Ratings: Nissan X-Trail space and practicality, low marks for third row seats

Shaun/Mar 20, 2020 09:00 AM

Previously, we’ve analysed the 2019 Nissan X-Trail in terms of driving performance and comfort as well as build quality and features. Now we’ll evaluate its interior space and practicality through the WapCar Ratings.

Interior space of the 2019 Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail has a spacious interior that can fit 7 occupants. Although the third-row passengers may not be in the same comfort as in the second row.

3 adults are able to seat across the second row in relative comfort as the transmission tunnel is not too obtrusive. Also, the seatback is able to recline by up to 30 degrees.

For 175 cm tall adults, there is about 3 tennis balls of kneeroom adults and 2 tennis balls of headroom. 

As for the third-row seats, adults would struggle for space as there is about 1 tennis ball of kneeroom with the second-row seat at its most upright position. There is also about 1 tennis ball of headroom in the third row.

Crucially, its seating position is compromised due to the higher floor that creates a squatting-like position. Long distance travels are not recommended in the third-row seats.

Practicality of the 2019 Nissan X-Trail

There are 8 cup spaces in the X-Trail, but none can fit a large 1.5-litre bottle. Storage space in the centre armrest is rather large. The door bins however, are about average in size.

There is a squarish cutout next to the cup holders on the centre console, it’s able to fit a wallet or a mobile device.

With the third-row seats folded down, the boot space is rated at 550 litres. With the third-row seats up though, the space reduces to just 135 litres.

Compared to its Japanese rivals, namely the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5, the X-Trail has the advantage of 2 additional seats in Malaysia. However, space in the third row is tight and seating position is uncomfortable. Though space in the second-row is generous.

In terms of storage spaces and practicality, it’s par for the course. Once again, the X-Trail scored in the average.

2019 Nissan X-Trail Interior Space ( 26 / 50 pts)
Item Breakdown Points
Interior Space Front Row 7 / 10 pts
Back/Middle Row 7 / 10 pts
Third Row 2 / 5 pts
Boot Space 2 / 5 pts
Practicality 2 / 5 pts
Storage Space 3 / 5 pts
Visibility 3 / 5 pts
Storage Flexibility 3 / 5 pts

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