2021 Honda City Hatchback is going to places where the all-new Jazz isn’t, Malaysia included

Eric/May 21, 2020 05:43 PM

The Honda City Hatchback is a rather surprising model from Honda, not because it is based on the City, but more of its positioning in Honda’s line-up.

In Honda’s ever-growing line-up, they have two models in the same segment – the Jazz and the upcoming City Hatchback.

But a new report from Autocar India has hinted that cross-cannibalization between the Jazz and City Hatchback may not be an issue in most markets, as the City Hatchback will be sold in most markets where the Jazz won’t be.

Apart from being earmarked for this region, the City Hatchback could find its way to other developing markets like Brazil and South America markets.

As for the Jazz, it was engineered with developed markets in mind, like Europe and Japan.

Toyota also employs a similar arrangement for the Yaris, as the Yaris sold in Europe and Japan is different from the Yaris sold in this region, China, and South America.

The Honda Gienia is a China-only model

Interestingly, Autocar India reports that the City Hatchback will replace the Gienia in China. In fact, a few weeks ago we also reported that the all-new, fourth-generation Honda Jazz will be sold in China, meaning that both models will be sold in China. Such arrangements are not uncommon in markets like China.

The China-market Honda Jazz will be launched soon

Closer to home, we’re still waiting for Honda Malaysia to introduce the all-new City sedan, which could be delayed till late-2020 or early-2021.