How to convert your Proton X70 back into a Geely!

By now, the Proton X70 probably needs no introduction –  it's based on China's Geely Boyue and apart from the grille and rear tailgate garnish, there's very little difference between original Chinese donor car and the local Proton-badged equivalaent.

But, if you feel the need to differentiate your Proton X70 from the rest, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

We’ve gathered a list of parts that allow you to convert your Proton X70 back into the Geely Boyue.

Front grille – Goodbye infinite weave, hello expanding cosmos

The first thing you’ll need is the China-market Geely Boyue front grille.

Sellers in China offer several variants of the grille, but what you’ll need is the grille for the 2018 to 2020 model.

Also keep in mind if your X70 has the 360-degree camera, as you'll need the correct grille to accommodate the front camera.

It is also worth mentioning that the Geely emblem needs to be purchased separately – they are usually not included with the grille, but is available when adding the items into the cart.


Front grille (with or without camera): CNY 295 (RM 180)
Front emblem: CNY 65 (RM 40)

Rear trim garnish – Embracing the Geely experience

Now that you’ve settled the front of your Proton X70, you’ll need to pay attention to the rear.

What you’ll need to replace is the rear trim garnish that connects both tail lights.

Like the front grille, sellers in China have several variations of the trim garnish, but what you’ll need is the 2018 version with the rear emblem.


Rear trim garnish with emblem: CNY 110 (RM 67)

Emblems – Hello 博越

Now the fun part begins – you’ll need to order the correct emblems for your Proton X70 in order to make it look like the Boyue.

The first is the Boyue (博越) emblem, followed by the Geely Cars (吉利汽车) emblem.

Placement of these emblems are also crucial – the Geely Cars emblem is placed below the left tail light, while the Boyue emblem is placed below the right tail light.


Boyue emblem: CNY 29 (RM 18)

Geely Cars emblem: CNY 29 (RM 18)

Centre wheel caps – Small but important detail

The last exterior detail is the centre wheel caps.

You’ll need 4 pieces of these centre wheel caps, which completes the conversion from a Proton X70 back to the Geely Boyue.


Centre wheel cap: CNY 15 (RM 9)/each

Someone has managed to pull this off in Malaysia

There you have it, a reasonably simple do-it-yourself (DIY) guide on how to convert your Proton X70 back to the Geely Boyue. 

Proton X70
Proton X70