Honda City wins ASEAN NCAP “Consistent 5-star Award”, safer than Vios?

Arif · Feb 17, 2021 07:45 PM

In the 4th ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2020, the Honda City received the "Consistent 5-Star Award". The award implies that the Honda City has been rated 5 stars for several generations.

Under the ASEAN NCAP testing, three generations of the Honda City have been crash-tested, namely the GM2, GM6, and GN2.

As the ASEAN NCAP testing procedure has evolved over the years, starting with only frontal impact collision, later on including side collision, and the assessment of ADAS. The latest development is the assessment of motorcyclist safety (ASEAN NCAP Protocol 2021-2025).

The Honda City has managed to keep up with the ASEAN NCAP standards to score 5 stars every time.

Acces full report here

The 2012 Honda City GM2 scored 5 stars, with the pre-requisite for 5 stars at that time being the presence of ESC and seatbelt reminder. The GM2 almost obtained a full score in adult occupant protection (AOP) and scored 81% in child occupant protection.

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5 stars was awarded to the following 2014 Honda City GM6 (with full airbags). 15.8/16 points were obtained for AOP and 83% was obtained for COP.

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The latest iteration of the Honda City, the GN2 also scored 5 stars with a full score in the side collision test for both adult and child. AOP score is 32.28/36 while COP score is 44.72/49. The latest ASEAN NCAP test includes the assessment of emergency brake assist and the Honda City  manages a full score.

The Honda City has been able to obtain 5 stars consistently through the recent generations. It is a good record that Honda City owners should be proud of.