Covid-19: Do you need to fill up a form to travel inter-state? Here's the latest update from PDRM

Jerrica · Mar 18, 2020 08:08 PM

Panic Form Filling syndrome

Hours before Malaysia’s first movement control order came into effect, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador announced that Malaysians wishing to cross inter-state borders during the order are required to fill up a form at their nearest police station.

But one hour after the announcement, PDRM has quickly retracted the order. This was due to the overwhelming amount of people making their way to the nearest police stations to obtain the form triggering what experts are calling “panic-form-filling”.

Perlis FB page police station

Confusion escalated when a number of police stations were seemingly unprepared for the order to take place. And even more when pictures started circulating on social media of forms being approved for travel between Klang, Selangor, to Masjid Jamek in Kuala Lumpur.

The IGP has since clarify that the forms are meant for states set further apart and travel between the Klang Valley’s borders is not required to obtain a form.

Bernama Facebook page latest report

But, as of 11.30pm on 17.3.2020, Bernama released a statement stating that inter-state travelling will still be monitored while the PDRM are still sorting out the fine details. The statement also lists that only permission will only be granted on 4 important points:

  1. The death of an immediate family members
  2. Illnesses that require immediate attention of immediate family members
  3. Medical treatment of self or immediate family members
  4. All of the points that the IGP has previously announced

The movement control order was put into place to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, the order is to encourage all Malaysians to stay put and practice social distancing. So while we understand the need to return to family, it is also equally important to practice all forms of security to prevent the further spread of the virus.

As of now, the situation is still fluid and changes might be announced anytime as is evident in the operation hours of car service centres, so stay tuned for the latest news. 



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