All new 2020 Honda Accord has 2 variants; 1.5L TC/ 1.5L TC-P – which to pick?

Jerrica · Feb 28, 2020 09:00 AM

2020 Honda Accord buying guide

The 2020 Honda Accord entered its tenth generation with a brand-new turbocharged engine and only 2 variants for the pickings. The 1.5L TC (RM 185,900) and the 1.5L TC-P (RM 195,900) are separated by RM 10,000 difference, so which variant should you get?

2020 Honda Accord 18-inch wheels

There are very little variations between the 2 options, the add-ons include larger 18-inch wheels and a whole suite of safety features. You might think: are the safety features worth paying RM 10,000 more? The answer is yes!

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All new 2020 Honda Accord has 2 variants; 1.5L TC/ 1.5L TC-P – which to pick? 01

For RM 195,900, the 1.5L TC-P variant makes good use of the many cameras around the car, so you get a 360-degree view to make squeezing into tight spaces easier, definitely a useful feature to have what with the city’s tight car parks.

2020 Honda Accord 360-camera

If you think that this makes parking easier, the Honda Accord 1.5L TC-P takes it another step further because it also semi parks itself (both parallel and perpendicular) thanks to the Smart Parking Assist System. The system only takes control of the steering though, so the driver is still required to step on the brake and throttle. 

2020 Honda Accord close up rear end

But what really sets the range topper apart from the lower variant is the full suite of Honda Sensing. Though Honda Sensing is not new on the Accord, the new generation’s system has been updated to include new features alongside the already extensive list of features and Honda LaneWatch and Cross Traffic Monitor.

Honda LaneWatch

With the tenth generation, Honda Malaysia has added Low-Speed Follow and Auto High Beam on top of the existing list:

  • Lane Keep Assist System
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System
  • Road Departure Mitigation
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

2020 Honda Accord rear end

So, for a price difference of RM 10,000, not only will you be getting the Honda Accord 1.5L TC-P with all the safety gadgets, but also a car that parks itself! 

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