Deal breaker: We love the Toyota Vios but this is why we would pick the Toyota Yaris instead

Jerrica · Apr 1, 2020 10:00 AM

2018 Toyota Vios deal breaker bsm beep

On paper, the Toyota Vios has got it all. 7 airbags, 360-degree Panoramic View Monitor, brilliant driving experience, a supremely quiet cabin (69 dB at 110 km/h based on our tests) and more in a very attractive price starting from RM 77,200 to RM 87,300 for the range topper.

But there is one deal breaker that has us halting and reaching for the Toyota Yaris brochure (which, mind you, is very similar to the Vios’) instead, and that is the very annoying blind-spot monitor beep.

2018 Toyota Vios Blind Spot Monitor

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Yes, both the Vios and Yaris now come with Blind-Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). Both systems work similarly with a warning light on the side mirror, but the Vios’ Blind Spot alert also comes accompanied with a loud, high pitched beep, which is very annoying. 

This renders the silent interior a moot point as it is constantly punctuated by the beep whenever you turn on the side indicators to switch lanes.

2018 Toyota Vios badge

While it is not uncommon for BSM systems to beep, the beeping can be adjusted in volume or turned off, but the Vios' BSM does not have either option. 

The Yaris, on the other hand, has the same BSM but without the beep so nothing would break the quietness of the interior (our measurements in non controlled environment reads 68 decibels at 110 km/h) to give unsuspecting passengers a fright. The only safety system on the Yaris that beeps is the RCTA and only comes on when the car is reversing.

2019 Toyota Yaris

So, even though the Vios is well equipped with all kinds of safety system, comfort features and even a brilliant driving experience, thanks to the loud BSM, we would opt for Yaris instead despite the car being a hatchback and not a sedan.

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