Covid-19: How do you buy food during lockdown? With an RC car, of course

Zamil Syaheer/Mar 18, 2020 10:58 AM

You’re feeling hungry, and crave for some hot steamed bun. However, it is in the middle of an outbreak, and you are being a responsible citizen by not taking the chance to go out from your house due to quarantine just to fulfill your self-need. So, what do you do? A woman in China decides to be creative and uses a remote control (RC) car to get her steamed buns.

According to South China Morning Post, The RC car was modified with a trailer at the back. Then, she placed two cameras, one for navigation and another to see her precious buns been loaded on. Since China is all about e-wallet, all she needs to do is leave her phone number and the merchant would bill her directly through that. Pretty nifty, right?

Would you try this yourself? Or do you have a better idea?