5 features that makes the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander awesome! 1 the ladies will love

Jerrica · Oct 23, 2020 09:00 AM

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has opened bookings for the highly anticipated 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander. The 7-seater B-segment SUV will come to town to face stiff competition like the Honda BR-V and the Perodua Aruz. But we think that these 5 features make it a winner above all its 7-seater rivals. 

All Round Monitor (ARM) – bird’s eye view around you

Other than the Toyota Rush, the Xpander is the only other 7-seater B-segment car that comes with a 360-degree parking camera. The Honda BR-V, Perodua Aruz, and even the Proton Exora make do with only a reverse camera.   

The Xpander features 4 cameras that will give drivers a 360-degree birds-eye view around the car. The ARM is coupled with the parking sensors which would make parking this long SUV so much more convenient.

But this feature is an added accessories package by MMM authorised dealers that also includes the built-in DVR and leather seats. 

Legroom and headroom – definitely more than the rivals

One of the usual issues with 7-seater SUVs is the lack of legroom or headroom for the third-row passengers. For some manufacturers, they even design shorter seats to allow more legroom for passengers.

The Xpander has an overall length of 4,475 mm and a wheelbase of 2,775 mm. The SUV also has a ground clearance of 205 mm so you get a peace of mind if you ever need to wade through a flash flood. 

In context, the Aruz measures in at 4,435 mm in length and has a wheelbase that measures 2,685 mm while the BR-V measures at 4,475 mm and has a wheelbase measuring at 2,662 mm. Yes, this makes the Xpander longer hence the larger legroom for third-row passengers.

Based on our usual Wapcar tests, you still get a tennis ball worth of legroom and headroom even in the third-row of the Xpander.

Most comfortable third-row seat in class

Other than the spacious legroom, the third-row seats in the Xpander are also the most comfortable seats in class.

Perhaps because the SUV has a longer wheelbase so engineers have more design room to create a more comfortable set of seats with better leg support. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – Most modern infotainment in class

The Xpander’s interior boasts a large 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display and MMM has made it Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready.

This puts the Xpander’s in-car entertainment miles ahead of its competitors; the Aruz only has SmartLink (Mirrorlink) for Androids while the BR-V only allows Bluetooth connectivity. Both touchscreens are also much smaller than the Xpander.

Considering how MMM is one of the earlier adopters of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto when they launched the Mitsubishi Outlander launched in 2017, we’re not surprised that the Xpander also came with this function.

Shoe storage Compartment Storage – for the ladies

It is common knowledge that women tend to store shoes in their cars. Some of us even go out to Daiso to purchase storage boxes just to keep our shoe stack organised.

But the Xpander has plenty of compartment storage boxes, so this means we don’t have to spend extra for makeshift shoe boxes!

I digress, the Xpander boasts multiple storage spaces in both the boot area - MMM calls this the cargo floor box with lid - and under the seats *cough shoe drawer for your go-to daily shoes* so you can stow away items and keep them out of sight.

So, there you have the 5 features that sets the Mitsubishi Xpander apart from its rivals!