with the highest-output engine in its class, a 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine

Is that a manual Supra? Toyota Supra might come with a manual transmission

Mag X, a Japanese publication has reported that a manual gearbox is “under preparation” for

I love the manual transmission but I don’t see the point in buying one

But no matter how appealing (and frankly tempting) a manual car is, I don’t see the point in owning

Leaked: Want this for your Ativa? Indonesia-spec Toyota Raize GR Sport gets paddle shifters!

Honestly, we think the Raize GR-S looks a bit more subtle than the Gear Up accessories on the Ativa.

Proton X70 CKD: Will the dual-clutch transmission be reliable?

fluid every minute, thus keeping the transmission within a set limit, prolonging its lifespan.Geely

Are "lifetime" transmission fluids a SCAM?

Photo: Mental FlossQ: Can a transmission fluid last a lifetime?

Owner Review: The Subaru XV STI - Love at first sight?

Put together, all these factors translate into a versatile Compact Utility Vehicle (though the JPJ owners

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky launched in Indonesia: 1.0T at launch, up to 20 variants!

later date.Interestingly, Indonesia is the first market to get a five-speed manual option on the Raize

Why I Buy: I love my VIOS J

Reasons why I bought this carI saw an ad on Instagram and was impressed with the design, comfort and

Owner Review: A Car That I Can't Resist- My Story With My Toyota Yaris

I can go up to 7 days without refuelling if I use it to drive from home to work.

RM 2,000 rebate for 2020 Honda City E and S variants during Honda’s 12.12 sale

From 1 to 12 December 2020, customers who put in a booking for a Honda City E or S variant will receive

Toyota GR Supra finally gets a sweet manual transmission!

partially because Toyota worked with BMW to develop the Supra, but also because the GR Supra lacks a

A car with a fake manual transmission? It’s real! But… why?

But why on earth did Chery invent a car like this?

Mazda MX-5 RF facelift launched; now with BSM, RCTA, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Japan, the new MX-5 RF now comes with new gadgets and safety systems with an asking price of RM 266,154.On

Missed opportunity: Where's the manual transmission 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport?

Which is why were making this case: the Vios GR-S, for all intents and purposes, needs a manual transmission

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

Already debuted in Indonesia, the facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking

MT vs DCT vs AT: Why manual transmissions are becoming unicorns

have defended manual transmissions since the birth of YouTube comment section, not that I participate

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