2020 Honda Accord gets all spiced up, JDM style

Zamil Syaheer/Apr 21, 2020 01:18 PM

Honda Accord

Honda Malaysia offers the Modulo Package if you want to jazz up your 2020 Honda Accord, alongside other types of packages to suit your liking and need.

But if you wanted to complete the look even further beyond what is offered within the Modulo Package, Honda’s Access division in Japan has come out with additional range of accessories that we personally think compliments the overall outlook of the Honda Accord, turning the sedate business outlook to a much sportier looking sedan.

For a start, the front wraparound grille is downed in full gloss black with a sculpted chrome winged garnish. Combined with a black Honda emblem, it gives a sportier outlook as compared to a full chrome finish that comes standard with the Accord.

The biggest make or break visual upgrade would be the wheels. There are two different wheel design and size offered, starting with the 19-inch MS-043 5-spoke wheels with optional wheel garnish, or a smaller 18-inch MS-042 5-spoke wheel. Beside looking good, these wheel are cast in fully aluminum in order to save weight.

For the interior, Honda Japan offers puddle lights, door pocket illumination, and a fancy looking pattern projection lights which projects the word Accord when you open the door.

What do you think? Should Honda Malaysia introduce the additional option of new alloy wheels along with plethora of other bits in our market?