Aftersales in the new normal, how Volkswagen is setting a new benchmark in Malaysia

Hans · Feb 18, 2021 06:00 PM

Decades from now, students and researchers will look into the timeline of human civilization not just in terms of BC (Before Christ), AD (Anno Domini), but also AC (After Covid). The world will never be the same again, not even after mass vaccination.

If we were to be optimistic and try to see the good in this difficult time, it will be acceleration in adoption of digital technology.

Several car brands have introduced virtual showroom, mobile apps for online service booking, even online car sales.

Compared to the rest of the industry, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) have been ahead of the curve and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it had already introduced online car booking in partnership with Lazada in 2017.

In April 2020, VPCM introduced its own Volkswagen eShowroom for its new cars, complementing its Das WeltAuto online platform for certified pre-owned cars.

When Covid-19 hit Malaysia, the company was hit hard and like many businesses, it had to adapt quickly.

However, VPCM had one advantage over other car companies here – it is very well versed with the digital shift and even before the pandemic, more than 95 percent of the company’s marketing activities is already done online.

Extending the push towards digital and contactless methods to its after-sales services is just a logical progression.

In 2018, two years before the pandemic hit, it had already launched its VW Cares mobile app, which allowed users to check, amongst others, Aftersales offers and make bookings for test drives.

Volkswagen’s current Aftersales processes are the most digital of all, a benchmark for the industry. The scope of its Volkswagen Cares and Safe Hands campaign is the most comprehensive of all, with more capabilities than exceed those adopted by luxury German brands.

Owners can now enjoy the convenience of booking their service appointments online with a newly added service of free home pick-up and drop-off.

The biggest difference with Volkswagen however, is the Service Cam feature.

What other manufacturers are not saying is that with contactless, home pick-up/drop-off services, one crucial aspect of the service process will have to be compromised, which the joint inspection of the car is done between the service advisor and the customer.

Volkswagen calls this step of the process the 5 Star Service Check. It involves walking the customer around the car, explaining in detail to the customer the jobs that are required.

All German car brands have more or less a similar process but doing this is now quite difficult with the current SOP.

This is where Volkswagen’s Service Cam feature comes in. Think of it a video message to replace their 5 Star Service Check. Customers can then choose to accept or decline the jobs recommended from their smartphone.

For example, instead of calling the customer to tell them that the windscreen wipers need replacement, Volkswagen service advisors can demonstrate via video to the customer how cleaning performance has diminished, or they could also show videos of the car’s brake pad thickness test, and how worn down it is. 

Once the car enters the service bay, the customer will also receive updates of the maintenance job completed.

This way, the customer can get the same level of service even if he/she chooses a purely contactless service option.

This ensures transparency so the customer is aware and in control of what is being done throughout the service or repair of their Volkswagen.

Owners might also be interested to know that VPCM offers discounts for certain repair packages for cars older than 5 years old.

Volkswagen dealers are now offering discounts for repair packages covering several major wear and tear replacement items like absorbers and brake pads.

For example, there’s an estimated RM 700 discount on front absorber replacement package for the B7 generation Passat, while brake pad sets are discounted by around RM 400.

Volkswagen Care Plus offers additional discounts for owners of older Volkswagen models

Next month, Volkswagen will also be offering additional repair packages for other wear and tear parts including timing belt, wheel bearing, and oil seals.

To maintain optimum performance of your Volkswagen, customers are recommended to only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts fitted at Volkswagen approved Dealers are guaranteed by VPCM and Volkswagen AG for two years, unlimited mileage.

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