272 PS, 370 Nm Toyota GR Corolla in the works, October 2020 debut

Eric/May 08, 2020 10:32 AM

European market Toyota Corolla GR Sport pictured

While Toyota may be busy working on several new SUVs (Corolla Cross, new C-Segment SUV), the Japanese manufacturer is also said to be working on the GR Corolla, based on the Corolla Sport hatchback.

The Corolla GR Sport is a visual upgrade over the regular Corolla hatchback

According to Creative311, the GR Corolla will likely be aimed at markets where the GR Yaris isn’t sold, e.g. North America. After all, Toyota USA did file for a GR Corolla trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office back in April, fueling speculation that the model will be launched there. Toyota USA also posted this Tweet. 

To recap, GR is Toyota's equivalent to BMW M, while the lower tier GR Sport is analogous to M Performance, but some GR Sport models feature additional chassis upgrades.

Expect the GR Corolla to draw inspiration from the GR Yaris

Like the GR Yaris, the upcoming GR Corolla is expected to feature the same 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that does 272 PS and 370 Nm (final output figures may differ due to emission regulations), hooked up to a 6-speed manual transmission. The GR Corolla, like the GR Yaris, could benefit from the sophisticated all-wheel drive system.

The GR Yaris' 4WD system could be carried over to the GR Corolla as well

Furthermore, the GR Corolla will likely get a retuned suspension set-up, larger brakes, as well as stickier tyres.

Taiwan just received the Corolla Altis GR Sport

At the moment, Toyota offers GR Sport versions of the Corolla Sport and Corolla Altis in selected markets. But don’t mistake these for the full-blown GR version, as these are merely kitted up versions with larger wheels and GR Sport styling upgrades.

What about a Malaysian debut you ask?

You'll need some serious money for the GR Yaris

Chances are slim, as UMW Toyota Motor is opting for the GR Yaris instead.

Despite being a smaller model than the GR Corolla, the GR Yaris won’t come cheap – expect to pay close to RM 300,000 for one.

At that price point, the GR Yaris is aimed squarely at the wealthy car collector that appreciates a WRC homologation car.