Did you know that driving on an almost empty fuel tank could damage your fuel pump?

Jerrica · Oct 21, 2020 08:50 AM

While most of us suffer from empty fuel tank anxiety the moment the fuel gauge drops to 2 bars, some risk-takers tend to push their cars to the very last drop of the fuel before refuelling. Did you know that this is not good for your car’s health?

Honda Malaysia recently uploaded a simple PSA on its Facebook page explaining that this is a rather common practice among car owners.

Continuing to drive your car until the fuel gauge starts blinking red will cause plenty of problems, one of which is the wearing out of the fuel pump.

When your tank is almost empty, the fuel pump does not get the lubrication it requires leading to early deterioration. Plus, we also have to take into account of sludge formed by impurities and contaminants that will solidify at the bottom of the tank.

In this case, you might think you have fuel left but likely most of it will be made up of unusable sludge. The fuel pump might be pumping air instead of fuel and this further causes premature wear. 

So not only does going to the last drop damage your fuel pump, but it will also affect your engine. And we all know that overhauling a damaged engine is going to be a huge cost. Imagine the number of boba drinks you can buy with that money.

So, remember to refuel your car the moment your fuel gauge starts blinking and don’t leave it to the last drop!