Flux’s Subscribe to Own is like a long-term test drive to help you find your dream car

Jerrica · May 18, 2020 01:30 PM

Flux introduces new Subscribe to Own service

Flux subscription service announces a new service that allows subscribers the chance to purchase their subscribed car after their subscription plan has ended. Think of the Subscribe to Own service as a long-term test drive for you to determine the car that will best fit you.

The service works similar to Flux’s usual subscription plan with the addition that the monthly subscription payments also contribute towards the option to purchase the car. Interested subscribers are required to choose their preferred subscription plan of 12, 24, or 36 months and mileage package (1,250 km, 2,000 km or uncapped mileage per month) for their chosen car.

Flux introduce new Subscribe to Own service

As like their other subscription plans, the subscription fees include wear and tear cost along with road tax and insurance cost. Subscribers are also free to switch cars as their budget and needs evolve.

After they have selected their subscription plan, Flux will show them the set unique Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) of the car at the end of the checkout process. This GFV will be the value subscribers will have to pay, should they decide to purchase the car at the end of their subscription period.

Flux introduces new Subscribe to Own service

The GFV includes all the processing fees for the transfer ownership (Puspakom and JPJ), but excludes road tax and insurance so the subscriber has the option to pick their preferred insurance provider. As like all services from Flux, the Flux concierge will handle the whole process and even deliver the car to the car buyer’s doorstep.

There are plenty of benefits to the Subscribe to Own service. As subscribers are signing up for a subscription, there is no need for a hefty down payment. Should the subscriber decide to purchase the car, they will avoid the depreciation of the car, and they could protect the credit score.



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