blank transmission often is called fixed wireless

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How often should you service your car?

are many factors that affect the interval, or frequency, of your oil change process.Traditionally, it is

Why Mazda’s first BEV is called the Mazda MX-30 and not EX-30?

at the recently concluded 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the press was not intrigued at the fact that this is

What is a car platform? It’s not necessarily what you think it is

’ The development of some derivative models are often referred to internally at car companies as

DCT vs torque converter, which is your preferred transmission?

and torque converter (TC).Which begs the question, which is the better transmission?

Here's why the manual transmission still matters

I would like to stay in the now and appreciate the manual transmission, while it is still with us.I want

Shifting to 'P' before pulling the handbrake is how you damage your automatic transmission

Is there any truth to that?

These 4 habits will ruin your automatic transmission

So, these are the 4 things you should not do in an automatic transmission car.1.

The Porsche 911 (992) is now available with a manual transmission in Europe

When the 992 generation Porsche 911 was first revealed, there were no manual transmission option available

30 years of Lexus: How it began and what is the meaning of the Lexus name?

”The abbreviated version of Lexus’ history often credits Eiji, who is the granduncle of current

New 2021 Honda Accord gets updated Sensing and i-MMD hybrid, wireless Android Auto

new LED headlights with a longer and wider illumination, and new alloy wheels.Honda says the grille is

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Proton X70 - Is the GKUI infotainment system any good?

The Proton X70 is currently Proton’s latest and greatest model.As such, it features the company

Video: Fixing our Ativa’s rattling problem again. Fixed for good? – Long Term review #11

opportunity to show off Cik Tiva to friends & family has been missed, we still decided to get her fixed

Hyundai Kona Facelift revealed: New mild-hybrid option, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

it also comes with mild-hybrid options, an upgraded interior, a special Kona N-Line variant and even wireless

2021 Mazda 6 updated in Malaysia, wireless Apple CarPlay now standard

valid until 30-June 2021).The updates are mostly additional features but possibly the most important is

Launched in Malaysia - 2021 Porsche Panamera facelift is the perfect car for mid-life crises

At launch, only the base variant is available, priced from RM 1,026,035 with SST discount.The base spec

Bermaz updates 2021 Mazda MX-5 with Wireless Apple CarPlay, from RM 259k

The glitzy 2021 Mazda MX-5 has received a minor update in Malaysia, now coming with Wireless Apple CarPlay.The

Pros and Cons: 2020 Perodua Bezza – Excellent fuel economy but why the fixed steering?

fuel economy LED headlights for all variants Cheapest sedan to offer AEBCons: Poor ride and handling Fixed

Perodua D55L – What should Perodua’s new SUV be called? Impax, Lasaq, or Kembara?

launched in the next couple of months, but one piece of the puzzle remains unknown – what will it be called

Wireless Android Auto is now available on selected BMW models

BMW recently released a new video showcasing the recently-updated BMW 5 Series running wireless Android

CVTs - not all are good, not all are bad. Find out who makes the best CVT.

At its very heart (ok, its called the inner housing of the transmission), a CVT-type automatic transmission

Our Ativa’s rattling sound is fixed! What was the problem? - Long-term review #6

a rough idea on what the problem was.After a short wait at the customer lounge area, the technician called

New 2020 Mitsubishi Triton Quest is a low riding tuner truck, most affordable pick-up in Malaysia

price to own a new pick-up truck with the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton Quest.At RM 79,890, the Triton Quest is

Toyota Corolla Altis's segment-first wireless charger - what phones does it support?

is the first model in its segment to offer such a feature.

Are "lifetime" transmission fluids a SCAM?

With that, lifetime transmission fluids also depend on the definition of what a lifetime is.

I love the manual transmission but I don’t see the point in buying one

It gives you an additional layer of engagement and connection with the car which more often than not

Toyota GR Supra finally gets a sweet manual transmission!

version of the Supra, or should they develop a more powerful version.In the meantime, a tuner group called

DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

spot in a car park and ending up scratching the paint on your car.But before you send your car to be fixed

A German tuner ‘fixed’ the 2021 BMW M4’s controversial grille

bumper.German-based Prior-Design has given a preview of some of their ideas in their latest video which is

Quick Review: VW Tiguan Allspace R-Line in Malaysia - Same price, now with USB-C & Wireless Apple CarPlay

Capping off the look is this set of chunky 19-inch Sebring wheels.Now with wireless Apple CarPlayAll

Optional wireless charger to be offered for Proton X50, dealers confirm

Following tip-offs by our dear readers, checks with a couple of Proton dealers confirm that an optional wireless

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