Eco Idle makes the already fuel efficient Perodua Bezza even more efficient

Shaun · Oct 26, 2019 12:00 PM

Perodua Bezza front

The Perodua Bezza has an inherently efficient engine - a unit from the NR family of engines - which is shared with various Toyota models and boasts the use of dual VVT-i, Teflon coating for the pistons, and iridium spark plugs.

Perodua Bezza engine

Pardon the technical stuff but what those mean is that the engine is able to sip fuel sparingly. 

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On top on those, the Perodua Bezza comes with Eco Idle which is Perodua’s term for start-stop system. It is the cheapest car on sale to come with this feature.

Perodua Bezza interior detail

Start-stop systems help reduce fuel consumption by shutting off the engine when the car stops and restarting it when the brake pedal is released, thereby reducing idling time.

When the engine is off, the air-conditioning basically loses its cool and becomes a fan. Should the temperature rise to a certain point, the system will restart the engine.

Perodua claims 0.3 liters is saved for every 100 km travelled with the Eco Idle equipped Bezza, which is a 6% saving of fuel.

Perodua Bezza emblem

With this feature however, the starter motor, alternator and the batteries are required to be more heavy duty to cope. And that translates to higher replacement costs, up to 15% as acknowledged by Perodua.

Personally however, as long as the vibration can be felt when the engine restarts, I would turn the feature off and pay the fuel penalty. Plus, it’s always hot here.

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Up to 20% higher than average trade-in price

2020 Perodua Bezza 1.0 G (M)


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