Toyota announces new TNGA platform for next generation Vios and Yaris

Hans · Sep 5, 2019 04:35 PM

Toyota announces new TNGA platform for next generation Vios and Yaris 01

Toyota’s small cars family will be next in line to benefit from Toyota’s much vaunted TNGA platform. Short for Toyota New Global Architecture, the all-new TNGA platform has been the key reason why recent Toyota models like C-HR, Camry, and Corolla have been grabbing the title of best-in-class handling away from Mazda.

Currently, there are three variations of Toyota’s TNGA platform (actually there are four if you include the Lexus LS’ GA-L).

GA-C was the first of the TNGA platform series introduced, and currently underpins front-wheel drive models like the Prius, C-HR, and all-new Corolla, as well as the Lexus UX.

GA-K is what’s used by D-segment front/all-wheel drive models like Camry and RAV4.

GA-N is a rear-wheel drive version that underpins the all-new Toyota Crown.

Announced today is the GA-B, which as is suffix suggests, is aimed at B-segment cars like the next generation Vios and Yaris.

Toyota announces new TNGA platform for next generation Vios and Yaris 02

The platform allows for either torsion beam or multi-link rear suspension systems to be used. It also positions the driver’s seat low and back towards the centre of the car, helping lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity. This also secures a more engaging driving position, together with a steering wheel that can be set close to the driver at an optimised angle.

The hard points of the upper body and the driver’s hip-point are set low, so there is more scope to create vehicles that have a low height and wide stance.

Like all other platforms in the TNGA family, GA-B is modular in design and can accommodate different vehicle wheelbase lengths, heights and track widths.

What all this means is the next generation Yaris and Vios is going to set a new benchmark in ride and handling for the B-segment, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

The reason why TNGA platform Toyotas handle so well is because it’s a very sophisticated structure that’s designed to outperform the best of Germany’s. Such products can’t be cheap.


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