Watch: Motorcyclist cool as a cucumber after witnessing high speed crash

Jerrica/Jun 02, 2020 06:07 PM

We’ve heard of the expression “backbone of steel” but we have never had occasion to describe someone with a “calmness of steel”. This motorcyclist’s reaction after a high-speed crash just inches away from him has us in awe.

In the video, a Mitsubishi Pajero was seen cross a junction slowly when a Perodua Myvi was seen coming towards the camera at a very high speed. The Myvi inevitably crashed so hard into the Pajero that its rear end was lifted up onto the curb.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist in black closest to the accident barely even flinched and looked to have continued on with his journey as if a crash like that was an everyday occurrence.

What was the Myvi doing driving at hellish speed on the road with plenty of junctions is beyond our comprehension. No news yet on if the driver survived the crash.