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How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder

Arvind · Oct 28, 2021 02:57 PM

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 01

The GM6 Honda City is a track-proven racer

The GM6 Honda City is best known for its style, practicality and overall value, however, given it also offers good body control, relatively light kerb weight (<1,106 kg), and has a punchy 120 PS / 145 Nm 1.5-litre powertrain, the City also makes for a pretty enjoyable car to drive.

Of course, from the factory, it is designed with the primary objectives of being a comfortable family sedan, which leaves much on the table in you’d like to make your car more entertaining to drive – this can be achieved with some bolt-on additions that will make it go, stop and steer with better precision.

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 02


As a caveat, we do not condone modifying your City and driving dangerously on public roads, with that said, these improvements will also be effective in making your car safer to drive on public roads or even on a track where you can explore the limits of your vehicle safely.

Get better tyres

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 03

Performance tyres from Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin will improve overall traction levels

It does not matter how much power a car has if it cannot put it to the ground. Tyres are the single most effective upgrade to make a car drive better and safer. It will also be faster everywhere as higher grip levels allow for better stability – both on the straights, in the corners, and on the brakes.

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From the factory, the GM6 Honda City is fitted with tyres optimised for fuel economy; fitting grippier tyres from the likes of the Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear will greatly improve your car’s handling and make your car safer to drive.

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Upgrade your brakes

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 01

Left: Aftermarket performance brake pads, right: steel-braided brake hose

It’s perhaps lesser-known that upgrading your brakes is more effective at making your car faster over a lap/course than adding more power to the engine. Better brakes means you brake harder and in shorter distances.

The GM6 City’s stock braking system can be greatly improved by upgrading to steel braided brake lines (which reduce expansion during hard braking), and performance brake pads that can withstand higher disc temperatures. This will greatly improve braking performance as well as consistency.

Upgrade your suspension

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 02

Honda City GM6 with sports lowering springs fitted. Image

Upgrading your suspension will improve overall stability and ensure your tyres are always planted on the ground – it will also reduce the amount the City of pitches and dives in corners. 

However, note that upgrading your suspension – typically with sport springs or coilover suspension – will alter your car’s overall comfort levels so it is wise to do your research and invest in a suspension setup from a notable manufacturer such as TEIN or Eibach.

Note that a stiffer suspension setup doesn’t always mean a faster car, it’s about striking a balance.

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Reduce body roll

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 03

Honda City GM6 rear ARB pictured. Image

Upgrading your Anti-Roll Bars (ARB) will reduce the amount of body roll in a corner and give your GM6 City better stability in the corners. Aftermarket ARBs are typically stronger and stiffer than stock items and thus reduce the amount the car leans in a corner.

Again, like your suspension, it pays to invest in well designed and engineered parts. There are many options that won’t deliver effective results and will only end up burning a hole in your wallet.

Upgrade the air filter

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 04

Honda City GM6 performance drop-in filter pictured. Image

Finally, let’s add a bit of power. An aftermarket performance air filter will allow your engine to breathe better and increase throttle response. There are two main types, a drop-in filter or an open-pod system.

The open-pod systems typically add more power but also cost more. A drop-in filter simply replaces your stock air filter. We would opt for the latter for ease, reliability and overall cost if you’re looking to just improve your City's drivability. Only purchase products from notable manufacturers such as K&N or Blitz.

Don’t own a Honda City?

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 05

Not to worry – WapCar is now giving you a rare chance to own this GM6 Honda City in the Lowest Bid Win contest.

All you have to do is place a bid (as low as you want) for how much you are willing to pay for the Grand Prize Honda City 1.5 E, valued at RM 55,200.

If your bid is the LOWEST, NON-REPEATING bid after the contest period, you can purchase the vehicle at your bid price.

Each participant can submit up to two bids in a day, additional bid chances can be earned by completing tasks on the activity page. Tasks include daily check-ins, getting friends to click the contest link, or simply browsing Carsome's used car page.

How do I play?

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 06

To simplify how the contest works, let’s look at the following. Let’s assume 10 contestants have placed a single bid during the contest period.

Example of Lowest, Non-Repeating bid
Contestant Bid amount (RM) Status
1 1 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 7)
2 15,800 Valid
3 1000 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 5)
4 5000 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 8)
5 1000 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 3)
6 11,575 Valid / Lowest unique bid
7 1 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 1)
8 5000 Void - (Repeated by Contestant 4)
9 19,150 Valid
10 25,890 Valid

In this case, Contestant 6 will win the Grand Prize because he/she has the lowest unique bid (which has not been replicated by another contestant). Contestants 2, 9 and 10, also had unique bids, but it was higher than Contestant 6.

The next 10 closest, non-repeating bids to the winning bid price will receive the second prize of a RM 1000 Carsome discount coupon. The 11th to 35th closest bids will receive the third prize of a RM 500 Carsome discount coupon.

What’s the catch, how do I win?

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 07

Place more bids to increase your chances of winning, but keep in mind, if your bid is too low, there is a higher chance they could be replicated by another contestant.

Therefore, it’s a good strategy to bid a little higher as it improves your chances of being a unique bidder, but if you go too high, you might not be the lowest bidder.

How to make your GM6 Honda City drive better... and harder 08

The contest period runs from 25th October 2021 to 8th November 2021. For more contest details and to place your first bid, click HERE

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