Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car

Wilson · Jul 24, 2019 12:23 PM

After testing the Honda CR-V, I gave a simple and straightforward evaluation: it is really a good car.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 01

This is not perfunctory.

What is my standard for good cars? I think if a car is highly consistent in its performance and positioning, it is a good car. Because the car designer knows what he wants to do and finally does it. And all of this must be within a reasonable budget, the designer does not have to spend more, and consumers do not need to spend more.

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What should Honda CR-V look like?

When the Honda CR-V was first launched in Japan, the slogan was “comfortable runabout-vehicle”. It's almost like Uniqlo's clothes. I have no special features, but I am comfortable.

So what is the performance of this generation of CR-V?

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 01

The exterior has always been a matter of opinion, but most people think that the shape of this generation is better than the previous generation.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 02

Although the interior layout is similar, it is also much better in design and materials than the previous generation.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 03

What is impressive is that many manufacturers like to design the central control screen to be suspended, which is indeed more trendy, but there will be some problems with reflection. The central control screen on the CR-V is matte, not only does not reflect light, it is not easy to leave fingerprints compared with the glossy surface, and there is still a sense of high quality when the screen is off.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 04

Honda has always been good at space management. Even if the driver is 180cm tall, the passengers in the second row don't have to worry about legroom.

And the length of the cushion is sufficient to allow the legs to have sufficient support. In addition, the angle of the rear seats can be adjusted.

The engine, gearbox, and chassis are still one of the prerequisites for pragmatists to buy a car.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 05

This generation CR-V is powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 193PS and a peak torque of 243 Nm. The gearbox still uses a CVT. The power parameters are not bad, but this is a CR-V. Most of the time, the power performance is not so violent, there is no abrupt turbo lag, and it will not give you a strong turbo explosion. The engine and the gearbox look more like a naturally aspirated engine, and the engine's sound is also very rhythmic, it doesn't sound irritating.

The front suspension of the CR-V is McPherson and the rear is a multi-link suspension. I have to say that the whole adjustment is really comfortable. It is not an exaggeration to say that after the bumpy road, the ride is close to the SUV equipped with air suspension.

Simply put, it is easy to open and comfortable to sit up.

Having said that, CR-V has no shortcomings?

At present, the CR-V uses a set of electronic assist brakes, which responses quickly, but the adjustment is not linear enough and needs to be adapted.

to sum up:

If you have a budget to buy a C-segment SUV but don't know what you want, responsibly say that CR-V will not disappoint you in most cases. Some of the technology configurations are also very good, making driving easier and not uncomfortable at all.

Honda CR-V review, a pure and simple good car 06

Of course, if you put aside these configurations, CR-V will perform equally well. The standard active steering ratio and active noise reduction are also unique in the same class.

The CR-V should be like this. The mechanical part does not need too much sense of presence. It works just silently. It is not boring to drive and comfortable to ride. It is such a car that is natural and reasonable. My expectations for this car are like this, and it has done it. Simple things are not necessarily good, but good things must be simple.

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