Star MPV Nissan Serena 2.0 s-hybrid MPV Review

pantianwei/Jul 22, 2019 00:00 AM

Edaran Tan Chong Motors (TCM) is officially launching the fifth-generation Nissan Serena 2.0 s-hybrid MPV, one of the best. The vehicle is Assemblies locally at Tan Chong Motor Assemblies (TCMA), Serendah. Provide 50,000 km warranty service. It costs RM135,500 (Highway Star) ~ RM147,500 (Premium Highway Star).

​​The new Serena offers a 150hp naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that burns 7 litres of fuel at 100km and is economical. About driving, the new Serena powers the front wheels with the new XTRONIC CVT, a big improvement over the previous CVT transmission, with less noise and more stability. Nissan adds sound-absorbing materials inside and outside the cockpit to ensure quiet driving. The new Serena features stronger suspension and shock absorbers, providing a more stable and comfortable ride.

On the outside, the new model still has the Serena logo and the size hasn't changed much. But the new version highlights the v-motion front panel even more.

The new intake grille is a combination of chrome and bright black, and the bottom half is woven with fake carbon fiber, giving it a textured feel.​​

Below is a bumper with a black specular cladding. Glossy black finishes on side window columns give the new Serena a palatial 'floating top' effect.

The new Serena is more focused on service drivers. The cockpit is still ergonomically designed, and the generous use of fine plastic makes it soft and comfortable to touch.

The comfortable seat with lateral support function maximally guarantees the long-distance driving experience.

The car provides a wealth of USB charging ports, trays and hooks, dual drive air conditioning control, to meet the needs of the family travel.

The third row of seats has sliding function, which can flexibly extend the space for passengers or cargo. When no one is sitting in the back, these seats can be laid flat to accommodate more items.