Honda Civic 1.5T: the perfect combination of engine and gearbox

Wilson · Jul 25, 2019 05:00 PM

The Honda Civic's sitting position is really low. On the one hand, it is very low from the ground, only 105mm when fully loaded; on the other hand, the seat design is also very low. Sitting in the car and reaching the ground is easy, creating a real sports feel, just like a sports car. By reducing the head and wiper height, the vision of the Honda Civic was not affected by the low sitting position.

The Honda Civic 1.5L turbocharged engine has a maximum horsepower of 171 hp at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 220 Nm at 1,700 rpm. The engine does not use the variable valve lift technology in Honda VTEC, which is destined to be not very excited at high speeds, and perhaps many people who are obsessed with VTEC charm will regret it. But in fact, from another perspective, the performance of this 1.5L turbocharged engine is really excellent.

For small capacity turbocharged models, how to refrain from turbo lag is especially important. Fortunately, on Civic, the continuous linear acceleration of the CVT has somewhat restrained the feeling of turbo lag to the driver. The start is light and fast, the CVT gearbox is not dull, and the power output is in one go.

At 1700 rpm, it can output 220Nm maximum torque, but because the turbo is extremely soft, it seems to intentionally hide its existence, coupled with the smooth nature of the CVT transmission, if it is not careful, it is not easy to feel the turbo lag; driving In the middle, when the speed exceeds 2000 rpm, it can obviously feel that the power has risen by one step. The transition process is very soft and linear.

Front McPherson, rear multi-link independent suspension, its adjustment is still very "Japanese car", very light. The Civic chassis is a light and comfortable side for most of the time. At high speeds, you'll find that the suspension is just right for the body's roll. The softer springs rebound positively, summed up to be dexterous and tough.