The 2020 Volvo S60 CKD isn’t limited to 180 km/h, yet

Eric/May 18, 2020 02:43 PM

Following Volvo’s announcement that all of its models will be limited to 180 km/h starting from 2020, the question on most people’s mind is: is the Volvo S60 CKD limited to 180 km/h?

According to Volvo Cars Malaysia’s Managing Director Nalin Jain, the Volvo S60 CKD isn’t limited to 180 km/h.

That said, he expects the 180 km/h speed limit to be implemented on all new Volvo cars sold globally later this year, subject to the current pandemic situation. The 180 km/h speed limit will also apply to Volvo cars sold in Malaysia.

Last year, Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive said, “There is no reason why you should be able to drive a Volvo faster than 180. When you look at German highways, a large part of accidents are due to overspeeding, and in a German context that surely includes anything above 180.”