All-new 2020 Honda Accord is made using laser brazing tools: stronger body, smoother joints

Hans/Feb 28, 2020 06:24 PM

The 10th generation, all-new 2020 Honda Accord has just been launched in Malaysia. It is priced from RM 185,900 to RM 195,900, locally-assembled at Honda Malaysia’s plant in Pegoh, Melaka.

We have covered the topic quite extensively but there is minor detail that we’ve yet to discuss. If you take look a closer look at the 2020 Honda Accord’s roof, you will notice that the roof is missing a rubber strip that’s usually found on most cars.

The rubber strip does not serve any real purpose but it’s needed to cover up an unsightly ‘ditch’ between the roof panel and the body’s sides. The ‘ditch’ is an unavoidable consequence of the way a car’s body is welded together.

The all-new Honda Accord however, has an almost seamless joint between the roof and the sides.

That’s because the all-new Honda Accord’s body is manufactured using the latest laser brazing method, which is a more advanced version of laser welding, never mind traditional spot welding. Laser brazing is typically used mostly by luxury cars. 

Laser brazing is different from laser welding in that it is done at lower temperature, does not melt the base metals and therefore results in a significantly stronger bond.

This is just one of the many factors that allow the all-new Honda Accord’s body to be lighter by up to 71 kg, while increasing bending and torsional rigidity by 24 percent and 32 percent respectively.

A stronger body is not only safer, but offers better handling as the body flexes less and there all key structures of the car’s control systems – steering and suspension – remain rigidly fixed in its position. The lighter weight also keeps fuel consumption low and improves the car’s agility.