Believe it or not, this is a Toyota Innova

Hans/Apr 01, 2020 03:34 PM

Here in Malaysia, or even anywhere else in South East Asia, we don’t think very highly of the Toyota Innova. Malaysians in particular can’t get over the fact that it rides on the same underpinnings as a rudimentary Toyota Hilux pick-up truck. Tough and good for carrying loads yes, but not for refinement.

Over in Indonesia, theToyota Innova is very popular. It’s seen as a step up from the Toyota Avanza, the default car for Indonesia, similar to our Perodua Myvi. Still, Indonesians don’t see it as a prestigious, high-end car, because that is a role for the Toyota Alphard.

Over in India however, things are quite different. Rough local roads and the tough push and shove traffic conditions make the Toyota Innova a better choice than a Toyota Vellfire, which is also sold there.

That brave person in the BMW 6 Series GT....

The tough truck-based underpinnings, coupled with upmarket trimmings make the Toyota Innova an ideal premium car. It’s very common for wealthier Indians to be chauffeur driven in an Innova.

Even in Malaysia, if you see a Toyota Innova with red embassy plates, it has to be a car from the Indian High Commission.

So, what do you do if you are a wealthy upper class individual in India and often needs to go to places that a Vellfire just won’t be able to make it? Enter DC2, a vehicle customization specialist from India.

The interior of this particular Toyota Innova, has been modified by DC2, customized to the requirements of Indian Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit.

Her Innova has been modified to be more luxurious that even a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, nevermind a Toyota Alphard. Only a Lexus LM can match her Innova’s interior.

Apart from these images, DC2 didn’t release details of the design but we spotted power adjustable rear seats, a centre control panel (presumably for infotainment) not too different from that of Lexus LM.

The roof lining and cabin light have also been changed to one that looks more like the cabin of a plane’s business class section.

DC2 also did another design for an unspecified client, converting the three-row seat Innova into a 2-row, 4-seater, just like a Lexus LM.

Even the space between the first and second row seats have been separated by a big screen TV, again, just like a Lexus LM.

If Thailand is the world’s capital for modifying Toyota Hiaces, then India has to be the world’s capital for modifying Toyota Innovas.


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