2020 Honda City – Less than RM 3,900 to service it over 5 years/100,000 km

Eric/Jul 04, 2020 01:00 PM

The Honda City is Honda’s B-segment sedan and it shares a platform and powertrain with the Honda Jazz. It competes against the Toyota Vios, Mazda 2, and Volkswagen Vento in the non-national B-segment market.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look and see how much does it cost to maintain and insure the City 1.5 and City Hybrid over a 5-year period.

Starting with the Honda City 1.5, the first service is performed at the 6-month/10,000-km and costs RM 235.39. This service includes engine oil replacement, dust and pollen filter replacement, and a brake inspection job.

Like other recent Honda models, servicing is performed at every 10,000-km/6-month interval.

The most expensive service is performed at the 80,000-km/48-month mark, as it is a major service that includes replacing the CVT fluid and fuel strainer and fuel retainer. This service costs RM 780.30.

Subsequently, at the 100,000-km/60-month mark, the City’s iridium spark plugs need to be replaced. A set of four iridium spark plugs costs RM 380.80, bringing the total service amount to RM 648.34.

As for the City Hybrid, the first service costs a mere RM 98.29, performed at the 6-month/10,000-km mark.

It is also worth noting that the priciest service for the City Hybrid costs RM 841.12, which is due at the 100,000-km/60-month mark. The main reason why this service costs so much is because the iridium spark plugs cost an eye-watering RM 573.58, bumping up the total price.

City Hybrid's shift-by-wire shifter

Honda’s decision to fit the City Hybrid with a DCT automatic also helps to keep maintenance costs down. In the case of the City Hybrid, the DCT fluid is replaced at every 160,000 km interval, which costs RM 71.57.

City 1.5 uses a regular CVT-type automatic

The regular City 1.5, on the other hand, requires its CVT fluid to be replaced at every 40,000-km/24-month interval, costing RM 127.17.

Over a period of 5 years/100,000 km, the cost to maintain and service the Honda City 1.5 comes up to RM 3,880, while the City Hybrid costs RM 3,182, nearly RM 700 less.

Keep in mind that these prices do not include the cost of tyre or battery replacement.

We’ve also listed the insurance rates for the City 1.5 below:

  • City 1.5 S: RM 2,409.97
  • City 1.5 E: RM 2,486.24
  • City 1.5 V: RM 2,554.74
  • City 1.5 Hybrid: RM 2,505.77

The insurance rates we mentioned above assumes that the driver has zero No Claim Discount (NCD), zero loading, and excludes additional coverage items such as windshield or floor coverage.

Last but not the least, we’ve also summarized the maintenance and insurance cost for the Honda City and Honda City Hybrid over a 5-year period in the tables below.