Geely Preface teased! Next Proton Perdana to look like a Volvo?

Jerrica · Jul 08, 2020 11:06 AM

Geely has released teaser images of the soon-to-arrive Geely Preface on their Chinese social media platform. It looks like the previously leaked photos of a mysterious Geely sedan is indeed the Geely Preface and what could be the next Proton Preve or Perdana.

From what we can see of the Preface from the teaser photos, the new sedan will bear a very similar silhouette to its Swedish cousins, the Volvo S60 and Volvo S90.

The rear-end will feature 2 exhaust pipes while a chrome insert that connects the taillights draws the eye to make the car look wider than it is. Interestingly, even from the rear-end, there is a notable Volvo vibe to it.

As we have mentioned, the Geely Preface’s look is not entirely foreign to us. We first saw the Preface as a concept car in the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

Pictures of the production car version were leaked earlier in June revealing that most of the Geely Preface Concept’s designs were carried over to the production car.

The Preface is the first car in Geely’s line-up of cars to feature Geely’s new design language, roughly translated as “Advanced Geely 4.0”.

Geely Preface Concept

Word from the Chinese media is that Geely might be looking to launch the car by July or latest by August.

What we know so far of the Geely Preface:

Based on previously leaked info, the Geely Preface will be built on Geely’s CMA platform and will measure in at 4,785 mm long, 1,860 mm wide, and 1,469 mm tall. The wheelbase will measure in at 2,800 mm.

For the Chinese market, the new sedan will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that dispenses 190 PS and 300 Nm.

Measurement wise, the Geely Preface sits between the Proton Perdana and the Proton Preve. As you know, sales of the Perdana has since been discontinued earlier this year in Malaysia while the Preve has been off the market since 2018. Proton has yet to fill the portfolio these two cars left. 

According to a previous sales presentation, Proton has a sedan in the works for 2021. Could it be the new Preface as the next Proton Preve/ Perdana? If so, which segment do you think Proton will market it in?