Could the Honda SUV e:concept be the electric successor to the original HR-V?

CY Foong · Sep 28, 2020 11:00 AM

Honda has revealed its second all-electric model after the Honda e in the form of the Honda SUV e:concept at Auto China 2020 in Beijing.

The SUV e:concept is expected to be Honda’s first EV model to be introduced in China in the future. It looks very sleek and sporty, which got us thinking whether this design will be as production-ready as the Honda e when it was first shown as a concept back at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The SUV e:concept’s designs aren’t entirely extreme but the shape of the front might preview Honda’s new family face. The front where the Honda logo is placed looks similar to the 2021 HR-V spy shots. However, we think that the three-door style reminds us of an older Honda model, the first-generation HR-V.

The old GH HR-V was a chunky-looking SUV that was based on the smaller Honda Logo platform and was initially only available as a 3-door. It was a quirky SUV even by today’s standards and was sold in a few European countries besides Japan. Few units have made it to Malaysia through grey imports.

Let's head back to the SUV e:concept. Honda plans for the electric crossover to offer more value based on mobility experiences that “remain fresh and FUN for customers”.

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This includes omnidirectional ADAS which is the next-generation Honda Sensing which offers improved recognition, prediction, decision-making performance. This improvement was done by widening the front camera angle and adopting a 360-degree radar which allows the system to detect the vehicle’s surroundings more accurately.

The production model will also feature the next-generation Honda Connect which will feature an AI assistant interface, smartphone link, and wireless updates which are made possible through advanced connectivity.

Honda hasn’t announced the timeline for the production version of the SUV e:concept, but it could happen much sooner rather than later.